My Dream Perfect Day

As mothers and wives we wish we had those perfect days where everything would go smoothly. Kids wouldn’t fight us to get to bed, they will eat all their food we put in front of them, and maybe just maybe husbands would come home and immediately help with the children. I know it sounds like a blissful dream, but I am determined to make it into some kind of reality….(reality as in 80-95% goes to plan)  I know it would be a miracle if I was to ever experience a perfect day but just for the sake of day dreaming and keeping my hopes alive right…. arohaandi

Some of you working mothers are already saying you already have a blissful life you are at home with your baby what more can you want… I guess I would prefer to have a little more structure in my day instead of just doing things randomly…

6.00am Wake Up and Meditate Read Scriptures

7.00am Workout

8.00am Breakfast for baby and I

8.30am Baby Playtime on her own. I pick up things around the house and get ready for the day

10.00am Morning Naptime for baby and I Work on my “Work”

11.30am Wake Up from nap and have lunch for both of us

12.30pm Do an activity/park, playdate, play games play alone Preferably I join in on this activity

2.30pm Afternoon Nap for both or I get back to “Work”

4.30pm Baby Wakes up and we start picking up the mess and get dinner ready

5.30pm Daddy and dinner time

6.30pm Playtime

7.30pm Get ready for bed or bathtime

8.30pm Baby is in bed Mum goes back and does a bit of “Work”

9.30pm Mummy and Daddytime

10.30pm Light OUT!!!!

So this is what my perfect day would look like.. I know there isn’t anything crazy exciting or different about this day. But if I could make dinner and have the house clean before my husband got home would be a miracle!!  So I hope he doesn’t get his hopes up to much that this will happen.  Usually my day consists of accomplishing a few of these things of my list to do generally not all of them as it would be a miracle if she slept perfectly at these times too!!!


So if you got to have a perfect day what would it look like? or for you who don’t have kids what would your perfect day consist of??? Comment and share your thoughts below! :)






Signing the Tongan Alphabet

Miss A and I are attempting to learn sign language together. I haven’t been around much of the deaf community but I do admire those who work with them and take the time to learn to communicate with them. I decided I wanted to teach my baby sign language as a means of communication with the family before she can actually talk. At the moment she doesn’t seem to be picking up anything other than the “milk” sign but I think it’s probably our teaching methods that are not too consistent. I decided to do this video of the Tongan Alphabet in the American Sign Language seeing we are here but I would love for somebody to upload videos in other sign languages because I know it’s different in various countries. This is just a fun way I feel for my baby to get familiar with learning Tongan.

Please write some feedback am I obviously not trained in this language and could be doing it all wrong. So feel free to let me know. :)

This is the tongan alphabet


p.s Miss A just had lunch hence her burping in the middle of the song lol oh and my “a” sign is wrong thumbs in the wrong place …opps

Top 5 Essential Oils for Baby

Essential oils are something that I have been using lately to help my baby instead of always running to the doctor for little things like a cold or even bigger things like an ear infection. Many modern medicine have lots of chemicals and other things that aren’t too good for our body especially for young babies hence lots of the warning small print. So using natural oils is just one way I have decided to incorporate into our family that will help us live a safer, healthier and more natural lifestyle.

So saving my favourite for last here are my personal Top 5 Essential Oils for babies

5 Melaleuca/Teatree Oil – This is an all round oil an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil. You can use it for cuts, scraps, burns, bug bites, or even if you want to keep the bugs of you and baby. This has a distinct scent that I don’t mind.

4 Lemon – Is an anti bacterial oil as well. With everything that baby touches having lemon is nice on hand to clean everything and disinfect everything so that it is safe for baby to touch and play with. Even just adding it to your water help detox your body which is better for nursing babies!

