Spice up your Day with Positivity

Our world is filled with so much negativity. It’s everywhere and can be suffocating if we let it, illness, depression, heavy work load, strained relationships or even world news. But with every problem we can always try and tackle it with some good old positivity, yeah I know it won’t make the problems go away but it may be able to help you bear the challenges are little better!  Today I just wanted to share some tips on ways I try to squeeze in some bits of positivity throughout my day.

1.    Start Right

Starting your day off to the right foot can make a massive difference in your day. First things first. Start the day with the things most important to you whether it’s through prayer, scripture reading or meditating or exercise incorporate this into your morning ritual. You will notice your day goes much smoother and feels satisfying. If you need to get upan hour b before the whole house wakes up do it!

2.    Clear Clutter

Cleaning  at least one area in the house will help you feel good about yourself. I know when you have kids sometimes it’s too easy to have a messy house. For me to keep myself sane I just clean one area and ban everybody from going there whether it’s my bedroom or a living room area. Having just a clean area can help you invite positive vibes into your environment.

3.    Listen to Positive

Throughout the day if I am cleaning, organizing or eating I like to listen to motivational or uplifting podcasts. Generally I like to listen to these sometimes instead of music. Listening to these podcasts help with mood and also help educate me in so many ways. Podcasts are easier as I don’t have to sit in front of a screen, usually I do it when I am doing mundane tasks around the house or even better when I am driving long distances. Here is a list of  self-improvement podcasts you should check out. My favorite is Christine Hassler she has been a help for me in getting clear with setting purpose and goals.

4.    Act of Kindness

Do something nice for somebody else.  When you help somebody it will ALWAYS I can guarantee, it will make you feel good and uplift you to a state of greater happiness. It is a WIN-WIN situation and it’s contagious. Doing a conscious act of kindness will give you the boost especially when you are feeling down and out!!!

What are ways that you maintain positivity in your life? Would love to hear your thoughts!!! Comment and Share if you found this useful!


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Why Gratitude

It is not happy people who a grateful it is grateful people who are happy!

Gratitude is a medicinal emotion, it lifts us up elevates our mood and fills us with real joy

Researchers are finding that those who exhibit and express the most gratitude are happier, healthier, and more energetic. Grateful people report fewer symptoms such as headaches, stomach-ache, nausea, even acne, and spend more time exercising! And the more a person is inclined towards gratitude, the less lonely, stressed, anxious and depressed he or she will be.

Gratitude helps us live a happier and enjoyable life. Being grateful for all that you have helps you feel abundant and to recognize what you have is enough.

Gratitude gets rid of comparing yourself to others, especially with lots of people on social media posting all their edited photos. Gratitude helps us be grateful for what we have and embrace what we have and not worry about what those around us have.


The other day we came from a little vacation and our heating system was down, our house was freezing cold. I was grumpy and tired but as I lay in bed I thought of how I grew up in a home with no heating system and we just had to bundle up warm. I was grateful that we had a heating system in this house and so that night I just bundled up warmer and slept like I did back in the days.Counting our Blessings name then one by one

How to be more grateful

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Express gratitude to others – Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern
  • Write thank you notes to somebody
  • Meditate or Pray

How do you show gratitude? How has gratitude helped you in your life? Let me know in the comments below!!! Be amazing and show gratitude today!!!!!

Lots of love


Proud Immigrant (FOB)

We are all immigrants, have been or will be…

One phrase that can get me fired up pretty quickly is when an ignorant person says “Immigrants need to go back to their country!” directly or indirectly. Whether it’s towards immigrants, different ethnicities, foreigners or refugees that somehow seem to be taking advantage of the country welfare system or taking “their” jobs. Although I see this as prospective of Lack rather than abundance, I am not here to justify the actions of all immigrants today. I am just speaking from my own personal experience as an immigrant and an observer.  Today I wish to reflect on history and highlight the values that we have learnt from our immigrant ancestors and the need for all of us to apply them into our lives today.

Reflect on your Past

I guess what irks me the most is those bashing immigrants don’t take the time to realize that if they looked a couple of generations back they will see that their own ancestors were  hardworking immigrants also, and they wouldn’t be where they are without those immigrants. We all have to start somewhere and generally speaking immigrants have to start from complete scratch as they have left “everything” behind and even their knowledge and understanding may still be a couple of generations behind! (Or sometimes way ahead) We can even take it a step further to the natives of the land, that they too were immigrants at one point in history, and made themselves at home with little to no conflict from the current inhabitants or animals of the land.

