2nd Birthday at the Elderly Home

IMG_7882smallThis year I decided to make her birthday party a more service oriented birthday because she only cares about having a cake and blowing out the candle at this age.  I got this idea from a post I saw on Facebook  about a kindergarten which went to a rest home (care center) once a month to visit the elderly and how it made them sooo happy. We also recently had a friend who had passed away who was at this care center so we decided to pay them a little visit. I also believe that having  the elderly in my children’s lives can teach them many things from compassion, service to love and so much more! I know I was abundantly blessed by living with my grandma for many years.

At first when I called them to ask them if we could do this, they sounded confused why on earth I would have a birthday there because they had never had this done before. Even those who I had invited was a little confused at why her birthday party was at a care center. We also asked guests to not bring a gift but a gently used toy that can be donated to a kids charity.

I tried to keep it as minimal as possible so all we had were a few balloons, snacks and the cake. I think all up I spent under $10 on this birthday so yay!!!I was the main entertainment, we just sang songs and recited nursery rhymes. For the elderly is was just a lot of fun to interact and watch the little kids run around and play. Many of them wishing they could have a little of their energy haha. (don’t we all) It was also sooo sweet to hear some of the elderly say that they never see their great grand babies so this was a real treat for them.

It was such a simple little birthday idea that I encourage any of you to do. I’m not one for big birthdays but if it can brighten someones day I will do it. In doing this I hope that my little one when she looks back on these pictures will also be able to find her own ways to serve those with high needs in our community.

Big thanks to our family and friends that came out to help us celebrate!!! We love you!!!!!IMG_7844small IMG_7850small  IMG_7864small

IMG_7863small IMG_7875small IMG_7880small IMG_7892small IMG_7897small IMG_7950small small2

4 Simple Family Valentines Traditions



Hey  just so you know in advance you won’t be seeing me posting any pictures of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a new pair of shoes, or an expensive dinner this year because we are going minimalist this year.  (I don’t know why but I seem to enjoy them more when they are on sale lol.   But if anything it just means we get more quality and meaningful time to spend on each other without any filters!!!!Anyways here are ways we are going to show love to each other in our home this year.

Image result for heart attack door

  1. Valentines Breakfast with the Little Ones. (Breakfasts are so much easier than dinner together its easy to prepare and we get yummy pancakes or waffles and some good old OJ) Or switch it around and have breakfast for dinner
  2. Thoughtful notes: throughout the month.. My husband loves receiving notes from me and photos of the little ones. So this is nice and easy for us. You can either send them by text, email, or a good old card or even a video there are lots of ways to express your love through words. On valentines we may just stick a few extra hearts on the door to make them feel extra special.
  3. Service: Look for somebody who needs extra love: Brainstorm a few people that you want to stop by and give them a HEART ATTACK on their front door. Even a simple note of thanks and gratitude works wonders. If you are feeling extra loving a visit to an elderly home or a homeless shelter will go a long way.
  4. Service Trade: If gifts are wanted gift certificates are always a fun gift to give, such as a massage for 30mins, a foot rub, or even, daddy daughter ice cream date. Valentines is more about quality time together not necessarily a gift of some sort.
  5. Home made cards: With a hand print and paint or crayons you are sorted!!! Give them to grandma and grandpa, to the mailman to your neighbors, its such a small thing that will help your children get in the habit of giving. 

What are your favorite SIMPLE valentine traditions??? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

4 Easy ways to Preserve your precious memories

***SPONSORED by Imortafiles***minimilstWe live in a digital age where we can instantly share a precious memory with just a click of a button. But losing all those precious memories are just as simple. I know there have been many times when I never ended up printing photos of events and eventually just lost all those photographs and memories as soon as the computer died on me. So today I wanted to share a few things to help us preserve those precious memories so they are not all lost forever.

1. Journal – Whether you do it in the form of a written journal, on a word document or through a blog like me. Journaling is an awesome way to record your experiences. Being able to read them and reflect on them and share them with others is always so fun and edifying.


