5 tips for having Baby on a Budget

imageAs some of you may know my husband and I are expecting our first baby on our one year anniversary… yeah we crazy but that’s a story for another day…(i won our pumpkin carving contest!) Since we were only newlyweds we had very little money so we had to be as thrifty as possible.

All I remember growing up was people saying how expensive it is to have a baby! And it can be with CRAZY medical bills but setting the medical stuff aside and focusing on the things you do have control of it can be pretty manageable and not as scary as people may play it out to be.546713668590_2116722086_n

Mind you wee have been super blessed to have had family and friends donate a lot of things which has made things a lot easier but just wanted to share a few tips on how we are keeping costs low during this time….

1. Tell people about the baby! everyone has some stuff stored away they don’t need or know people that may have stuff stored away they don’t need. Let people know and they will offer left right and center.

2. Yard sales and thrift stores.  Lots of people tell me ohh you should buy new so it can last all your children.  But when I do the math it doesn’t make sense.  E.g stroller 2nd hand $30 say it doesn’t last me as long I get another second hand one for $30 which totals to $60… verses buying new one that lasts me all my children for $200… $60 is significantly cheaper than $200. I would say buy new when items that have expiration dates or have been in a accident. But if you are lucky to find someone that has only used it for one child that’s a bonus!

3. Stock up a little now. Since finding out about the baby we have money allocated in the budget to buy baby things. Mainly stocking up on things that you can never have too many of.. eg. baby wipes, or diapers (but get various sizes or brands as you don’t know which one you will prefer yet…)

4.  Allocate money aside before the baby is born. By factoring the baby in the monthly budget you won’t be shocked to where your money is going to once the baby comes. You will begin to form habits and wean yourself into adjusting your lifestyle to the new budget. We started off by only setting aside $25 then increased it as time got closer.babystuff

5. Be crafty. I decided I wanted to make something for the baby that was special to them. So with no prior skills and YouTube as my tutor I got my crafty on by making easy quilts, binky clips, matching car seat covers and bibs.. before I knew it I was saving money along the way. (on the right is my latest project) p.s if you are not crafty there are lots of no-sew crafts you can do. Glue gun has become my best friend.

What are some of your ideas on preparing for a baby on a budget? I would love to read your thoughts and ideas:)

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