Please remind me I’m an Immigrant

All immigrants and foreigners need a little reminder too. It is easy to forget the hard work of the past when we don’t have to toil the land and where everything can be handed out easier. Although labels are not fun but I will turn this into a good one. Let the word immigrant or FOB be a word that reminds you that you are being labelled in the same category as many diligent immigrants before you, who have overcome barriers, challenges and stereotypes to rise above and beyond. Such immigrants have founded such companies as “proctor and gamble”, “at&t,”  “google” and so many more.  To me the Immigrant title represents

  • hard work
  • entrepreneurs
  • innovators
  • dedication
  • sacrifice
  • risk takers
  • visionaries
  • love
  • selflessness
  • leaders and pioneers

and so much more that we need to learn and live by!

Modern day Immigrants

Today immigrants don’t look the same. I guess the reason why I am very passionate about this subject is that I grew up in hard-working immigrant home. (So of course I have a slight bias.)  My parents were immigrants to New Zealand in the late eighties seeking for a “better life.” Although they are citizens and have lived there for nearly 30 years, they still come across many challenges.  They came to New Zealand to further their education, but because of difficult family financial circumstances had to join the workforce instead. There were many struggles for both of them to leave their homes, close family and friends behind and adopt to a strange new lifestyle, and finding work. They also had to learn a new language and therefore were referred to as (FOBS.) . Somehow they managed to raise kids in a bilingual home and culture, which was also very difficult for a child and teenager to balance two very different worlds. Fast forward 25 years they have had 2 of their 3 children graduate from college, the last one approaching graduation; they have legally adopted and are raising 2 more children, they have lived in their own home for over 20 years, the dad has gone back and completed tertiary education and they both are contributing to their church and community. They provided their children with opportunities that they never got, to learn piano, vocal, violin, cello, guitar, participate in tennis, netball, rugby cricket drama classes and so much more. My parents are only one of the MANY immigrants that have seized the many opportunities that this country has to offer. (And no they are not “fie palangi”)


Application time

What I am trying to say is that we all are immigrants in some point in our life, whether we are new to a school, to a job, a new community or even country. Let’s be kind and respectful to each other as we are all in this journey together. Whether we are new to a place or have lived there since the beginning of time; Let’s be adventurous, take risks, be industrious, creative and apply the Immigrant mentality by to our life taking life by the horns and making the most of every opportunity.

Lots of Love


How do you feel about being called an immigrant? How have you turned around negative situations into positive ones? Would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.



Story of an Addict to Entreprenur

againsttheoddsThis story is a wonderful example of how can make changes in the life for the better, a story of someone fighting against the odds and overcoming trials to get where he is today. We see so many stories of tech entrepreneurs that make millions from selling their Internet technology to the big tech giants. Though these stories are inspirational, they portray an image of success that few people can actually relate to. This is the story of Mr Wickstrom. We can all learn something or may be able to relate to his story. For me I learn that we all have the potential to change our destiny, change the outcome of our situations even though it seems like all odds are against us. They are in our hands. You may be in the situation to help change somebody’s life and direct them for the better. Whichever side of the spectrum we all may be able to influence for the good somewhere somehow.

The obstacles that young people face seem insurmountable. But no matter how bad it gets, no matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, and no matter how old you are, you can overcome anything, become successful, and lead a respectable, healthy life. I say this because I overcame my battles with addiction, a battle that raged for more than 22 years. After winning my battle, I now run one of the largest holistic rehabilitation centers in the United States and help thousands of people every year beat their addiction and start a new promising life. This is the story of how I did it and what I learned throughout the process.

My battle with addiction

At the age of 14, my girlfriend broke up with me to be with one of my best friends. Overcome with grief, I sought comfort from any source that I could find and found my first beer. Instead of facing my problems, I learned to run away from them, and soon, beer lead to vodka, which lead to cocaine. Drugs became my way to escape any problems I had with family, money, relationships, or friends.

My battle with addiction raged for more than 20 years and four different treatment centers. It wasn’t until the age of 38 that I finally hit rock bottom: I could no longer play sports, I could no longer enjoy football games, and I could no longer hang out with my friends — all because of drugs. I was ready to become sober and found Narconon, the treatment center that changed my life.

