Intentional Living for Mothers

IMG_3121smallDo I consciously make an effort to teach my child something each day? Do I know what I am teaching my child today? Most people are not aware that whether they are trying to or not they are always teaching your children. So instead of teaching your children unconsciously and unknowingly you may want to help yourself by being conscious about the messages you are sending to your children.

Unknowingly my parents taught me that I can lie on certain occasion, when they told me to tell them that my parent’s weren’t home or to tell the movie clerk I was 5 instead of 8. Unknowingly my parents taught me to be creative with things around the house when the didn’t buy fancy toys and gadgets to keep me busy. How effective could my parents teachings have been if they were conscious about the actions they did. How much of a better influence could they have been if they knew what they were teaching me. This is why I feel that we all increase our consciousness in all that we do.

So how can you be intentional and conscious mothers? Here are some ways I have used to be an intentional mother you may even doing this without realising which is great! Keep in mind this is just a guideline you also need to feel what is right for your family and how to apply it into your circumstances.

  1. Understand your own personal core values and have a vision of what you want your children to become. (without trying to live your dreams through your children) Understanding your children’s unique talents and gifts and helping enhance those and develop those which they struggle with.
  2. Know what you want to teach your children. (Empathy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Sharing etc Prayer)
  3.  Throughout the day create situations which will provide your children an opportunity to use and develop that attribute. Create them intentionally so you are aware and prepared to help your children in those situations.
  4. Focus on a attribute or topic for at least a week. Giving a decent amount of time for you to be able to see the fruits of your labor. Repetition is the key to developing a new skill or attribute so be patient and Don’t expect results overnight.


Here is an example of what I do with my child to practice conscious parenting. Your methods will be different because your values and things you want to teach your child will be different from mine. Being aware of what you want your child to learn will help you implement different activities you want them to do each day. They will be a little tricky to get use to at first but the more you do it the more natural it becomes for both of you.

My daughter is 14 months. Core things I want her for her to learn:

  • Creativity – I let her watch a show every other day so she has little to no screen time. I give her time to explore outside on her own and find things to play with.
  • Positive Self Image – I have affirmations in her bedroom that I read with her every morning. I wrote them on her mirror so she loves looking at herself and doing actions with them.
  • Faith – I pray with my daughter before getting her out of her crib each morning and before she sleeps. We also pray before we eat and although she doesn’t know why we do this we do this to form a habit and as she gets older will start to understand why we do it.
  • Independance – I allow her to sit at the adults table and when she is done to put her dishes in the sink.
  • Manners – I emphasize please and thank you if ever she wants something.
  • Calming Techniques – We practice taking two deep breaths whenever she is throwing a tantrum. Just give her some time (ignore) her until she is ready to talk to us.
  • Alphabet Recognition – each time we pass the alphabet on the fridge we say and sing ABC.

What do you consciously teach your child? What are some things you teach your child? How do find the balance between always teaching and having a break? Share and comment below would love to hear your thoughts!

How to live Intentionally

What the heck is “Living Intentionally”?

This is an extremely broad area of conversation that can encompass many different lifestyles and situations. But for the sake of my blog and what I will be sharing, to me living intentionally essentially means living your beliefs  to direct your life that you want and dream of, and by living those beliefs you are not aimlessly just going with the flow. You essentially have more control of what comes in and out of your life. It really is living your truth!

Living Intentionally reminds me of the scripture:

2nd Nephi 2:26 And because that they are redeemed from the fall they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon…

In this life there are things to Act and Things to be Acted Upon.  We humans are not here in this life to just let things happen to us and to let life just pass us by. But we are here to be the movers and shakers in the world making things happen. We are not meant to be on the sideline watching the other players do their thing we need to be on the field playing the game doing our part to help whatever our cause and purpose may be!

Give Purpose and Meaning to  everything you do whether you are a stay at home mother or a CEO of a company. You can live each day intentionally and on purpose. Ultimately you have the choice to determine your life. You choose what happens and if it’s something happens  not in your control you can choose how to react to it. Here are some ideas you can be intentional with your Life.

