DIY ModPodge Recipe

I have now made two crafts with this  DIY mod podge recipe. And I don’t think I will ever be needing to buy any particular modge podge for this type of project. I used this recipe but adjusted it after reading the reviews. I used this for my Lampshade project and my Bowl Project. If you are doing something different I would test it in a smaller ratio just in case it doesn’t turn out quite right. lampshadeThe magic modpodge recipe

2 Cups of Flour

1 Cup of Sugar

Between 1-3 cups of Water but keep adding until it’s perfect for your project (not too thick or too watery)

Add Tbsp of Oil


In a pot threw in the flour and sugar and turned the stove on to medium heat

I then added the water slowly  so it wouldn’t get super clumpy

I kept adding more and more water until I thought it was right thickness

Added the oil and mixed

All done!



DIY Yarn Lamp Shade

Doing this Yarn lampshade has been on one of my to do lists since we moved into our house. I had initially wanted to do a doily lampshade as they went along much better with my vintage theme I have going on in my living room. But I didn’t find enough doilies to do this project and I had plenty of yarn! I have finally come around to doing it. Yay and it was a lot easier than I had expected.


I didn’t want to spend any money of course on expensive big balloons. Initially I was going to use a balloon but I really wanted something bigger and not a oval shape. So I ended up just using those inflatable balls I borrowed from my neighbor’s baby. I know I’m pretty cheap asking to borrow something I can buy for $3 at the most. But anywho they were kind enough to let me borrow this ball and so I got cracking on this project. Light fixtures are one thing I love but feel like I shouldn’t spend too any money on.


I started off by making the modge podge recipe. Yes I made that too. I didn’t buy the expensive kind so I found this recipe here. But I adjusted the recipe and made a perfect one to my liking here. The adjusted recipe was perfect for this project. I used the entire amount. I was pretty happy with the entire result of it. I don’t think it will ever get hot enough to burn the yarn as we hardly use this light. I was worried how I was going to place it on the light fixture but the yarn is easy enough to move around and cut to fit around whatever fixture you have. I started the project at about 8am and once everything was all said and done and drying out in the sun for the whole day I finished the project at about 8pm. If you want to be extra cautious you should leave it for a complete 24 hours. But I was a little bit too excited. haha


So if you want to make your own light fixture here are the things you may need Or take a look at this easy video tutorial

  1. Yarn – A full one preferable depending on how big your project is
  2. Modge Podge or Wallpaper glue or my DIY Recipe
  3. Balloon or Ball
  4. Tshirt you don’t mind getting dirty


Good luck and have fun!!! Let me know if the comments below if it worked or didn’t!!! Or let me know of some crafts projects you would like to see!!!

PoshSoiree – Custom Party Decor

***Sponsored Post***

I love supporting “mommy entrepreneurs” and this is just the case with this business.  It isn’t easy staying at home with baby and trying to run a side business at the same time. Some days are just so crazy hectic, all in a jumble and it feels like you haven’t made any progress. Other days you feel like superwoman, house is clean, baby is happy, and clients are satisfied with your work and if you are extra super, dinner is ready for the hubby!? (I haven’t quite made it that far but maybe one day… haha) This post is dedicated to Maninder Kaur, a mother who has turned one of her passions into a business where she expresses her creativity and love for good quality beautiful decor. p.s Looking at these pictures reminds me that I need to start planning for my babies first birthday not that she will remember it or anything, I guess it’s mainly for us, but her decor is way too beautiful to not share!!!


The seed was planted for her to start this business began while she was pregnant with her daughter.  Once you know you are pregnant you have your work cut out for you, baby gear, baby clothes, pregnancy clothes getting the nursery ready, oh and the baby shower and that isn’t even touching the surface. But while trying to get the nursery ready for her new arrival she came across a problem of not finding good quality beautiful decor with the right colour schemes she was looking for. Luckily she was crafty herself and managed to make her own decor to the exact way that she wanted. Also ensuring that it was made with quality and love so that it could last a lifetime. She then began doing baby showers for family and friends and ran across the same problem. The rest is history she solved her problem by doing it herself and this is where we find her today.

Maninder quotes

 I instinctively knew that I was not just selling decorations or party supplies, but hopes, dreams, and memories that would stay with these families for a lifetime.


Maninder makes a range of party decor pieces. We have featured just a few of them. She also loves custom orders to make sure your wildest dreams come to life. So if you have a birthday party coming up, baby shower or need super cute decor stop by and visit her store.  Or even if you want to be inspired by her beautiful creations I am sure she would love to hear from you! Have an awesome day!

il_570xN.822475700_sv9iO IS FOR OWSUM!!!!!! lol

DIY: Easy No Sew Nursing Cover

DIY Nursing Cover

Turn your old maxi skirt into a fun Nursing Cover. Who could have thought this would be my life saver. As my little munchkin is approaching her 7month mark she is getting a lot more mobile, interested in the world around her which makes feeding time a little bit trickier. I needed something that would protect me from exposing myself to the world!

I have been following some fun mommy blogs and came across some mothers using these awesome infinity scarves which double as nursing covers!!! I love the 360 degree coverage!!! Check these out if you aren’t into the whole DIY thing!