I found a higher purpose

Narconon saved my life. After graduation, I had to make a choice about what I wanted to do with my career: I could either go back to selling things (I was a terrific salesperson for GM), or I could dedicate my life to helping people. I realized that I was given a second chance at life and thus, found my higher calling: a dedication to helping people beat their addiction, just like I did.

I opened up my own Narconon center and saved more than 6,000 people throughout the course of several years. It felt great to help people and make a true difference in this world.

The non-tech entrepreneur

Throughout my time leading a rehabilitation center, I studied and learned what techniques and methods were effective, and what weren’t. I dedicated myself to my craft and developed my own course, different than any other curriculum in the industry.

Inspired and powered by my higher calling, I took a loan from the bank and started my own rehabilitation center that followed my own curriculum. Three years later, I run the largest holistic rehabilitation center in the United States that helps thousands of people every year recover from addiction and start a new life.

Lessons learned

No one is going to do it for you — you have to do it yourself.

I’ve learned that nothing great is ever handed to you in life. When it came to addiction, no treatment center could have helped me until I made the personal commitment to do it for myself. Once I made that decision, I was able to utilize my intrinsic motivation to become sober.

Similarly, entrepreneurs succeed because of hard work and determination, not because of luck or a great idea. My business has succeeded and grown because I have dedicated my life to help rehabilitate people. It’s not about the money; it’s about the lives my company saves and the positive impact we make in society.

Play to your strengths and experience.

After I became sober, I didn’t try to learn how to code and build the next Instagram; instead, I evaluated my strengths and passions and decided how I could best utilize my skills to create a product for people that I could understand and can relate to.

Early in my career, I was one of the top salespeople for GM. I utilized my sales abilities to get a loan from the bank to start my own rehabilitation center. I then utilized the same sales abilities to show people why my curriculum is different and has a better chance at helping them beat their addiction than any other curriculum in the industry. It was my abilities that got us our first patients, which allowed us to grow to where we are today.

No matter how large the obstacle, you have it in you to overcome it and succeed in life. Use my story as fuel to light your fire, overcome your obstacles, and make a positive impact in society.

croppedPerWickstrom2Per Wickstrom is the president and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, a rehabilitation center focused on helping people beat their addiction through holistic and natural methods. For more on addiction and recovery visit their website

Do you know your Purpose and Vision?



I love the verse in the Book of Mormon

We are agents unto ourselves. We are here to act and not be acted upon.

Heavenly Father has given us a purpose in this life to be a part of His work and build his Kingdom here on earth. But we all have our own parts to play in this great work. Do you know where you fit in? Do you know what part you play into His amazing plan? Have you taken the time to ask Him these questions? Have you taken the time to listen to what He is communicating to you?

Once you come to the realization of what your purpose and role is, your vision starts to unfold naturally. Creating a vision of our entire life enables us to develop motivation, drive and purpose in the everyday things we do. When you create your vision you are consciously choosing to act for yourself and not to just flow to and fro with whatever comes your way. If you don’t create your vision the reality is you will be allowing other people and circumstances to direct your life. Whether you are creating a vision for your family or business the same principals apply.

Life is too short to be doing nothing or just going with the flo. Start today on living each day with purpose!

Questions to consider

Creating your vision doesn’t just happen instantly. For me it was here a little there a little until all the little pieces started to make sense. Even today I feel that I get more pieces as I have accomplished what I have received. I personally feel that God gives us enough to work on and then will give more once we have done that. To get started on your purpose and vision here are some questions to consider…

  • What are my 5 most important values that I hold dear?
  • What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • If you did not have any fear of people or failure what would you do?
  • What would you do if you didn’t get paid?
  • What are your natural talents?
  • What experiences do you get the most joy from?
  • Describe or draw your ideal life? 5,  10 20 years from now

Get Clear

I love visualizing my vision and each day manifesting it so that it comes true and I live it each day.  My vision helps me align my actions every day so that I am living with purpose. When you create your vision, seek for clarity. Getting clear on what you want helps you achieve those lofty visions. Just saying “I want to be an entrepreneur” can only get you so far, it may just help you start thinking about different business ideas. But saying I am an creative entrepreneur promoting other creatives such as artists, musicians  dancers to get more exposure. This vision clearly defines where you are heading. You will achieve better results with a clear vision. It is better to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your vision otherwise holding too many baskets with eggs will result in scrambled eggs.