  • Understand You – Find out what you are really about. Often we are so busy running around trying to please our spouse, children, parents, work boss, church we forget to take time to really define who we are and know and understand ourselves fully. Take time to understand what you stand for your beliefs so you are not swayed with whatever comes your way.
  • Evaluate your Environment – Are the people you hang out with supporting your beliefs? Does your work environment help you live your beliefs and ethics. What kind of culture is your environment moving towards are you being influenced by it? Is it pushing you further or closer to your purpose and beliefs and core values? Take the time to know what is happening before you just get swept along for the ride. This may mean at times you may be swimming against the current.
  • Define your Life – As little kids we all had some kind of dream of what kind of life we would be living. Before we got married we had  thoughts of how our marriage would be like. We had thoughts and ideas of ways we were going to raise our children. But when life happens those thoughts and dream seem to go out the window. Take some time to go back, reflect and evaluate those thoughts. Now define how you want your life to look like. Define your marriage, education, work, faith, health, your relationship with your children and parents. Taking the time to define how you want your life to be will enable you to see the actions you need to get to achieve those things. You will see the things are important to you and things that will disappear. Defining your life will give you the power to how your life will unfold. Don’t feel the pressure that it has to go perfectly or you have to know everything that’s going to happen, there will be bumps but we will always have something to fall back on to help us get back on track. Having some kind of document of how you want your life to look like will give you guidance so you don’t get sidetracked too easily by the things that don’t matter.

I believe that we all have our individual roles and purpose here, some roles are bigger than others but not the least bit less significant. Whatever our individuals roles and purposes be, let’s live them truthfully. Be courageous and intentionally with all that we do so we can feel deep fulfillment in the life that we live.  I promise you that as you take time to define your life you desire you will be able to live it intentionally each and every day. Truly when the time comes we can say as Paul:

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith 2 Timothy 4:7

Home with no TV?

What you don’t have a TV? What else do you do? It’s interesting to me that so many people can’t imagine a life without a TV. If you go into most living room areas where it supposedly meant to be “family time”, everything is organized so that the TV is the central focus of the living room. (family time is now tv time) Before you get on me I am not an extremist not allowing technology in my home and I am not judging you for having a TV in your home. I am also not against having a TV because we do have our own vices we have a laptop and a smartphone that can take just as much or more of our time, but just going without a TV means one less thing we have to worry about. I am merely writing this article so we can be conscious of how much our children are exposed to screens instead of interacting with real humans aka family, nature and discovering things on their own.

act for themselves and not to be acted upon –  2nd Nephi 2.26

Approximately 99% of households own at least 1 Tv. Average TV per household is 2.24 which then if you add laptops and computers and also cellphones even ipads etc…can you see how quickly consumed our children can be attached to screen time whatever form it may be.  In the same survey 54% of 4- 6 year old kids said they would rather watch TV then play with their fathers!!!

But aside from my kids benefit the real reason is I will get sucked into it. Yeah I already don’t have much self-control when it comes to my phone and laptop so what makes me think having a TV is going to make it any easier. So not having a TV is mainly because I need to practice using my time productively, finding things like reading, going outside, doing my blog. TV is just one less distraction I have in my house. But for those of you out there are pretty good at self control and can manage your children’s television time and can use your time productively big props to you guys out there! Keep it UP!

Pros of NOT having a TV:

  • She wakes up and wants to play with us (also a con on saturday morning)
  • I don’t have to fight her to do something else
  • She doesn’t whine to watch TV (just to play on my phone)
  • I can spend more time with her during the day
  • We spend more time outside
  • We do more hands on activities
  • We take time to see friends and attend playgroups
  • She keeps herself busy with toys and looks at books for entertainment
  • She is always investigating the house for new things to play with
  • She is able to focus on a task for longer periods of time

Cons of NOT having a TV:

  • Miss out on some educational shows they can learn from
  • I don’t have an easily accessible babysitter to keep her occupied
  • My house is generally more messy because she gets into more things
  • It’s harder to show her new things like different animals around the world
  • I get less chill time

With this said there if I do get desperate and need some sanity Signing Time on YouTube is my emergency plan Z. By all means we are not perfect and we need lots of improvement with using our phones and laptop during family time. Our daughter is pretty good at reminding us by coming and shutting the laptop so we can pay attention to her. haha So let’s all evaluate our situations what is distracting us from doing the things that are most important is it phones, computers or televisions, and manage our time a little better. How do you manage screen time and television in the house? Let me know some of your creative ideas!

My Bucket List


My momma always said I can do anything I put my mind to!