But if you want to go further and actually make your own DIY nursing cover here are the steps.

1. Find Old maxi skirt that you don’t want anymore or even use one that you would prefer a nursing cover.

2. Cut the top band of it


3. You are done… Pull it over your head and give it a whirl. Use it as a Scarf use it as a car seat cover use it as a shopping cart cover!!!! Whatever you want use your imagination!!!



DIY: Glassware


So I may have a little obsession with glass objects & SPRAYPAINT!! Well you can’t blame me if there are tonnes of funky things you can do with them!! With being on a tight budget I can’t buy a lot of the super cute things I drool over in Target or other home decor places so that means I have to get a little creative…

You may wonder how I come up with projects. Well to tell you the truth I am a hoarder. I can’t and don’t throw things away because I always think I can turn it into something else. So if I am tempted to throw something away I first google “Repurposed ………(blank)…” If I don’t find anything that I like then I throw it away. Or if repurposed project is going to cost to much I just put it into storage until I can afford whatever I want to make.

These jars were gifts from our wedding… I think they were re-gifted to us because the box seemed worn out and old. We were planning on returning them to the store but didn’t find a store that sold them so we kept them and I made this little number. Not to bad for something we were going to take to the D.I.


These are old glass bottles that we found in our shed when we moved into our house. They were old medicine bottles. I thought they looked super cool so I kept them until I had some time to work some spray paint magic.

11647294_10153028669943590_23564806_n  11650926_10153028669898590_855582489_n

Some more vases that we found for free at a yard sale that people didn’t want. So we took them and transformed them to these little babies!

11652200_10153028670643590_688681845_n 11650774_10153028669958590_820980930_n

We were also given a box of mason jars from a friend with 30 or so jars. I have done lots of things with mason jars but here’s just one of the projects. This is for the bathroom obviously if you didn’t figure out what cotton balls and ear things are for. haha you will be seeing a few more projects with mason jars!

11652267_10153028669933590_191440962_n 11653482_10153028669978590_939181381_n

Stay tune for more fun home projects. I just have one rule of thumb when I do my projects it needs to be finished in a day. If it isn’t I won’t do it. Usually I am not motivated to finish projects unless I can do them in a day or else it takes me forever to do or I will half finish it. What are some of your home projects. Share comment below of more things you guys would like to see that takes less than a day haha

You are awesome! You really are!


DIY Baby Room

imageSince I can remember I have always been excited about being able to deck out the baby’s room than actually having a baby! (is that bad?) I guess I did to many babysitting to put me off wanting my own… but my fate was determined and I was to have my own!!

Upon our arrival at our newly carpeted and painted house the baby room is where I eagerly started on her room but then had to put it on hold… Unfortunately living room and kitchen had to take precedence. Slowly I had been working on little projects for the baby room. Everything was always on a budget so it took a little longer than I wanted it but yippee we are halfway there… Here is the progression of this DIY journey
Project 1. I love you alphabet. I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love with it so initially I looked for a free printable online but I couldn’t find one that i liked so I jumped on to word and whipped up this little baby. printed it off and popped it into this frame I had lying around. easypeasy Cost $0


Project 2.seeing these little pompom things are popping up everywhere and I had lots of tissue paper from the baby shower gifts. I saved them all to make these pompom ball things. here’s the tutorial I followed. Cost $0

Project 3. Re-Upholstered Rocking chair! We got a steal with this rocking chair $10 from a yard sale and then I bought fabric to cover it for about $5. I quickly took off the old covers and traced around it on the new fabric. Looking back now I would have bought a different fabric fluff gets stuck to this one rooky mistake! Cost $15


Project 4. Painting Baby’s crib. Blessed to get a hand me down from Conners sister so all I did was sand it, paint it and varnished it. all up cost for supplies $20.



Project 5. Blessing dress in frame. (above) Found these frames on the side of the street they were initially mirrors but we popped them out gave them a coat of paint at the same time we painted the crib and voila! just hung her dress behind it. Cost $0

Project 6. Fabric Toy Box. I had a few extra boxes from the move lying around and I bought a couple of pieces of fabric I thought I was going to use for cushions but ended up making these instead. Simply cut enough fabric to cover around it and used spray glue which made it super easy peasy. Cost $2image

So this is the end result…. Stay tune for the other half of the room….



DIY Nightstand

So one of my many favorite things to do is to go to Yard Sales find some good deals on old things and flip them to become new. One summers saturday we drove by a yardsale and this wooden thing caught my attention. I saw the price tag of $5 on it! Already a Steal! but then I asked if I could get it for $3 and she agreed! WOOP WOOP!


All happy with my bargain I took it home and left it in the garage for a few months. I finally decided to work on it in December as we were painting our crib. After sanding and 2 coats of paint then I spray painted the handles we were done. voila this is the end result. I love this shabby chic look. Let us know what you think of it?


Unfortunately we didn’t end up keeping it because we didn’t have enough room for it in the baby’s room. We ended up selling it for $30 which helped us pay for our internet modem that we needed.

Stay tune for more fun projects that we are working on! If you have projects you are working on share with us we would love to hear from yah!