Continuously go back to the source of all knowledge to help guide you through your journey of finding your purpose. He will direct and guide you so you know what it is you need to do to help you live a purpose driven life.

Here is an example.

Purpose: To serve and inspire

Mission: To create, share and provide tools for women who want to live a fulfilling and purpose driven life.

Vision: A world where women who live by faith, know their purpose are serving and are living life purposefully.


5 ways to Fight Homelessness

***Sponsored Post Moolah Tube***homelessness

When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are in the service of your God

We have all walked by a homeless person and lied that we didn’t have change in our pocket. Maybe we have walked by them and felt guilty that we really didn’t have anything to give them. Or we left the $10 bill in our wallet and gave them the $1 bill…Many a time we have been plagued with the stereotypical argument that they just want to use it for drugs and alcohol therefore making us hesitant to want to give freely and with love… But have you ever sat down and spent 5 minutes to hear their story? In my endeavors to being less judgmental I have researched some ways that I can be kinder and open to the homeless and anybody else less fortunate than I.

1. Recognize the bigger picture: We are all beggars  one form or another… Whether it’s for love, for time, for food, for money or forgiveness. We are all wanting something from somebody so put ourselves in those shoes of feeling  helpless before we make a quick remark, smirk or judgement

2. Educate yourself about them – There are so many reasons why somebody is in the situation they are in. They could have run away from abusive circumstances, they may have a mental illness, somebody who has lost their job. Talk to them and actually find out what they need some may just be in need of attention and a listening ear.

3. Be Kind – A smile or a hello is a kind gesture and can go a long way instead of just ignoring them.

4. Carry something extra – In your car during winter I generally have an extra pair of socks, gloves or a sweater that I am wanting to donate. If you are out and about that could be the best thing to give. If you have a packed lunch maybe you want to put in an extra granola bar or cookies for somebody who may be in need.

5. Volunteer – your time is something so valuable. Whether you go to a homeless shelter and help out or a soup kitchen. I have looked into this many times and they get so many volunteers during the holiday season they actually prefer that you volunteer other times when they need more help.

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Create your own personal Affirmations


At first Affirmations just seemed really airy fairy to me. How could just reading sentences help me each day? As I researched further into affirmations I didn’t realize how powerful they were! And that there were so many successful people using affirmations to help them in their everyday life.  In general Affirmations are sentences you read daily that will help you align your big Vision of who you are with your daily actions. I knew this is something that I was lacking and I needed.

We all know the saying that we become who we hang around with…  But an even more powerful statement is also true “You become who you SAY you are”… (I don’t know who said that but I’m positive it’s out there just google it!) In our daily talk we probably say many negative things about ourselves…. I am OCD, I am a Scatterbrain, I am messy, My thighs are fat, I can’t run, I am all over the show etc…. But little do we realize the more we say these about ourselves the more we become those people! If you really do want to change those behaviours then you need to BEGIN BY FIRST changing your language!!!


I decided I wanted to create my own affirmations, with many areas that I needed to work on I decided to focus in on a few main areas first. Mainly I wanted to work on being a better disciple of Christ a better wife and I wanted to work on getting more confidence with blogging.  After a week of repeating my affirmations, I noticed a difference in my work ethic and my relationship with my husband. Although it seems so cliche seeing this but it really does work. I have created this video to explain in a little more detail my process, and the 5 steps I used to creating my affirmations.

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to a belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – MUHAMMAD ALI

So if you think you need some help on staying focused on your goals!! Get out a pen and paper and take some notes!!! Below are some examples of affirmations you can get inspiration from. Remember create your affirmations one of the many tools to help you uncover the best you that you can be!












Three Words to describe your LIFE

The book 7 habits of Highly Effective People written by an awesome author Steven Covey. I was first introduced to this author while at university in one of my marketing classes. His theory of the Time management theory was one of the theories we were learning. When I read about his matrix it really strung a couple of chords with me, being curious at who the author behind this Time Management theory was I googled him and found out he studied at BYU and Utah university and instantly loved him and this theory haha

I went on to read more things from this author and one of his most recognized books is The 7 habits of highly effective people. Today I just wanted to touch on one point in this book. He says imagine being at a funeral, you walk up to the casket and the person you see in there is you. He says imagine what things you would like said about you. Choose three words that you would want for your life to be described?