Graduate High School✓

Attend University✓

Graduate w/ Bachelors✓

Serve a Church Mission✓

Live in a Different Country✓

Masters Graduate

PHD Graduate

Certified Life Coach

Do a Ted Talk

Publish a Book

Create E-Course

Certified Yoga Instructor

Start a Business

Lecture at a University


Get Married✓

Have Kids✓

Start a Blog✓

Start a YouTube Channel✓

Buy a House✓

Read New Testament

Read Book of Mormon✓


Half Marathon

Join a Humanitarian Project

Start my own Humanitarian Project

Learn a new Language✓

Take a Homeless out for Dinner

Take Speed Reading course

Do Splits 5 ways

Have 5 Streams of Income

Enjoy a week without Technology

Watch A Broadway Musical


Live in a 3rd World Country


Statue of Liberty New York✓


Sydney Opera House✓

Coromandel New Zealand✓

Queenstown New Zealand

Backpack Europe

Colosseum in Rome

Taj mahal India

Cruise Carribean


African Safari

Great wall of China

Pyramids in Egypt

Machu picchu in Peru

Israel the Holy Land

Amazon Rainforest

Road Trip for 6months


Sky Dive

Snowboarding and Skiing✓

Bungy Jump




Ride Elephant

Ride Camel in Desert

Swim with Dolphins

Go on a Zipline✓

Ride a Gondola✓

Ride in a Helicopter

Go White Water Rafting

This is obviously not the final list as sometimes I change my mind about things! But there are also stuff that I am always adding to my Bucket List!!!  Now get started on yours!!!

Aroha’s First Year Milestones

Aroha 1st year has been an eventful year, from reaching most baby milestones. I don’t like to post much on social media but I think this will be lovely to look back on when baby is 21 years old. (if the internet is still around) On her birthday I wrote this letter or her, a little piece of wisdom from her momma!.

I was induced on the night on the 6th of January and my water broke at around lunchtime on the 7th of January. Aroha was officially born at 10.21pm weighing in at 6.11 lbs?? This photo was taken a few hours Aroha was born with still a fair bit of swelling (from both of us) lol. She was born with a bilateral cleft lip, that occurs in 1 out of every 700 babies. This was a complete shock to both of us. We also had some difficulty trying to decide on a name for her so as we walked out of the hospital we decided on Aroha Marlee Mou’i he Tui White. (I know it’s a mouthful, blame the tongan in me.)

This is aroha a few weeks old. Still sleeping a lot and starting to get the hang of being in the real world. IMG_0376e

Aroha at 1 months (Feb) was blessed by dad. It was a beautiful blessing as all my family were able to be there. We also were finally moved into our new home, and were able to get all the painting and recarpeting done. She hated doing tummy time but it had to be done. First time she followed me with her eyes.IMG_20150208_144138


At 2 months: (March) She hated going on drives in the car and would scream all the way to and from any place. One time she cried for 45mins straight driving from salt lake to ogden. Aroha loved it when mummy would sing to her and play music on the keyboard for her. And she loved swinging on grandmas swing, that would be the only way to get her to sleep. She also got a fun visit from aunty ofa!


At 3months old: (April) Aroha had her cleft-lip surgery, which I shared previously on another blog post. The surgery took about 2hours and she had to get tubes in her nose for a month. She loves looking at herself in the mirror.

2015-04-16 18.15.42

At 4 months: (May) Aroha looked a lot different. We had to get use to her new smile as it was a lot different. She also didn’t like the tubes in her nose as it made it super difficult to breath. Aroha moved into her own room and we also began her sleep training at this age which wasn’t a fun process, but really made our life easier especially which my husband working and studying full-time.

2015-04-29 13.27.33

At 5 months: (June) Aroha went to her first temple open house. We went to the open house in Payson and we got to go in and look around in this beautiful building dedicated to the Lord. Aroha also got her first shots which was a lot harder for mummy. She took them like a champ!

2015-05-26 17.03.59

At 6 months: (July) I started her straight on finger foods through baby led weaning. With no teeth she managed to eat mangos, avocados, peaches, and even started eating toast. We went on her first camping trip, which she loved, and later went on some family trips to Bear Lake. Through the summer we did lots of fun family outings.


At 7 months: (August) Aroha decided she was going to start doing planks and slowly figured out how to crawl. It took her a little while to figure out how to crawl, but she did it and nobody could stop her! We also had lots of fun in the sun and went to summer parades.

At 8 months: (September) Aroha got to go to my very first football game in a All Blacks outfit. And we also went on lots of family hikes and picnics, because the weather was perfect. Aroha just loves being outside like every other kid.


