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I am a advocate for supporting marriage and family relationships.  I believe this world is bombarded with too many messages to target women to feel inferior, self-conscious, and that they are not enough which is debilitating our full potential and doubting our abilities as wives and mothers.  I believe we women have such a powerful impact on not only our families but the world.

In an generation that believes in throwing out the “outdated” or the “boring.” Marriage should not be applied to this mindset. I believe relationships can be strengthened, healed and nurtured with the right set of tools, desire, and vision. I believe that the strengthening and protecting marriage and family is the core to better homes, communities, countries and a better world!


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My husband and I got married in 2013 which yes means we are relatively new to this whole married life business. But don’t be fooled by that. In this short period of time we have learnt things that have taken couples years and years of marriage to learn and fortunately this learning process is ongoing.  We then added our little one Aroha 3 months after we were married and we are now expecting our second one in a few months!

Where as most couples start off in the honeymoon stage we were blessed to start rocky and learn the lessons early in our marriage. But now I can safely say with our desire to continuously learn and grow to strengthen our marriage and family and ourselves individually we are able to create the honeymoon phase on a continuous basis!

Other than my priceless experience in marriage I have also had the blessing of working with wonderful mentors and coaches to help me on this journey on becoming a relationship coach. Having been coached on gone through relationship coaching certifications I have gained valuable experience and knowledge to share this with others.

If you would like more info, or any questions I would love to answer them. Email me directly at info@ourhappytalk.com.

Love Tracy xo