10tips to Win the heart of a Poly Boy


Whether you are attracted to the sun kissed tan skin, tattoos or crazy fun personalities here are a few tips on attracting a good Polynesian Boy. (I also have quite a few friends looking for poly boys so I’ve written this out to help a sister out!!!) Here are a few tips and tricks…

  • Feed Him – every island boy likes to eat and knows how to eat, even if it don’t taste good they will still eat!
  • Feed yourself – island boys like a girl who knows how to eat who doesn’t just take a few bites and say I’m full… One he will get mad you wasted his money so then probably clean your plate off for you. So order more than just a salad.
  • Love his Mum – most important women in their life you get on her good side you are set!
  • Bring food to his family – food speaks to the heart of the whole family, they know you care if you bring the whole family food plus you are preparing yourself for the future family events that require your contributions!
  • Stand in the kitchen – at family events be in the kitchen pretend to help cook even if you don’t know what you are doing!
  • Sit with his sisters – sisters will make your life a misery or bliss get on their good side too they come second inline to their mum and will do anything for them so be prepared!
  • Know how to mock and take mocks – our whole world revolves around mocking, you just need to learn to toughen up and take it or be crushed by all the uncles and brothers
  • Dress like a Nun – no islander families want to see you rock up in your mini skirt to a family function dress appropriately so you don’t get all their evil eyes because you have stunning legs!
  • Go to church with him – Going to church shows you are a good girl all island boys like a good girl in the long run and deep down even if they do play up big time!
  • No Public Affection – Don’t be posting kissing photos on Facebook especially if you are friends with family, no one wants to see all that stuff, with our conservative island cultures you stay on the safe side and keep it between you two.  Gossip always spreads like wildfire!

You have probably noticed majority of these tips are surrounded by food… its true you can never go wrong with this one! Share, comment or like!!!!

Photocredit: I Leelo Photography

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