At 9 months: (October) We had a family picnic outside the temple and listened to a conference session. We started a halloween traditions to pick pumpkins as a family. Aroha dressed up as a little strawberry for halloween and stayed and helped give out candy at Grandma’s house.  Aroha also learnt how to walk even though we did nothing to help her.


At 10months (November) We had our very first thanksgiving as a family in Vegas. Aroha survived a 7 hour car drive there.


At 11 months (December) We went to New Zealand and had a blast with 2 weddings and 3 birthday parties. Aroha got to develop her savage Tongan side. She also grew fond of dogs and birds. She picked up more signing while in New Zealand than all the other months. Aroha also got to be in several places, Las Vegas, Arizona, Hawaii, San Francisco, Auckland, Utah all in one month.


At 12 months (January) Aroha is finally a year old with  intuitive little personality that we all adore!! She signs over 10 words which is way more than we knew how. Aroha loves climbing up and down stairs. Her favourite tv show is “Baby Signing Time” (and only show she watches) She has no teeth yet. She eats everything you put on her plate. She has been sleeping right through the night since forever ago. We had such a fun birthday party when we were in New Zealand. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

A letter to my First Daughter


(I read this letter to her on her birthday, in hopes that she may stumble across this one day. Here is a summary of her first year milestones and photos.)

Today Aroha you turn a year old and while you wobble and discover the wonders around you with your new sense of mobility I read to you this little letter. To the eye you may seem distracted and uninterested, as I read this, but I hope your heart will capture a glimpse of the joy, love and yearning that my spirit has for your sweet soul.

You are only but a year old still untainted by the world’s filth and deception. Although physically you have experimented with many natural elements that this world offers from mud, rocks  to sand and soil. Aroha, this earth is filled with lots of opportunity to grow and experience many wonderful things, such as the time you took your first step and tasted your first sweet mango. But as you have already experienced life can also bring heartache and sorrow like the time when you fell down stairs, grazed your knee or when mummy had to sleep train you.

My sweet girl you have grown too much and too fast in this year we have been together. But I marvel and wonder with each milestone you reach, how Heavenly Father has enlarged my heart. How did he make my heart big enough to love and care for another human. Sometimes I marvel at myself that I have managed to keep you alive for this long!


This one year that we have been together feels like I have known you for eternity. Although holding you when you were born I didn’t experience what most mothers did; instead I felt anxious and nervous holding a little stranger in my arms that depended completely on me….. It’s truly amazing what constant care for another human does to oneself. Not having a good nights sleep for the first few months, constantly changing your diaper explosions, making you food and caring for you every minute of the day has made my love grow more and more each day. I really do love you more today than I did the day when you were born.  When once we were strangers but now we couldn’t do without.

Dear Aroha I want you to know that we can only take it a step at a time. I’m learning how to be a mom and you are learning how to be my daughter. So there will be a mix of tears and laughter and we figure this thing out. Sweetie there are many memories that I will forever treasure, the time when you first followed me with your eyes, I realized that you also cared for me to; Or the time when your surgery was over and all I wanted was to hold you and hug you but all you wanted was my milk. 


This first year I want to give you a piece of advice from your (still very inexperienced) mother, that you may one day want to come back to for a few laughs. In this first year of being with you I have learnt is to serve. Service to others no matter who they are will make you love them. You can’t serve somebody and not find an ounce of love for them. If ever you find somebody difficult to love serve them, serve them without a thought of reward, and your hard feelings will start to simmer away. Aroha I love you so much and although I know you will break my heart and drive me crazy in the years to come but I will still love you because I will continually be serving you as a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on and whatever you need me to be.

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. – Mosiah 2.17

Lots of love your mum xo

But wait there’s more…  I am super excited to collaborate with these awesome mommas!!! They both have girls as well and share their insights at the different stages they are both at!! I love that we can connect and share insights from each others experiences and learn to grow and be better mothers and wives. So go check them both out!!!

Janet Anderson who is the lovely writer for MotivateMeMOMMY. She has 2 wonderful daughters and has written this posts on “Raising our Daughters

Kayne Pilling with her witty blog at pillingworth. She is currently pregnant and has written her experience in a post called “Carrying our Daughter


Hope you enjoyed this little letter from my heart. Did you enjoy this let me know! If you had daughters what piece of advice would you want them to know?