2. Scrapbooking/Photo Albums – If you have an ounce of creativity which we all do this is also a great idea. I personally am not overly crazy about scrapbooks because you just end up with so many of them which then takes up so much space. But it is definitely a fun thing to do with the kids. Even if you end up doing a scrapbook of each child documenting their life from baby till they are 18 and give to them as a graduation or wedding gift.


3. Online Photo Sharing Sites – You can have access to all your photos from anywhere. You can also send them as quickly as ever. They are all organized and dated so you never will get jumbled. But do print out a few precious ones for the scrapbooks or photo albums.

4. Backup Backup Backup- Can’t stress this enough. It’s so easy to lose things and if you don’t have back up you are usually screwed. Don’t make this mistake I’ve done. Imortalfiles have created an easy system to solve this problem. Head over and visit their site!


Preserve your memories, what you forget you can never retell – Louisa May Alcott

DIY ModPodge Recipe

I have now made two crafts with this  DIY mod podge recipe. And I don’t think I will ever be needing to buy any particular modge podge for this type of project. I used this recipe but adjusted it after reading the reviews. I used this for my Lampshade project and my Bowl Project. If you are doing something different I would test it in a smaller ratio just in case it doesn’t turn out quite right. lampshadeThe magic modpodge recipe

2 Cups of Flour

1 Cup of Sugar

Between 1-3 cups of Water but keep adding until it’s perfect for your project (not too thick or too watery)

Add Tbsp of Oil


In a pot threw in the flour and sugar and turned the stove on to medium heat

I then added the water slowly  so it wouldn’t get super clumpy

I kept adding more and more water until I thought it was right thickness

Added the oil and mixed

All done!



Guest Blogging Opportunity!

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I love talking about achieving dreams and chasing after your dream whatever it may be. I also enjoy being a dreamer myself but more importantly acting on my dreams!!!  Often I’ve been called a fool for going after what seemed like impossible and crazy dreams but in the end have come out on top! That’s why I love saying dream chasers not just dreamers!!! In previous posts I have mentioned before that starting this blog was just a dream at one point but slowly and surely, it has become a reality thanks to you all out there reading and supporting me in this!! So thanks guys!!!!

Today wants to extend an opportunity out there for those who are interested in being a guest writer for their website. They are looking for women who want to write to help inspire other women achieve their dreams. If you feel you have some valuable information or experience to share, this may be an opportunity just for you. Or if you are wanting to get your name out there this could be a stepping stone for bigger things!!! is targeted toward women who want to become successful in whatever aspect of life they are in. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, writer, geek, or diva they have something for you. They also showcase books written by women for women. If you are looking for extra support on your journey of chasing your dreams, this may be a good place to have a look. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely journey at times but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many support groups out there!

So if this is something you may be interested go visit them right now!! Be a doer and don’t let opportunities just pass you by!!! Visit today!





Summer Family Actvities

Seeing everybody going on vacation to fun places this summer makes me want to go on a vacation too!!!! Hawaii, Mexico a Cruise anything!!! But I have to remind myself to look at my blessings and what we have done as a family and be grateful for those things instead of wishing for things we don’t have especially seeing we have a 4week long vacation in December. So while in this thought process I have compiled a list of small things we did this summer instead of going on a big vacation. So if you are like me and are stuck at home this summer here are some things you can do as a family to make the most of it!!!!


1. HIKES: We went on a family walk/hike up to this waterfall it was a small  easy walk but with a nice view at the end. This is fun just for an afternoon activity. I think once baby gets a bit older and she doesn’t need as many naps throughout the day we may do a half day hike and picnic at the top.


2. Lakes/Beaches: Conners parents have a condo up at bearlake so at least twice in the summer we go up with the family. It really is a site for my sore eyes. Living so close to the beach in New Zealand makes me miss it so much more since I’m away from it. But there are lots of things to do up here in the summer time.


