Power of Being Still

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat any time.” HERMAN HESSE

Are you doing the same as me are you living life just running from work, home, church, gym, friends and always trying to focus on doing several tasks at the same time. When you are on your computer do you have many tabs open at one time? When you are working on a project you are easily distracted and move on to something else? Yay good to know I’m not alone. We live in such a crazy busy world where if we are not rushing from one place to another we have a lot of commotion going on around us or in our minds. We are constantly told that if you are not busy, you are not one of the elite. We always get told we need to do more and more so we can be better, smarter, good-looking, fitter, healthier but sometimes what we actually need to do is less.

My  Story

I grew up in a fast pace home, if we weren’t at rugby practice, we had singing, piano or some other church program we were a part of. My mum never let us just sit down and not be busy. We always needed to make productive use of our time. It even comes to when I am eating breakfast I would rather eat it on the go or read or do something then actually sit down and eat a meal because I feel like I am not being productive.

While being married to my husband my perspective has somewhat shifted I would say not completely 180degrees more like 90degree shift. His whole philosophy is really taking your time, being careful, focusing on a task until it’s done which was very difficult for me to grasp of at first. I kept complaining how he was wasting his time just sitting there, how he can be multi-tasking etc. As of lately trying to apply the idea of “being present” into my life. I realised that I was just rushing through everything, I wasn’t enjoying food, I wasn’t enjoying my surroundings I wasn’t taking the time to appreciate being in the here and now. And that’s what got me to realise that I wasn’t even aware that I wasn’t even just standing STILL. Everything was always go go go from the moment I woke up.

Becoming Conscious

We may need to say no to certain commitments, certain projects certain people in our lives that are sucking out our energy. This may be hard at first especially for me always trying to please people but it really does help to slow down your life and focus your time and energy on the things that really do matter. Or we may be completely fine but just need to take some out of the busy day to allow our conscious to be aware of the environment of how we are feeling of our breath of our thoughts and emotions. We really can achieve stillness anywhere we choose, we just need to be conscious about it and make space for it in our minds and body.

Practicing Stillness through Yoga

Lately I have been practicing the art of yoga which seems pretty easy for others but for me it has been one of the most difficult things especially just the listening to my breath. My mind cannot comprehend that it is okay to sit still and be still for more than a minute. The first couple of times I could only do the breathing thing for a minute and had to fast forward the videos so I could actually start doing some yoga moves. But as I have practiced I have managed to get comfortable with sitting still and listening to my breath. And it’s actually relaxing something I don’t let my mind experience very often. After practicing yoga I have also become so conscious of my breath throughout the day and didn’t realize how much I hold my breath.

I have listed some ways you can accomplish stillness throughout your day.

  • Schedule some time for stillness on your phone or first thing in the morning
  • Pick a favorite place you like to go to and just sit and enjoy
  • Put on a guided meditation if you don’t think you can do it on your own at first
  • Practice just breathing and listening to your breath. It’s true when you focus on something so intently your mind can’t wander as much.
  • Start small… whether you meditate, ponder, day dream allow yourself to explore just being present.

I know that as you take time to be still in your day, you will have a clearer space to work from. You will be enlightened with new ideas. You will be invigorated your batteries will be charged and just that much more ready for whatever challenges that come your way.

Best Wishes my lovelies

xo Tracy


Overcoming Adversity

Nobody is Exempt

Yes we all go through it, there are always going to be trials and hardship that we come across in our lifetime. It’s the reality of being human. To be honest I have never come anybody EVER that has not come across the bitter pill of adversity whether it was a loss of a loved one, depression, loneliness, or financial burdens etc… But just because we all go through it to some degree or another it doesn’t mean we should sweep it under the rug and try not to understand why we go through them.

A Continuous Transformation Process

Adversity is part of a continuous cycle we face being humans. This process is made up of 3 main steps, firstly experiencing and recognizing the hardship, weaknesses and flaws within us, second the transformation and change journey and lastly enjoying growth and reflection.  Don’t worry it’s not over yet this cycle repeats itself over and over again many times throughout our life and as we continue to recognize more things we need to work on. From every hardship we go through we learn and can become a better person from that experience. (Also check out Grit Growth and Gratification blog post for an in-depth explanation of this transformation process.)

Take over the Reigns

There are some things that are just out of our control but we will only hurt ourselves if we worry about that which is out of our control.  What we can work on and focus on is that which we do have control of which is ourselves our mindset and how we handle the adversity.  We can choose to crawl up into a little ball and hope it will pass by or we can take it a day or a minute at a time. Here are some ways to have a positive outlook during this whole process.

Gratitude: One way to help you through adversity is to look at what there is good going on. Notice the small changes and celebrate the small progress.

Think Big: Look at the bigger picture. Look at where you are going how far you come sometimes just looking at today isn’t enough to show how much you have grown and developed.

Service: Helping somebody else in worse off situation helps you realize that there are other people suffering more than you

Support System: Lock in a good support group to be your cheer leaders along the way. We all need family or friends who will help us on this journey especially when you are feeling like you just want to give in.

Best Wishes my lovelies! Go rock the world!


5 Tips to prepare for University or College

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College or University whatever you want to call it! This is a hectic time for those getting ready to get out in there in the Big Bad World. Also a super exciting time. Some things to consider while applying for university or college…

  1. Do it early.Whether it’s scholarships or your applications. The earlier the better so you don’t have to stress just before you start classes
  2. Don’t pack on the pounds. Now that your mum doesn’t cook for you and you think you have free reign to eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner. Please don’t make every 1st year’s mistake and eat out at Wendy’s and BK every day.
  3. Get a job before the semester starts.Usually you will have a few more hours to spare in the first year. Your classes aren’t as difficult especially if you are doing generals. Make use of your time get a job, or experience in the related field.
  4. Apply for scholarships and grants.Seriously you don’t have to be smart to get one, they have scholarships for all sorts of things, sports, community work, extracurricular, and leadership you name it. You will be surprised how many people avoid doing an essay for an hour or two but would rather work for 200 hours to pay off their college tuition. Come on people!!!
  5. Just go to class. I know I was supposed to read my textbooks every day, and if I did I am positive I would have gotten better grades. But I was a lazy student and did the bare minimum which was attend every single class. For me just turning up to the class and listening helped me process the information so much better and I didn’t have to even open up my textbook during the semester.
  6. Create a Portfolio. Through Admitopia you can create a portfolio which will enable you to position yourself ahead of the game. Some colleges are really hard to get into and there is a lot of competition. By creating this professional portfolio it’s a easy way of submitting your information to the different colleges. You can also talk to students and professionals who may give you advice on what to do for your career path.admitopia

Do you have experience that you want to share? Or questions in preparing for college! Comment below!




Dear High School Kids…


image1. You aren’t dumb because you suck at math and science! Embrace your other talents whether it be painting singing or selling your lunch to the other kids…

2. You are allowed and can question your teachers.. its a misconception that just because they are your teachers they are right all the time… stellar teachers will make that known to you!

3.You don’t need to fit into any group. Be yourself and you will attract friends who like you for you.

4. Build fun memories! Just have fun being a kid, grow up slowly! You have the rest of your life to do adult things. Be silly, be crazy do dumb silly stuff that won’t hurt or injure anybody physically, mentally or emotionally.

5. Failure is NOT bad or means you are dumb.Wow you failed a test.. at least you are closer to finding the right answers. Failure occurs once you stop trying!!!!

6. You don’t need lots of friends just real friends.

7. Dont freak if you don’t know what you are going to be when you grow up… just keep moving forward doing what you love and doors will open up.

What things did you wish you knew in high school?  SHARE, Comment below!