4 Easy ways to Preserve your precious memories

***SPONSORED by Imortafiles***minimilstWe live in a digital age where we can instantly share a precious memory with just a click of a button. But losing all those precious memories are just as simple. I know there have been many times when I never ended up printing photos of events and eventually just lost all those photographs and memories as soon as the computer died on me. So today I wanted to share a few things to help us preserve those precious memories so they are not all lost forever.

1. Journal – Whether you do it in the form of a written journal, on a word document or through a blog like me. Journaling is an awesome way to record your experiences. Being able to read them and reflect on them and share them with others is always so fun and edifying.


2. Scrapbooking/Photo Albums – If you have an ounce of creativity which we all do this is also a great idea. I personally am not overly crazy about scrapbooks because you just end up with so many of them which then takes up so much space. But it is definitely a fun thing to do with the kids. Even if you end up doing a scrapbook of each child documenting their life from baby till they are 18 and give to them as a graduation or wedding gift.


3. Online Photo Sharing Sites – You can have access to all your photos from anywhere. You can also send them as quickly as ever. They are all organized and dated so you never will get jumbled. But do print out a few precious ones for the scrapbooks or photo albums.

4. Backup Backup Backup- Can’t stress this enough. It’s so easy to lose things and if you don’t have back up you are usually screwed. Don’t make this mistake I’ve done. Imortalfiles have created an easy system to solve this problem. Head over and visit their site!


Preserve your memories, what you forget you can never retell – Louisa May Alcott

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