After reading this section it really made me think deeper than normal. I had to search within myself to figure out WHO I AM..  and know WHAT MY PURPOSE is… I had to evaluate this over a couple of days to choose what would I want people to say about me. After pondering for a bit I decided on these three words…


SERVE: Service is my first word. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to serve those around me, in my teenage years went through a selfish stage so I am still trying to make a comeback.  For me I believe service is my prime reason to why I am here on earth. Whether it’s to serve my children and help them get ready to school to serving a full time mission or doing Humanitarian work in third world countries. I  know I have always received the greatest joy whenever I am serving others. So my biggest mission is to serve in anyway I can. I would love to be known as somebody always serving. Obviously the most well known people who served are those as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi but we can do it small ways in our homes and communities.

INSPIRE: I love this word because it just makes me jump. Seeing people get out of their comfort zone and doing something they never thought they could gives me my motivation. Inspiring others is a goal for me because it makes me live in such a way so that I can speak with authenticity. I also love being inspired by people, I get inspired by a people are going through illnesses but still manages to keep a smile on their face. I am inspired by a teenage mother who goes back to school and tries to build a new future for her and her child. I am inspired by people in history who suffered and travelled and fought for their freedoms. To be inspired then To Inspire!

LOVE: Love is all we need. Love is what I desire to be my motivation for all things. Our Saviour loved us he gave His life for us. Everything we do needs to be because of love. If we love God we keep his commandments. Love means I speak kindly and forgive quickly. Love means how many times my kids frustrate me I will always love. Love means being genuine, understanding and putting others ahead of ourselves.

All of these words I know will take a lifetime of work. But I hope to work and develop them each and every day. What are your words? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic.


Guest Blogging Opportunity!

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I love talking about achieving dreams and chasing after your dream whatever it may be. I also enjoy being a dreamer myself but more importantly acting on my dreams!!!  Often I’ve been called a fool for going after what seemed like impossible and crazy dreams but in the end have come out on top! That’s why I love saying dream chasers not just dreamers!!! In previous posts I have mentioned before that starting this blog was just a dream at one point but slowly and surely, it has become a reality thanks to you all out there reading and supporting me in this!! So thanks guys!!!!

Today wants to extend an opportunity out there for those who are interested in being a guest writer for their website. They are looking for women who want to write to help inspire other women achieve their dreams. If you feel you have some valuable information or experience to share, this may be an opportunity just for you. Or if you are wanting to get your name out there this could be a stepping stone for bigger things!!! is targeted toward women who want to become successful in whatever aspect of life they are in. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, writer, geek, or diva they have something for you. They also showcase books written by women for women. If you are looking for extra support on your journey of chasing your dreams, this may be a good place to have a look. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely journey at times but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many support groups out there!

So if this is something you may be interested go visit them right now!! Be a doer and don’t let opportunities just pass you by!!! Visit today!





Personal Fitness Coaching

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If you haven’t noticed there is an upward trend in the health and fitness market! There are also so many opportunities especially for those mothers to work from the comfort of their home within this industry. Sometimes it may require you to get of your couch but at least it’s on your terms right…If this is your kind of thing but afraid of getting into it don’t be. There are many opportunities just within the coaching umbrella area. If fitness isn’t your thing you can for sure there is somebody that needs help nearly everything from gardening, sewing, social media, to even juggling.   Whatever it is you are passionate about there is somebody out there looking for your expertise!

Laura Sanchez has done just that, she has taken one of her passions and turned it into a side business. She is doing an awesome job getting out there and doing what she can to get her name out there.  Imagine the perks of getting fit, becoming healthy and also getting paid to do it! This is what this lovely lady has done.

If you are in need of extra help trying to lose those extra pounds. Maybe you just need the extra friend to help you and motivate you along the way. Check Laura Sanchez out, go look her up on instagramtwitter or check out her blog. She provides 1 on 1 personal service if you contact her directly at


Remember to do your research and find a professional that you feel comfortable working with. Find somebody who you feel has the credentials to help you meet your goals. I personally have not used a health coach just because I choose to do things on my own terms, but I know if I did have one it would probably help me progress in my health journey a lot quicker. Good luck go make amazing things happen!!!!!

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