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I love talking about achieving dreams and chasing after your dream whatever it may be. I also enjoy being a dreamer myself but more importantly acting on my dreams!!!  Often I’ve been called a fool for going after what seemed like impossible and crazy dreams but in the end have come out on top! That’s why I love saying dream chasers not just dreamers!!! In previous posts I have mentioned before that starting this blog was just a dream at one point but slowly and surely, it has become a reality thanks to you all out there reading and supporting me in this!! So thanks guys!!!!

Today wants to extend an opportunity out there for those who are interested in being a guest writer for their website. They are looking for women who want to write to help inspire other women achieve their dreams. If you feel you have some valuable information or experience to share, this may be an opportunity just for you. Or if you are wanting to get your name out there this could be a stepping stone for bigger things!!! is targeted toward women who want to become successful in whatever aspect of life they are in. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, writer, geek, or diva they have something for you. They also showcase books written by women for women. If you are looking for extra support on your journey of chasing your dreams, this may be a good place to have a look. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like a lonely journey at times but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many support groups out there!

So if this is something you may be interested go visit them right now!! Be a doer and don’t let opportunities just pass you by!!! Visit today!





Avoiding the Relationship Anger Trap

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So you walk in the house nearly tripping over one of the toys, feeling hungry and tired you realize dinner isn’t ready. Your children are running around the house screaming and playing and accidentally spill something on your shirt. Then your spouse greets you with “can you to help out with getting the kids ready for dinner?” You snap with frustration wishing that you had just stayed at work away from the chaos and the mess!!

Does this sound familiar to any of you out there?? Or maybe you have an argument and then later thinking what the argument was even about? Or you remember you snapped because or something insignificant like they didn’t call you back. I know this has happened to me many times before.  have called these scenarios the Relationship Anger Trap – When things may not be going well at work, or in some other area of your life, and you let it build and build until you inevitably fall into this trap. It is usually a sequence of things that build up to the breaking point. It can be easily damaging to both your personal and professional relationships.


The point is we build up frustration points little by little every day and  sometimes it can be over several days or weeks, eventually it has to be released somewhere. It’s sad, but the easiest place to release it is with the person you love or people you care for the most.

I know that for me my husband is the easiest one to get angry at, therefore I let my frustrations out on him which is totally not fair. A day may consist of a whiny clingy baby, then my parents or in-laws were frustrating me, my friend may have said something to offend me, the person at the grocery store looked angrily at my crying baby then lastly my husband walks through the door and he sits on the couch!!! All of sudden I get into hulk mode blow up at him for not coming to help me with getting dinner ready and say how terrible of a husband he is. My poor husband has no idea what my day was like then he gets mad at me for just yelling at him. (We are in this downward spiraling cycle) Little do I know he may have also had just as bad a day at school and work as well. RESULT: We both end up going the rest of the night angry and frustrated and not talking to each other… BAM we have been trapped in the Relationship Anger Trap!!! so crazy how small things can just end up in this huge mess right???!

For the unmarried sometimes we treat our parents, siblings or close friends this way and not realize how much we are hurting them. have provided some suggestions…

  1. Make mental notes of any frustrations that have occurred during the day. Then decide what action you will take, or throw it into the mental trash bucket in your head.
  2. Never interpret what you “think” someone means in an email – call to clarify. I know I have been guilty of reading a text and made up a whole story that they must be angry at me because they responded this way. Communication is key!!!
  3. For working parents – before you walk through the door of your home give yourself a good shake (physically do this). Don’t carry tomorrow’s issues into your home. Charles Haddon Spurgeon stated, “It has been said that our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow but only empties today  of its strength.” learn more

There are thousands of things a relationship can do for someone. One of the most important is to present a mirror into our own behavior. Positive or negative we have the possibility to grow as a result of our relationships at work and home.

Dr Bob Rausch has developed many courses to help individuals ensure they have a balance between both work and home and to maintain healthy relationships wherever we go. If you are interested in learning more about leadership and ensuring you have the work life balance check out their website here they have many helpful articles for leaders who want to inspire and uplift those around them.


GraduateX Learning – Lifelong Education



Education is an ongoing ongoing thing!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much one can learn and NOT learn if they so choose. Many do say ignorance is bliss and it’s true until you learn it and wish you had known it awhile ago. There are also some things in life that we do learn but still don’t do much about.. e.g we learn to eat healthy and exercise regularly but how many of us do it? So today this is a post dedicated to an online learning programme called GraduateX Learning.

Here at GraduateX learning they love to teach – especially skills that make make the best of your time, career and life. They also have many courses ranging from how immigration courses to preparing you for big college exams. Many a time before the real thing we may just need a run down to boost our confidence levels for the real thing. I know for me as I moved here from New Zealand this would have been helpful to have taken a course like this so I knew what I had to do with all the immigration stuff. It would have saved me so much hassle, confusion time and nerves!!