3. Picnic/BBQ: We have had lots of fun packed lunch picnics at parks and bbqs with friends. What better time to enjoy eating outside than in the summer time. Plus baby loves being outside and she can make as much mess as she likes and I don’t have to worry about cleaning up!


4. Fireworks: I think we went at least 3 firework shows this summer. The shows were entertaining but I think Conner enjoyed them a lot more than baby did. I think as she gets older it will be way more fun for her. Also it was always past her nap time which was kind of annoying as it messed up her schedules.


5. Theme parks: This summer we were lucky we were able to go to Lagoon for free with Conner’s work, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures while we were there. We lost our keys and phone on one of the rides as well. This photo was taken at a little park that had a mini golf and other small games in the park we did on a friday afternoon with Conners work as well. I just tagged along for the food.


6. Outdoor Museums: So this is a pretty cool park that had indoor and outdoor museums dedicated to dinosaurs. They were everywhere literally felt like we were in Jurassic park. All sorts of fun trails but again baby was still young to know what was happening it was more for us to chat and hang out with some friends. Cost: Free on a Special Day

7. Fair Grounds: This was fun if you just want to go and walk around and see the petting zoo. We didn’t take baby with us because we were going to watch the demolition derby. But the fair has lots of fun shows to watch as well as carnival games to play. Only thing that stinks is you have to pay for every little activity you want to do inside and the over prices delicious food they have everywhere Cost: $6-$30

8. Swimming Pools/Splash Pads: What is summer without a visit to the swimming pools. Fun for both adults and the kiddies. We also had splash pads not to far away from us which is free. But if not just turn on the hose and play outside. Cost $5-$ p/person


9. Tubing: One saturday afternoon we drove up to lava hot springs in Idaho and the entire family went down a river in tubes. It was super packed but fun. I could only handle so much of the river. Not a good activity for our little munchkin, someone always had to stay behind with her. Cost: Free if you have your own tubes.

There are lots and lots of fun activities to do in the summer time other ideas could include

  • outdoor concerts
  • Drive In Movies
  • Garden displays
  • Demolition Derby
  • Watching a Rodeo
  • Campout
  • Play Summer Sports/Games

What are some fun summer activities you and your family do? I am so excited to start building different summer traditions for our family. This is a good reminder that we can have fun and not have to break the bank by doing so!! So by posting this up it is a good reminder that I need to be grateful and content with all that I have been blessed with, beautiful family and all basic necessities of life. What more do you need?

DIY: Easy No Sew Nursing Cover

DIY Nursing Cover

Turn your old maxi skirt into a fun Nursing Cover. Who could have thought this would be my life saver. As my little munchkin is approaching her 7month mark she is getting a lot more mobile, interested in the world around her which makes feeding time a little bit trickier. I needed something that would protect me from exposing myself to the world!

I have been following some fun mommy blogs and came across some mothers using these awesome infinity scarves which double as nursing covers!!! I love the 360 degree coverage!!! Check these out if you aren’t into the whole DIY thing!

But if you want to go further and actually make your own DIY nursing cover here are the steps.

1. Find Old maxi skirt that you don’t want anymore or even use one that you would prefer a nursing cover.

2. Cut the top band of it


3. You are done… Pull it over your head and give it a whirl. Use it as a Scarf use it as a car seat cover use it as a shopping cart cover!!!! Whatever you want use your imagination!!!



Muffin in a Mug in 1minute

Breakfast is not really my kind of thing. I usually skip it all together or just have peanut butter on toast. So today I decided I wanted to liven it up a little more and make it a more enjoyable experience. While on google I came across these breakfast recipes in a mug idea! BONUS they are tasty and super easy and quick to make. I think I want a muffin everyday now! haha I adjusted the recipe to my liking and end result was fantastic! image

Blueberry Muffin

4tbls Flour

1tbls Brown Sugar

1/8tsp Baking Powder

1/8 tsp Salt

1 Tbls Coconut Oil

2-/3 Tbls Milk



Sprinkle Coconut Flakes and  Brown Sugar


Enjoy!!!! Stay tune for more fun easy budget friendly recipes!!!