We would love to hear from you! Be amazing!!!


5 ways to naturally diminish Stretch Marks

***Sponsored by White Lotus***

It’s a fact of life that most women going through pregnancy gets the dreaded stretch marks during pregnancy. I seriously freaked out when I saw my first stretch mark when I was pregnant. But then I got over it and knew it was inevitable, my mum had them so I knew my fate was already determined. But for sure they are unpleasant to the eyes but now I am use to them and wear them with pride. They are my reminders of the sacrifice I am making and have made.

But no doubt there are still many of you who would prefer it gone or rather hidden and discrete.  There are many products out there obviously some better than others. There is no one magic remedy everybody has their own preference and we all have different types of skin so experiment and see what works best for you.

  1. Sugar– not good in the body but out of the body it’s perfect to exfoliate. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells leaving it refreshed and clean.
  2. Coconut Oil/ Cream or lotion– I used this during my pregnancy but I still got stretch marks but some people swear by it. I know I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been maybe that’s why, but may have reduced the amount I would have gotten if I didn’t use them. So who knows? You can’t really measure the benefit because it’s different from one person to the next. But there is no harm in giving it a go right…
  3. Essential Oils– Lavender, Frankincense and either coconut, olive or sesame oil to mix with the strong essential oils. Frankincense is extremely good for the skin.. It is also a natural toner, decreasing the appearance of pores and evening skin-tone. It also helps protect existing cells and encourage new cell growth. For this reason, it helps reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of scars.
  4. Egg Whites, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera Plant, Potato Juice –  I mean if you get desperate you will give anything a go right… all of these have some awesome vitamins and minerals that help the skin so you can’t go wrong with any of these.
  5. Micro Skin Needling– Also known as derma rolling. This sounds pretty scary but it’s not really it’s an ancient practice that is based on the same principles as acupuncture. I personally haven’t tried this myself but it looks rather interesting. It pretty much pierces the skin so healthier newer cells can replace them. To learn more of these products take a look at the White Lotus website. They also have many products to help with anti-aging treatments based all based on alternative medicine.

What are some thing you have tried to get rid of your stretch marks? Share your tips and tricks we would love to hear. :)

pregnant belly

Dear Baby Spammers…

***Sponsored by Earthknits***

We have all said “I’m not going to be one of those mothers that posts a picture of their child on social media every hour of the day, their first giggle, their first smile, first word their first poop, 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th month anniversary till they are a year old” But then we end up doing it anyways defying all our pre-natal determination. And our lonesome maternity leave has driven us to social media for sanity. To be fair we only have 100 different pictures  on our phone and we are only posting 3 so we are completely justified right… 

Today I just wanted to say that from now on I won’t care and get annoyed at you for spamming my news-feed with your newborn baby!  You can baby spam all you like and I won’t judge you for it why you may ask…

1. Being a new mother can be a lonely journey especially if you are confined to the four walls of your apartment building. Going to social media and getting some interaction with other mothers, family and friends can help you keep your sanity! We have all heard of postpartum depression… well social media can ease your transition to a certain degree


2. What else is there really going on in our lives when we are stuck at home with a new born. Of course that’s the only thing we have to share and post about because that’s the only thing we are doing. How many of us are going on trips, going out to dinner, shopping at the mall or doing anything else other than counting bowel movements and dreading our next nursing session. Would you rather see selfies of me still in my pajamas at 3 pm or my fresh little newborns first yawn?

3. When your husband is at work and you see your baby’s first smile of course you want to enjoy it with somebody… anybody… So the easiest way is a quick photo on Instagram and Facebook and we are all basking in that goodness together.  Is that too much to ask for…

Our children are our world. Everything revolves around them until you get to grips with being a mother. If we don’t put them in the spot light who else will. We are our babies number one supporters and biggest fans! Yes there ways to support them other than just social media, but if that be your medium then go for gold! And yes there are some things that I would prefer not to see such as vomit and anything that bypasses through the rear end, but there is a hide button I can easily click if you really have to share it. So lets all just be happy for each other and be supportive especially at the time when our hormones haven’t got it together.

p.s Oh and to the proud aunts out there who adore your nieces and nephews I guess we can include you in this too! Also If you are looking for an awesome newborn gift take a look at Earthknits selection of luxury organic knit towels and blankets. Made from organic bamboo and cotton materials they are perfect for the most sensitive skin. Made with high quality, this is a perfect thoughtful gift for the perfect baby! They also donate 10% of its annual profits to children’s charities…awesome right… You can also check them out on facebook!