Head over to GraduateX Learning and see what they have to offer. It may be just want you need for a change in direction? Remember learning never stops once you graduate high school or college. The fountain of knowledge is never ending. So always seize every opportunity you have for increasing your understanding of yourself and the world around us. It can only make this world a more better place right?.lzcoYXpRQGVmP05VLI2A




My Dreamboard Visionboard

Trust your Passion. Identify your Dreams then find the courage to share that with others, no matter how many times they call you a fool – Bill Strickland

We all have dreams and they do change at different times in our life for example when I was 5 I wanted to be a famous singer like Selena but as I grew older that grew dimmer as I realized I didn’t have naturally fabulous vocals and it required more time than I wanted to put in therefore I changed my mind about becoming a famous singer haha But today I wanted to share my dream board during this time of my life. I love visuals and this is perfect to get a quick overview. I did this activity with my husband when we first got married for a date night.

1. Protect The Family Unit 2. Live my Faith 3. Education is Ongoing 4.Serving continuously 5.Fill mind with Positive and Motivational messages 6.Strive for Financial Freedom 7. Own my own Ride 8. Live Comfortably 9.Mastering the basics Health Wellbeing 10.Teaching Sharing Building/Lifting Others 11. Perfect my Marriage 12. Create Adventurous Memories 13.Creating the home as a safe Haven for my family.


What does your dreamboard look like? Would love to see hear some of your ideas of that which you hope to accomplish in your lifetime!  We can do it and push aside negativity that may be holding us back from reachingthose dreams!

Dear High School Kids…


image1. You aren’t dumb because you suck at math and science! Embrace your other talents whether it be painting singing or selling your lunch to the other kids…

2. You are allowed and can question your teachers.. its a misconception that just because they are your teachers they are right all the time… stellar teachers will make that known to you!

3.You don’t need to fit into any group. Be yourself and you will attract friends who like you for you.

4. Build fun memories! Just have fun being a kid, grow up slowly! You have the rest of your life to do adult things. Be silly, be crazy do dumb silly stuff that won’t hurt or injure anybody physically, mentally or emotionally.

5. Failure is NOT bad or means you are dumb.Wow you failed a test.. at least you are closer to finding the right answers. Failure occurs once you stop trying!!!!

6. You don’t need lots of friends just real friends.

7. Dont freak if you don’t know what you are going to be when you grow up… just keep moving forward doing what you love and doors will open up.

What things did you wish you knew in high school?  SHARE, Comment below!

6 lessons my “FOB” Parents taught me

imageHow many of you were embarrassed by your parents growing up?… tell the truth… what your friends might think of them in their lavalava and jandals or hearing them talk in their fob accent.  Going to a predominantly white primary school this was always my fear, especially when it came to parent interviews.!  But now I can say I am loud and proud of their fobness. I’ve finally just learnt to embrace it after all these years! But just want to take a moment to share the wonderful lessons my fobby parents managed to teach a prideful self-centered teenager.

  1. EducationI learnt to value Education. My parents would say… “Ged a gud edugation” (in their accent) “If I went to school here I would already have a degree! See the kids on the island they all want to come here to go to university!” These phrases would be on repeat like a broken record. Education was always the topic when we had family meetings, dinner, or when we did something bad. Somehow everything was tied back to school  whether it was doing the dishes or watching tv  they would always manage to link it back to the topic of education.image
  2. God – I learnt to trust a higher being. How many of you get annoyed your parents “force” you to go to church? You had a late night and they still kicking you out of bed to go to church! This was mine, but it was during those hard times when I couldn’t talk to my parents or friends I knew I could trust God. I knew He would understand me when no one didn’t. I could talk to him through prayer and He would communicate to me through the scriptures.
  3. Sacrifice I learnt the importance of hard work. We all have stories of how our parents had to and  still work long hours, at several different jobs. Dad had been a taxi driver, worked at a supermarket, also studied part-time, while mum worked graveyard shift in a factory! If this isn’t sacrifice I don’t know what is?
  4. Take Risks I learnt to take calculated risks. Can you imagine leaving your family, friends, all that you knew to come to a country where you didn’t even speak the language, and you didn’t even feel welcomed. Moving from a kickback to a fast pace money driven economy. Talk about their worlds being flipped upside down. What if they never took this risk, where would I be? What are you doing to take it to the next level for your family and your future generations?
  5. Give Give Give  I learnt to give freely. So many times my parents gave away our clothes, money, time, our space to anyone and everybody who needed. I was always annoyed and frustrated because I was always being inconvenienced. I remember my 3bedroom house being occupied by 3different families. No matter how little they had they were always willing to give.
  6. Gratitude – Be grateful for whatever you have. There is always someone in the world who is worse off than you. We had so “little” in comparison to the kids in my school, we bought second hand clothes and only got new outfits for christmas. To my parents we were spoilt but to my friends I was poor. Gratitude is a perspective that you define. Choose to be grateful.

My Amazing Parents!

I am loud and proud of my parents and their achievements in their lifetime. It may not be deemed like much in the eyes of society but their works speak volumes and have paved the path for many generations to come.

What are some lessons that your “FOB” parents have taught you? Share, comment like!


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