Wardrobe Makeover -Minimalism Journey {SIMPLIFY}

As you know for those who have been following my youtube channel I just did a post about values that I wish to live by this year. One of those is that of simplifying. To start off this whole simplify theme in my life I have decided that I want to start off with my wardrobe. As you can see by this picture it is a huge ugly mess of clothing everywhere. By minimizing my clothing, the hopes is I will also be better organized.




Everything thrown in a pile

After getting everything thrown in the pile, I organized the dresses, shirts, pants and skirts etc into their own individual piles. After getting them in the piles I just picked the items that made me happy and I knew for certain I was going to wear. If I wasn’t 100% sure I put it into a different pile. So I had piles for YES, Maybe and NO. I then went through the Maybe pile and kept what I wanted and discarded the rest. PRESTO!!!


At the beginning I was pretty gung ho and thought I could do a 10 item wardrobe but then realized it was still a little too soon for me to do 10 items so I have done about a 15 -17 item wardrobe. (depends on what you call outfits) I had also managed to get rid of about 7 pairs of shoes. Hopefully I get to that point where I can get it down to only 10 outfits.


Why Minimize your Wardrobe?

  • More time to do productive things
  • Organizing your wardrobe is now a breeze
  • Have more money in the bank
  • Less clutter in your wardrobe = Less mess (especially for me)
  • Packing for trips is easier
  • Sense of clarity and clearness in your bedroom!!!

Just going through my clothing and purging them was very therapeutic and liberating. I am now excited to open my wardrobe and not feel overwhelmed from the mess and disorder. I am also excited to apply this idea into the other areas of my life, kitchen, bathroom, linen, decor etc.

Advice for those wanting to start:

  • define your style (Vintage, Hipster, Boho, Retro etc) This was the hardest part for me.
  • read about other minimalists and how they do it (we all have our own ways)
  • decide how much you can manage and go for it!!!
  • read 12 steps to minimizing your wardrobe or lots of fun youtube videos on it



7 Cute Shirt Dress and Shoe Combos!



There are not many things that can blend into hectic mornings and casual evenings as smoothly as a Shirt Dress can. That’s why we can never have too many of them. But what exactly is a shirt dress? Basically, it’s a version of a shirt – usually buttoned down – sometimes oversized – but always long enough so that it looks like a shirt, but acts like a dress.

So when it’s something this plain and simple to carry off, it’s usually the shoes that set the tone, and perhaps even the shirt’s fabric, cut and design. Your shirt dress can be cinched at the waist with a thin belt or layered with many thin belts or leave it unbelted for some shapeless sophistication.

Depending on the style you’re looking for, mix and match your Shirt Dress with these shoes and walk the talk.

1. Ballerinas – Great for a short sleeved, straight cut Shirt Dress because it gives off a laid back Saturday afternoon vibe. In fact, what can be cooler than pairing it with a loose fitted Denim shirt dress combined with a bling belt?

2. Stiletto Sandals – Going for effortless glam? Wear these with a Shirt Dress that’s not cinched at the waist to create a balanced silhouette. An oversized dress with sexy heels is the bomb!


3. Brogues- They look great with a belted shirt dress or not. Team it with a leather jacket and jewelry for sophisticated style.


4. Chunky Heels – Match the modern dress shirt with a 70s twist.


5. Ankle Boots – These are perfect for a very boho chic style. Whether it’s for casual office wear or a date on the weekend, this style will pair perfectly with a messenger bag and leather jacket.


6. Classic Pumps – Here’s something that make the shirt dress appropriate for office! Think dark colored or crisp white slightly longer Shirt Dresses. With a blazer on top and a large bag, the overall ensemble will give you an air of effortless professionalism.

7. Stilettos – These amp up the style with any outfit, and more so with a silky Shirt Dress!

Lastly, have fun with the Shirt Dress. Carry a massive bag and tie a shirt around your waist… hobo, much? Or wear a lacy contrasting colored spaghetti top inside. Roll up the sleeves and wear thin layered necklaces with your Shirt Dress. Remember, since the shirt dress is uber casual, keeping your accessories, make-up and hair classy is the key to pulling it off. Think messy bun, French plaid or slicked back ponytail and you’re good to go!


Micha Online Accessory Store

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Behind every business is always a story and I love sharing behind the scenes each of them! I love seeing who the mastermind is behind their storefront displays. Today our online store highlight is Micha Store. They are an online jewelry store based in Chicago. The store was founded by four friends who all shared a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. In realization to their shared dreams and passion they decided to build this online store naming the store after themselves Micha (Maria, Intan, Catherine, Hilda, Accessories) I love that they had this idea and they went out and did it together!michanecklance

They offer a wide range of accessories for the average girl who loves to accessorize. I know I love accessorizing when I want to spruce up a boring outfit. From necklaces, bracelets to earrings they offer accessories for every occasion. I am sure you will find something that will suit whatever you are looking for.

Micha Store believes in providing our customers with excellent service and great products with a reasonable price. Our products are geared towards the latest fashion trends all year round from winter to fall. Micha Store believes that good accessories make good style and good look; good look make a more confident you! Right now they currently ship only within the United States. Hopefully growing later down the road.  Go ahead and check them out on facebook and instagram.micha


Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib Review and GIVEAWAY!

***Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!!****

unnamed (1)

Today I am excited to be doing a review on Funky Giraffe baby bibs. These are the cutest most darling bibs on the market. I am not a crazy fan of baby prints but I love the more classic prints. Hence why I choose more the polka dot and stripe prints. They are also useful because they are gender neutral for kids down the road. The mustache print was for just incase we had a boy next.. jokes. Anyways the photo above are the bibs that I ordered. I ordered all of them in the small size and only one in the extra-large.

I have been doing baby led weaning with Miss A, which if you know is  messy eating bonanza. And if you have seen me feeding her you know I rarely if ever use a bib just because I don’t have very many and I am kind of lazy so when you have a screaming baby wanting food I just give her the food not really thinking about her clothes until after the fact of the matter. Which results in a nasty laundry pile waiting for me!!! Yikes… So you can imagine how super excited and relieved I was when  I was able to get my hands on these bibs!!!!! I could just leave them on and not worry about finding it when it came time for eating.

When placing my order, I found their website is super easy to navigate and straightforward to use. I got an email saying they received my order and another email saying my order was despatched which was perfect for me because I like to track my packages, so I know when to expect them. It arrived on time and the order was correct all the bibs were in perfect condition. No fuss or hassle!

The bibs are made of cotton on the front and polyester on the back. I love cotton seeing it’s so breathable. She isn’t drooling a tonne so I am not 100% sure on absorbency. But I am now prepared for when she starts teething we will have some bibs ready for her :) With the food she did eat nothing went through to her clothes and she used the bib the entire day. With the floral print when she got some food stains on it which was fine because it blended well with the floral haha I also love that there are adjustable clips on the back but I am guttered that I didn’t order them in the bigger size because I now have to clip them on the second clip.  So rookie mistake for me for not checking the sizing before I ordered, I just ordered what looked cute.

The only downside to this bib is that because she is self feeding she always ends up with food on her lap. But I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds all the time right… And personally I would probably buy some more practicable bibs for using around the home and will be saving these cute bibs when we are going out and about. But who says you can’t use them anywhere right…


  • Style: 10/10
  • Quality:10/10
  • Functionality: 7/10

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! To win a set of 10 bibs….head over to Funky Giraffe website and tell us which are your favourite bibs. In the comments below type which one is your favourite bib for one entry. You can win for yourself or give it as a gift! (For websites in the US or UK.)

1 Entry per person on the website but follow me on Instagram for multiple entries.

Entries Close in 48 hours!!!




Scarves Scarves Galore!

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If you are in the northern hemisphere you may be just preparing for the colder weather. Or even if you are heading into spring and it’s still a little bit nippy outside scarves are perfect!! But to be honest you can wear scarfs any time in the summer it goes on your head and in winter around your neck!! WIN WIN! I love brightly coloured scarves to brighten up any plain outfit. I also wear a lot of scarves on my head because I love to try pull of the boho look or the vintage retro look. However you style them they are always a fun accessory to have in the wardrobe, you can wear them in sooo many ways!


Today we are featuring Scarf Art gives the effortless illusion of a self-tied scarf. The products are attractive, very easy to use, fashionable and affordable. Their tagline is “Pretied for you, just button and go.” Their collection currently includes 14 styles which is always growing. Scarf Art is creative, classy, le timeless functional fashion. Go ahead check them out and see what they may have to offer!!! There are some people out there who are good at the tieing and making scarves look perfect but me on the other hand I can’t get them to sit right they always end up wonky. So for me these would be perfect I don’t have to fuss with trying to make sure it’s tied perfectly. If you face the same problem then stop by their store! You can also check them out on facebook and instagram!


BSTREETSHOES.COM – Custom Design Shoes


DSC_0268 (1)

Galaxy Roshe NIKE

I love hearing stories of Creative Entrepreneurs getting out there and turning their passions into a reality. This is just the case with this company BSTREETSHOES.COM started by Blake Barash. Leaving your safety of full time employment is never easy, so when stories of entrepreneurs arise I see courage, dedication and perseverance.

Previously Blake had been working in the banking and finance industry but with the instability of the economy there was always uncertainty whether he would keep his job. Somehow in a struggling job market Blake managed to turn a weakness in the economy into a opportunity for him. With creative skills in graffiti art, ceramic making, painting and woodworking he had been developing Blake stumbled across an ad on craigslist by Toms. They were looking for an artist to paint custom designs on their canvas shoes. Recognizing this opportunity he seized it and since then has built a substantial portfolio of custom shoes.

BSTREETSHOES has hand-painted, completely custom Nike, Toms, Converse and Vans footwear for adults and children. Here are a few my favourite designs below… (hint hint to those who are feeling like santa)




If you love being unique and rocking your own style you should definitely check them out. No two pairs in the world are the same. Whether you live in the Australia or USA, if you’re wearing B Street Shoes, you’re a unique individual expressing your love for custom fashion. Also if you want to see the fun things they get up to on a daily basis hit them up on instagram.  Go out there and be amazing!!!!

What are your passions you are wanting to pursue??? Comment below would love to hear from you all!!!