Happy Baby Spamming!


Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib Review and GIVEAWAY!

***Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!!****

unnamed (1)

Today I am excited to be doing a review on Funky Giraffe baby bibs. These are the cutest most darling bibs on the market. I am not a crazy fan of baby prints but I love the more classic prints. Hence why I choose more the polka dot and stripe prints. They are also useful because they are gender neutral for kids down the road. The mustache print was for just incase we had a boy next.. jokes. Anyways the photo above are the bibs that I ordered. I ordered all of them in the small size and only one in the extra-large.

I have been doing baby led weaning with Miss A, which if you know is  messy eating bonanza. And if you have seen me feeding her you know I rarely if ever use a bib just because I don’t have very many and I am kind of lazy so when you have a screaming baby wanting food I just give her the food not really thinking about her clothes until after the fact of the matter. Which results in a nasty laundry pile waiting for me!!! Yikes… So you can imagine how super excited and relieved I was when  I was able to get my hands on these bibs!!!!! I could just leave them on and not worry about finding it when it came time for eating.

When placing my order, I found their website is super easy to navigate and straightforward to use. I got an email saying they received my order and another email saying my order was despatched which was perfect for me because I like to track my packages, so I know when to expect them. It arrived on time and the order was correct all the bibs were in perfect condition. No fuss or hassle!

The bibs are made of cotton on the front and polyester on the back. I love cotton seeing it’s so breathable. She isn’t drooling a tonne so I am not 100% sure on absorbency. But I am now prepared for when she starts teething we will have some bibs ready for her :) With the food she did eat nothing went through to her clothes and she used the bib the entire day. With the floral print when she got some food stains on it which was fine because it blended well with the floral haha I also love that there are adjustable clips on the back but I am guttered that I didn’t order them in the bigger size because I now have to clip them on the second clip.  So rookie mistake for me for not checking the sizing before I ordered, I just ordered what looked cute.

The only downside to this bib is that because she is self feeding she always ends up with food on her lap. But I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds all the time right… And personally I would probably buy some more practicable bibs for using around the home and will be saving these cute bibs when we are going out and about. But who says you can’t use them anywhere right…


  • Style: 10/10
  • Quality:10/10
  • Functionality: 7/10

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! To win a set of 10 bibs….head over to Funky Giraffe website and tell us which are your favourite bibs. In the comments below type which one is your favourite bib for one entry. You can win for yourself or give it as a gift! (For websites in the US or UK.)

1 Entry per person on the website but follow me on Instagram for multiple entries.

Entries Close in 48 hours!!!




Cleaning Naturally for the lazy House Wife

Every time I use to picture stay at home mothers I would picture this kind of woman in my mind… takaritok1

But now that I have become a stay home mum this is how I feel like I am…


I know I should be better at cleaning,  cooking, doing the laundry and making sure my house is in tip top condition. But playing, feeding and spending time with my baby and also making sure she doesn’t get a diaper rash or fall down our stairs oh and writing my blog and facebook take priority. (opps)  I know i’m not your perfect housewife and you can count that you will never have the laundry done and ironed and organized for you! But I know one thing is I can’t leave my house a complete dump so I have to do something. In terms of cleaning products I have resulted in trying to go the natural route but it has to be easy. I don’t like having or using harsh chemicals because Miss A is getting into everything and it’s just nicer cleaning and not feeling like you are suffocating yourself right…

So the other day I knew it had been a while since I changed her diaper. I was too lazy to do it at her changing table so I just took it off in the living room and just let her run around for a little bit. Thinking it was cute for her to crawl around without her diaper I let her run free free… free my child!! Then you guessed it while she was running free she let loose and peed on our carpet!!! Who knew a minute of letting her be free would do that? So while trying to put a new diaper on her and also googling some natural way to clean our 7 month old carpet I came across this awesome remedy. 


Such an easy all natural way to clean. All i did was mixed water and vinegar together and dropped in some lemon oil and once I tried to get out as much of her pee out of the carpet I sprayed the vinegar solution on top and rubbed it in. And done…. like magic!!! If you want to know more natural ingredients to keep in the house check this article out. But definitely a vital for me in my house! Basic ingredients to keep on hand are baking soda, and vinegar and if you have lemon oil that’s a bonus!!!


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