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Blogging is such an awesome way to get your thoughts out there. Whether people read your stuff or not, just writing is so therapeutic and gives your own way to express yourself. While some people like to sing, play music, paint, read a book, I enjoy writing, talking and sharing my thoughts with people. My head is full of way too many thoughts I need to just get it out on paper so my head doesn’t burst, therefore blogging provides a perfect medium. Seeing my husband is usually busy with work and school blogging is what I have turned to.

Lots of people before me have done the same, and turned to blogging as a form of helping them express and be themselves. We all need to start somewhere, and the beginning is the perfect place. Whether you are still contemplating on doing a blog in your mind or fear is holding you back just get over it. I would just recommend you to get started!!! You can write a few posts and not share it with anyone. It can be just for you for however long until you have the courage to share it with one person then more and more as you gain more confidence.


  1. Overcome fear of people– Why are we letting other people determine our lives? Why are we allowing them to determine our destiny? We need to take control and responsibility for ourselves.
  2. Start Writing– Write for yourself. Be real, be true be you! Whether you use WordPress or blogger or any other format just get writing.
  3. Share your stuff– Share with your friends? Share it with those you care about? Then share it with whomever you desire… There is someone out there that is bound to be grateful for what you have shared. Sharing is caring right!!!
  4. Monetize – Eventually if you stick through with it, you can eventually get paid. There are so many ways to make extra money with blogging some bloggers make up to 6 figures. Megan from caffinatedmomspeakshas written some great ways to make money while blogging. Check her blog out, she is an awesome example of overcoming trials in her life to get where she is.

So what stage are you at? Where do you want to get to? Let us know some of your thoughts and ideas on blogging and blogs. Comment or share if you found this useful!


6 Tips to Building your YouTube Channel


Yes we probably spend way too much time on YouTube than we really need to.. But it’s addicting entertainment it’s hard not to just move from one video to the next and before we know it we have spent more hours than intended or maybe you were productive and learnt something new.. Anyways this post is so you can actually have a legit reason for being on YouTube. Obviously you have seen a growing trend in YouTube famous celebrities.. I wonder if they will end up doing some YouTube academy awards soon… anyways…

If you have been contemplating in your mind to start your own YouTube Channel but haven’t had the courage to do so… JUST DO IT! Today I decided to compile a list of tips for those who wish to become YouTube FAMOUS with the help of Antonia Antonella! She is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, currently living in New Zealand with a cute German accent.

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1. Define your Audience and know what they want – if you can cater your content to your audience you will be more likely be followed if you are giving them what they want…Also experiment with new things that other YouTube are not doing. Be original but not fake.

2. Consistency – Similar with TV shows people know that Wednesday night 7pm their favorite show is going to come on. If you are consistent you will more likely maintain a close loyal fan base that will support you along your journey. Set a time for them to expect a video posted.. once a week is generally best practice.

3. You don’t need the fanciest equipment but take it pride in your work. Personally I like videos that a better quality,  I also like edited videos with fun music have intro, it looks more professional and put together. Also have good lighting, whether you film during the day in front of a window or you get some nice lighting equipment so we can see that beautiful face. Oh and make sure you don’t have too much clutter and mess in the background please. :) Nice clean backdrop is easy on our eyes so we focus on what you are saying not your pile of clothes and last nights dinner on your bed.

4. Be yourself – Just be you, don’t try to imitate another you-tuber. We can tell if you are fake or not… Just be you you you because only you can be the best you. There is bound to want to follow you because they feel connected to you.

5. SEO YouTube Optimize it – You need to know this stuff to a certain degree, and it’s helpful if you want your videos to get more views and subscribers.

6. Thumbnail Images that catch attention. I generally click on those images that catch my eye with bold headings and titles. So try stick out from the crowd a little by adding this little touch.


Antonia has just begun her YouTube channel dedicated to beauty and makeup and pretty much her lifestyle. She has done such a great job of building her brand image. If you have more questions head over to her channel and ask I am sure she would love to help! Also check her on Twitter: tonixantonella and Instagram: antoniaxantonella.

Now what are you waiting for?? get filming!!!

Creators of the Pacific

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The Beautiful people of the pacific have amazing talent. Whether it’s singing, dancing, cooking, crafts or being crazy we seriously can do it all. Okay I may be a little bias…. Today we are featuring a awesome blog called Creators of the Pacific. This is a wonderful blog for all you people who are interested in getting into the world of YouTube!!! We all have to admit sometimes we get stuck watching video after video on YouTube and before you know it ummm you have  spent a couple of hours on YouTube instead of doing your assignment, or cleaning or doing something that was actually on your to do list.

Creators of the Pacific was founded by Erica Gayle Tacras. Her aims are to unite and ignite collaborations amongst content creators in the Pacific Rim.  Featured on this blog are a creative collective of YouTube video bloggers, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and filmmakers. They create content that influences and impacts the masses. Right now they are mainly all from Hawaii but I am sure they would love to get many more on board. This is a beautiful initiative that I am all for supporting!

Personally I would love to see more of our talent especially from our Polynesian people, doing their thing and getting recognition for the awesome work that they do.  Whether you have been thinking about it for a long time or have just decided this would be a great idea, grab a camera and give it a go!!! We all have something that people can learn from or even to just get entertained. Yes there will always be haters and negativity wherever you go whatever you do, it’s a thing in life we all have to deal with. But don’t let other people determine your capabilities and your potential.

Creators of the Pacific have some awesome vloggers that you should check out so you can rub shoulders with and learn from their experience. If you have been thinking about vlogging or have any questions  head over to their blog and check out their videos. Or follow them on twitter :)

xo Aim for the Stars!!!!!


Guest Blogging Opportunity!

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I love talking about achieving dreams and chasing after your dream whatever it may be. I also enjoy being a dreamer myself but more importantly acting on my dreams!!!  Often I’ve been called a fool for going after what seemed like impossible and crazy dreams but in the end have come out on top! That’s why I love saying dream chasers not just dreamers!!! In previous posts I have mentioned before that starting this blog was just a dream at one point but slowly and surely, it has become a reality thanks to you all out there reading and supporting me in this!! So thanks guys!!!!

Today wants to extend an opportunity out there for those who are interested in being a guest writer for their website. They are looking for women who want to write to help inspire other women achieve their dreams. If you feel you have some valuable information or experience to share, this may be an opportunity just for you. Or if you are wanting to get your name out there this could be a stepping stone for bigger things!!! is targeted toward women who want to become successful in whatever aspect of life they are in. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, writer, geek, or diva they have something for you. They also showcase books written by women for women. If you are looking for extra support on your journey of chasing your dreams, this may be a good place to have a look. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely journey at times but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many support groups out there!

So if this is something you may be interested go visit them right now!! Be a doer and don’t let opportunities just pass you by!!! Visit today!