3 Peppermint – Peppermint oil is a digestive aid and can be used to help with colic and tummy problems. It’s known to help cool fevers and act as a decongestant with colds. (Make sure to dilute this oil with coconut oil because its pretty strong on babies skin)

2 Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus oil is famous for it’s use as a decongestant for respiratory disorders. When baby had a cough Eucalyptus was magic for me all I did was rub on her feet and her coughing fits would dramatically decrease. I had to rub every 1-2hours. It also works to cool fevers and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

1 Lavender – This is by far one of my favorite, I can use it for pretty much anything. This is oil is used for rubbing on babies feet for when she is being extremely fussy to calm her down.  I use it for when she is teething just rubbing it around outside her mouth. When baby has an ear infection its great to be rubbed on the outside of the ear to sooth the discomfort that comes with an ear infection. I have also been using this oil to massage my babies lip from her cleft lip surgery. I also used this oil for baby when she put her hand on our old fashioned oven that is blazing hot on the outside and she burnt her little hand.

There are several brands out in the market but this is the one we use.  They are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that can be taken inside the body used Topically or Aromatically.

Have any of you tried essential oils what are your favorites. I love hearing stories of how oils helped individual and their families. So please share below some stories or experiences you may have had with essential oils!!!

5-7month Baby Schedule

I have to admit I love baby schedules. I know babies are not any kind of machine so we shouldn’t expect them to do this all day everyday like clock work. But having a schedule has worked well for me and helped my husband and I keep our sanity!!! After babies surgery we decided it was time to sleep train her. I know many of you have your own personal views of sleep training but lets not judge as we don’t understand everybody’s circumstances and family situations. I will save the whole sleep training video for another post. But here is the outline of baby’s schedule right now at her nearly 8month mark. Keeping in mind she does not have any teeth yet and have not been showing signs of teething yet so this may vary if you have a teething baby.


6.30-7.30 – She wakes up

7.30am – Nursing

8.00am – Plays

8.30am – Breakfast

9.00am – Plays

10.00 – Morning Naptime

11.30-12pm – Wakes up

12.30 – Lunch Time

1.00 – Play time with mummy

1.30 – Nursing or Bottle

2.00 – Ready for Afternoon Nap

3.30- 4pm – Wakes Up

4pm – Plays

5pm – Dinner Time

6pm – Go for a walk

7pm – Bathtime/Playtime

8pm – Nursing, Storytime, Quiet Time

8.30pm – Bedtime


She pretty much sticks to this schedule very well. Unless we take her out and mess up her sleeping patterns. She is also eating at every meal and is able to feed herself.  Because my husband has a fair bit of homework at night time putting her to bed at 8.30 allows him sufficient time to study. We will be eventually bringing her schedule a little earlier in time so she can go to bed at around 7.30pm.

How do you guys schedule your children? Do you even prefer a schedule? Let me know in the comments below and give me some tips for the upcoming months or when she starts teething.

Thanks for reading :)


DIY: Easy No Sew Nursing Cover

DIY Nursing Cover

Turn your old maxi skirt into a fun Nursing Cover. Who could have thought this would be my life saver. As my little munchkin is approaching her 7month mark she is getting a lot more mobile, interested in the world around her which makes feeding time a little bit trickier. I needed something that would protect me from exposing myself to the world!

I have been following some fun mommy blogs and came across some mothers using these awesome infinity scarves which double as nursing covers!!! I love the 360 degree coverage!!! Check these out if you aren’t into the whole DIY thing!

But if you want to go further and actually make your own DIY nursing cover here are the steps.

1. Find Old maxi skirt that you don’t want anymore or even use one that you would prefer a nursing cover.

2. Cut the top band of it


3. You are done… Pull it over your head and give it a whirl. Use it as a Scarf use it as a car seat cover use it as a shopping cart cover!!!! Whatever you want use your imagination!!!



Baby Led Weaning (BLW) Journey

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a baby nutritionist, this is just what has worked for us and our baby. Seek professional advice first. 11755806_10153099891193590_419126103708343334_n

With our little baby experiment we were introduced to the idea of BLW by a friend who was introduced to it by her pediatrician. I am so grateful we did it we love it and I don’t ever want to go back. We used a combination of baby led weaning and traditional method.

