5 Tips to prepare for University or College

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College or University whatever you want to call it! This is a hectic time for those getting ready to get out in there in the Big Bad World. Also a super exciting time. Some things to consider while applying for university or college…

  1. Do it early.Whether it’s scholarships or your applications. The earlier the better so you don’t have to stress just before you start classes
  2. Don’t pack on the pounds. Now that your mum doesn’t cook for you and you think you have free reign to eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner. Please don’t make every 1st year’s mistake and eat out at Wendy’s and BK every day.
  3. Get a job before the semester starts.Usually you will have a few more hours to spare in the first year. Your classes aren’t as difficult especially if you are doing generals. Make use of your time get a job, or experience in the related field.
  4. Apply for scholarships and grants.Seriously you don’t have to be smart to get one, they have scholarships for all sorts of things, sports, community work, extracurricular, and leadership you name it. You will be surprised how many people avoid doing an essay for an hour or two but would rather work for 200 hours to pay off their college tuition. Come on people!!!
  5. Just go to class. I know I was supposed to read my textbooks every day, and if I did I am positive I would have gotten better grades. But I was a lazy student and did the bare minimum which was attend every single class. For me just turning up to the class and listening helped me process the information so much better and I didn’t have to even open up my textbook during the semester.
  6. Create a Portfolio. Through Admitopia you can create a portfolio which will enable you to position yourself ahead of the game. Some colleges are really hard to get into and there is a lot of competition. By creating this professional portfolio it’s a easy way of submitting your information to the different colleges. You can also talk to students and professionals who may give you advice on what to do for your career path.admitopia

Do you have experience that you want to share? Or questions in preparing for college! Comment below!




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