Eating Habits Her vs His

Growing up in New Zealand and seeing both worlds I can see there are benefits to both sides. The poly’s know how to throw a good party and the palangi’s know how to have portion control. Here’s a list of our different eating habits maybe we can learn from one another and figure out why we eat the way we do.

Hers His
She cooks for double or triple the amount in their household because you never know when aunts uncles third cousins are going to arrive. He cooks for exact people so you can’t just show up at the doorstep and expect to be fed. That’s why it’s called RSVP!
She makes sure you clean and lick your plate and ask for thirds you end up having no room for dessert but will make you eat dessert anyways. He eats until you are satisfied and save room for dessert so they don’t feel sick after!
She eat until they can’t move and the only next activity is sleep. He use food as just energy booster for other activities throughout the day.
At a buffet She stack their plates full just in  so they have more time to enjoy their food and don’t have to make several trips. He just put enough on the plate knowing they can always come back for more.
She drink after they eat so they have more space for food. He drinks before so they have less space for food.
She can eat meat for breakfast lunch dinner! He eats variety of meats, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo meals.
She are satisfied once there is no dessert left. He eats a slice of cake and call it good! It’s nice to save something for the next day.
She don’t have any allergies surprisingly enough. While He have allergies to everything under the sun nuts dairy gluten honey eggs soy wheat shellfish.


I know these are complete stereotypes, but I just wanted to make the clear distinctions to how and why many of us eat the way we do and think the way we do. Our people and culture is very giving and loving, and we use food to show that love. But we also need to be cautious in what we are teaching our children and the habits they will be forming. Our health is one of the most important gifts we can give to our families. Coming from a family with a history of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure I could say it’s inevitable, that I will get it. We can break the chain it’s the lifestyle we choose to live. It can be changed if you so choose and see it fit for you!

What are some other eating habits that are different comment and share below!


DIY: Glassware


So I may have a little obsession with glass objects & SPRAYPAINT!! Well you can’t blame me if there are tonnes of funky things you can do with them!! With being on a tight budget I can’t buy a lot of the super cute things I drool over in Target or other home decor places so that means I have to get a little creative…

You may wonder how I come up with projects. Well to tell you the truth I am a hoarder. I can’t and don’t throw things away because I always think I can turn it into something else. So if I am tempted to throw something away I first google “Repurposed ………(blank)…” If I don’t find anything that I like then I throw it away. Or if repurposed project is going to cost to much I just put it into storage until I can afford whatever I want to make.

These jars were gifts from our wedding… I think they were re-gifted to us because the box seemed worn out and old. We were planning on returning them to the store but didn’t find a store that sold them so we kept them and I made this little number. Not to bad for something we were going to take to the D.I.


These are old glass bottles that we found in our shed when we moved into our house. They were old medicine bottles. I thought they looked super cool so I kept them until I had some time to work some spray paint magic.

11647294_10153028669943590_23564806_n  11650926_10153028669898590_855582489_n

Some more vases that we found for free at a yard sale that people didn’t want. So we took them and transformed them to these little babies!

11652200_10153028670643590_688681845_n 11650774_10153028669958590_820980930_n

We were also given a box of mason jars from a friend with 30 or so jars. I have done lots of things with mason jars but here’s just one of the projects. This is for the bathroom obviously if you didn’t figure out what cotton balls and ear things are for. haha you will be seeing a few more projects with mason jars!

11652267_10153028669933590_191440962_n 11653482_10153028669978590_939181381_n

Stay tune for more fun home projects. I just have one rule of thumb when I do my projects it needs to be finished in a day. If it isn’t I won’t do it. Usually I am not motivated to finish projects unless I can do them in a day or else it takes me forever to do or I will half finish it. What are some of your home projects. Share comment below of more things you guys would like to see that takes less than a day haha

You are awesome! You really are!


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