What is Baby Led Weaning? BLW is an alternative method for introducing complementary foods to infants in which the infant feeds themselves hand-held foods instead of being spoon-fed by an adult” (source)

We started when Aroha was 5 and a half months. Aroha was already grabbing things and putting them into her mouth and she could pretty much sit on her own in her chair. Generally they say to wait till kids are about 6 months. But start when you feel is right for your child. We first started by just getting her to lick and suck on fruits we were eating such as watermelon. We didn’t let her eat them fully yet. 10996275_10153099739143590_8160795191866976996_n

First foods we introduced to her: Bananas, Avocados, Mangos, Strawberries, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Steamed Cucumbers and Bell Peppers. Next time round I would avoid the melons seeing even with her gums she could bite off chunks that would be hard for her to chew and make her gag which scared me a lot! I should have also incorporated more veggies in the first week.

Now Aroha is nearly 6 and a half months and she eats everything that we eat. She has had chicken and salmon. We also give her chickpeas and eggs. She loves all types of fruit. I love that she can pick up her own foods on her own even small cheerios. If we just put it on her plate she will eat it. I guess we have been pretty lucky as we haven’t come across any allergies. Because we used a mix of the traditional and BLW method we also feed her oatmeal and applesauce for breakfast which is way too messy for her to grab on her own.

2015-06-26 14.22.50WHY I LOVE BLW?

  • She eats at her own pace
  • She gets a full on sensory experience so she explores with a variety of different textures
  • She learns hand eye coordination
  • She eats with me and what I eat
  • I don’t have to buy baby food
  • I don’t have to pureed foods regularly
  • Helps me eat healthier as well


  • MESSY!!!!
  • Choking and Gagging if you don’t make sure their foods are soft enough.
  • Some foods were too slippery and difficult to handle

I like using the mixed method because sometimes if we are out and about feeding her myself is a lot more practical. But starting with BLW helped her master the chewing motion first which meant going back and forth with normal foods and softer foods was not a problem. For me its the best of both worlds!!!

What works for me may not work for you so do experiment and see what is suited best for your family needs. All the best xx


Dear Daddy


Dad please remember these 10 things as we go through the first 18years of my life together..

1.You are my first love.

2. You are my first kiss and the first man I say “I LOVE YOU” to.

3.You are the one to show me what true and real love is.

4.You show me how a lady should be treated when you are with mum.

5. You teach me about selfless service when we watch endless princess movies with me when you would rather be watching a football game.

6.You teach me what security felt like every time you held me in your arms and give me those big hugs after work.

7.  You teach me true beauty is when you say I need no makeup and tell me to show less skin

8.You will teach me about hard work and diligence each day you kiss me goodbye to leave for work.

9. You teach  me what humility looks like when you mum starts unnecessary arguments

10. You are and will always be my HERO!

Fathers have such an important role in the family and is equally important to that of the mother. Never underestimate the ability of having a father in the home.

“By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. The family proclamation


Spanking Ends with ME!


(WARNING: long post)

Shoe, Belt, Wooden  Spoon, Broom, Electric Cord all of this has something in common, for me it was one of the few ways discipline was role modeled in my life.

Its one thirty in the am and I have had this pressing thought which is preventing me from sleeping right now. Especially with mothers day coming up I have been reflecting on what kind of mother I want to become and therefore I have decided to write about this topic. Warning this may be a extremely sensitive or controversial topic to some of you out there. I am by no means an expert or the perfect example but wish to share my personal experience as a New Zealand born Tongan on this topic of Spanking.

Some may say well those methods worked for my parents, it worked for me and it will work for my kids. This form fo discipline was used on me until I got to a ripe age of 21 then my parents decided I was old enough to make my own choices. But I CHOOSE to declare and end it with me. I also believe it DID NOT work for me. You may say but Tracy it did work for you, you finished school, got a degree from university, you didn’t add to the statistic of teen pregnancy, polynesian dropouts, and you have never tasted a drop of alcohol!


My parents both role modeled the best and the worst form of discipline. The best discipline was during the times that they didn’t even realize they were teaching me… it was the times when we were calm,  sharing thoughts, stories, laughing together we would share our hopes, desires and wishes for the future. They would tell us stories of how hard it was back in their childhood, the little that they had. They would express how they wanted us to be happy, to be successful and be better than they were. We would  also see first hand their sacrifices working long nights, several shifts at different jobs to make ends meet.  Those were the times when they were really teaching us about love, about hard work, sacrifice, respect, perseverance, and dedication. Their daily mundane examples in their everyday life taught me that I wanted to make them happy, it motivated me to be obedient to them, it motivated me to stay out of trouble so I can accomplish that which they spoke of, and inspired me to try my best. Those lessons could NEVER be learnt during the times I was getting a “hiding” or “spanking” all this caused was resentment, bitterness, anger and frustration.

However I don’t blame my parents fully about the way they disciplined me, at that time they didn’t know any other form of discipline other than that which was remodeled to them.  Growing up in NZ I saw many kids who never got a spanking in their life and still ended up being successful in school and in careers. Envious of these kids and their lifestyle I thought to myself how is that possible? Is there really another way… and if there is I want that!  So for me I had to retrain my way of thinking and practice a new form of discipline I had never seen remodeled. I have had to start at the beginning and learn it on my own. It’s not easy because my old ways are so ingrained that I tend to fall back on them by default so I have to always catch myself.

Please hear me out… Give me a chance to explain my logic that goes against the grain of the traditional views of my culture… No im not fie palangi… I’m just trying to find a way I know would please my Heavenly Father. I know that I  could never see him hitting an innocent child as a teaching method. I also know that he loved the little children so much, and we are raising them so they know of His love and turn to him. Therefore I have compiled a few ideas that I have been learning and pondering about as a new parent.

Firstly know that everything is a cycle! What your child sees you do will just come around! E.G I always saw my mum make my grandma a full on dinner for her breakfast every mother’s day, she would wake up at 5am to cook everything and she would sew her a dress so she could wear to church that sunday. So when I grew up that’s exactly what I wanted to do the same for my mum. We would make her a full on breakfast in bed and I would buy her a new outfit for church. So if your kids see that you hit them to get your point across, they will do likewise. They will do the same to others around them whether it’s their younger siblings or peers at school.

Secondly, understanding your relationship with your child. I do believe in respecting your elders but not only elders we respect everyone. Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully irrespective of color age gender or race! To receive respect you give respect. My parents believed in the idea that because I am older than you I am the boss of you and you listen to everything I say. I am right all the time and what you have to say is inferior to my view. But that needs to stop! If you give your child respect you will receive respect. I remember one day I didn’t want to do Karate no more because my aunt had told me its not good because its based on the dragon and the dragon is the devil and so that was bad. I was about 9years old and I plucked up the courage to confront my parents not to take me to karate. They didn’t listen to me but because I was persistent I convinced my brother and sister that we all needed to go to our parents to tell them we all wanted to quit. Reluctantly my parents agreed as they saw how persistent we were on this choice and were bitter towards my aunt about her theory. But I am so grateful that they respected the wishes of a 9year old and listened to my concerns and accepted my decision although they had already paid for 10weeks of lessons.  Respect can not be forced it needs to earned. This principle applies to whether you are 1 or 101 years old. Treat your child as a equal, make them feel important and what they say matters because they will give that back to you.

Thirdly, Two Way Communication. This links in with the previous point. Because they are a child it doesn’t mean that you talk and they listen. It’s not your way or the highway.  Communicate that there are boundaries, there are consequences to their actions, also communicate of your love. Keep the communication lines open, help your child know they can come to you and you are never to busy when they need to talk. If you are there for them in the small things they will be able to trust you with the bigger things.

Lastly, We need to see the bigger picture.  These children are on loan to us from our Heavenly Father.  They are His children and our job is to nurture and love them as He would, so they can return back to Him. If we know our role and follow the Holy Spirit we will be guided to know their individual needs. The Spirit is the real teacher and the best teacher.  The Spirit will help us if we are open to it, therefore keep your home a place which will allow the Spirit to be present, without anger, yelling, or force.  So if ever you’re in doubt, think to yourself, “What would Jesus do?”

3.30am :) Feeling liberated… Changing for the better

Have you or somebody you know overcome this cycle? And how did they do it? Share comment below!

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