My Vintage Dress

Okay let’s be honest this was the first time for both of us to be in front of a camera and acting  all lovey dovey! It was kind of awkward for the both of us and maybe because we made it more awkward than it needed to be. P.S Conner didn’t really like my vintage dresses back then and even now he’s still kind of getting use to them but for me they were my trademark so I had to have them at least for a set of photos in our engagement! I choose this dress because I loved all its springy colours. It may not have been the most flattering  now that I look back and see that it made me look  like a balloon but oh well.. what’s done is done. So don’t judge our awkwardness in the photos ahaha     Photo Credit: Anne Ofahulu

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I got into vintage dresses when I was around 12-13 years old because I never had clothes that were in style. My mum would buy things once they were on sale and so we were always behind what was trending. Eventually I gave up and decided instead of trying to always keep up with style, I had to make my own style. My grandma always went to the second-hand stores and got clothes for us, so instead of hating on them for the longest time I chose to embrace them take them home and make the most of them. I pretended that I looked good in them even though I didn’t believe it at first. In public always got weird looks from people but eventually I got to enjoy the extra weird looks and thought it was funny.. With time I eventually convinced myself that I did like my old school style. Although my mum was embarrassed and would tell me to change out of my old-looking grandma dresses.


In high school girls would smirk at the clothes I wore and would wonder why I was so weird. But with each smirk and whisper I grew more and more confident in wearing them. Now looking back wearing vintage dresses brings back fun memories of me learning to be confident in my own skin and being happy with what I have instead of always wanting what I didn’t have. I loved rummaging through my grandmothers and mothers old closets, it was always a surprise you never knew what you were going to come across. I loved taking old things and then changing them into new funky things or finding new ways of wearing old thing. I love that vintage dresses let me be my own creative.

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I am kind of glad that more people are now into that vintage style so now I don’t feel as awkward and out-of-place. Not that it matters anyways. But I don’t get as many weird looks as I did back in the days. Here where I live many people don’t wear this style and still get the occasional double take. haha I really feel vintage dresses will always have a special place in my heart as it was my outlet during my teen years to express myself. It was my way of dealing with the stereotypes and coping with the peer pressures it was my form of rebellion against society you could say???

Today I see so many people trying to conform to certain styles, or buying whatever to be with the latest trend. But the funny thing about fashion is that it’s always changing once you think you are in it, it goes it’s a never-ending cycle!!!! I want to encourage you to find your style, find you, be you. Be the best you that you can be and not anybody else. And you will find somebody who likes you for you! The weird funny, crazy you that you are!!
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  Be AMAZING  beyond measure because you are beautiful beyond that which you can imagine!!  You were created by our all powerful creator! p.s Below is a cute house we were by,  there was the old lady looking out the window so we asked her if we could take pictures outside her house. It’s such a perfect little house by the railway tracks in the middle of farmlands.  TC2013 (1038)bw

How do you express yourself?  How do you have confidence in what you wear? Do you need the approval of others until you feel confident? Comment and share below your thoughts and your stories :)

Our Secret to Perfecting Love

There are too many books too many advice on Love and Relationships. How to obtain it, how to strengthen it, how to find for it, or even how we lose it. But we only have one simple strategy.

My husband and I met while we were serving full time missions for our church. But our love story didn’t officially begin until we returned home and started dating other people. I lived in New Zealand working as a teacher and also attended graduate school,  while he was working and attended school in Utah. It all started with a simple message on facebook eventually led to skyping each night. Without ever having a physical relationship we decided we were going to date exclusively. You can imagine how difficult this was to tell your family and friends you are dating someone halfway across the world that you have never kissed, held hands or even hugged.

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Because of the distance we had to rely wholeheartedly on God to give us our answers on whether we were to be together or not. Both being broke students we couldn’t just jump on a plane to go halfway across the world. So we prayed and fasted fervently to receive answers whether this is what God wanted for us. Eventually on several occasions we both received our spiritual confirmations. I then flew to Utah for just over a week to meet his family and to make sure he and his family was “normal” haha. Conner then flew to N.Z to meet my family and be with us for a few months. It was not all pink hearts and daisies it was rough for the both of us as we had to learn to adjust to each others families, lifestyle and culture. (Especially seeing I was the first Polynesian girl Conner had actually had a conversation with.) But during this period of transition we always had to rely on the spiritual confirmations we received from God on being together. Even once we were married for the first couple of months it was extremely rough, especially for me being away from my family and adjusting to married life. But I am so grateful that my husband and I had both set a deep spiritual foundations in which we could always fall back on. (Especially grateful for my husbands commitment, patience and humility with me during this time.)

1378180_591373764254812_842734700_nHow does a relationship with God help and strengthen our marriage you may wonder?

Because we CHOOSE to be DEPENDENT on a never-failing, all forgiving, completely loving, all-knowing, all-powerful creator. We know that He will never fail us. We ourselves are on a journey to be more like Jesus Christ therefore because Jesus was patient we try to more patient with the faults and weaknesses of others. We also hope for patience from others with our shortcomings. We love even when sometimes we feel we don’t get love in return just like Jesus was to those who persecuted Him. We look to be selfless and serve each other as our Savior was selfless and gave His life for us. We endeavor to be humble and let go of pride when we get in silly arguments. There are so many attributes we can develop to be become better wives, mothers, husbands and fathers as we look towards God and Jesus as our examples. Our marriage will become that of strengthening and building each other instead of belittling and competing with one another.  The love triangle allows us to look towards God as our example for how we should treat and love our families. We have a perfect example that we can follow to create happier and eternal marriages and families.

Below is the spiritual love triangle, it is pretty self explanatory. The closer each of us move towards God in our own personal relationships with God, the closer we would come together in our marriage.


For me this triangular model works time and time again. This model only fails when one of us are putting ourselves before God or not strengthening our relationship with God. This is why I wholeheartedly believe that marriage is a 3 way relationship with God. Marriage is from God and he has given us a way to create a happy family life. We can not and should not take him out of the equation. I pray that we will remember this as we build and strengthen our personal family relationships.

Marriage is a Gift from God to us the quality of our marriage is our Gift to God


Remember you are of Infinite worth and are amazing beyond measure!!

Dear Daddy


Dad please remember these 10 things as we go through the first 18years of my life together..

1.You are my first love.

2. You are my first kiss and the first man I say “I LOVE YOU” to.

3.You are the one to show me what true and real love is.

4.You show me how a lady should be treated when you are with mum.

5. You teach me about selfless service when we watch endless princess movies with me when you would rather be watching a football game.

6.You teach me what security felt like every time you held me in your arms and give me those big hugs after work.

7.  You teach me true beauty is when you say I need no makeup and tell me to show less skin

8.You will teach me about hard work and diligence each day you kiss me goodbye to leave for work.

9. You teach  me what humility looks like when you mum starts unnecessary arguments

10. You are and will always be my HERO!

Fathers have such an important role in the family and is equally important to that of the mother. Never underestimate the ability of having a father in the home.

“By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. The family proclamation


10tips to Win the heart of a Poly Boy


Whether you are attracted to the sun kissed tan skin, tattoos or crazy fun personalities here are a few tips on attracting a good Polynesian Boy. (I also have quite a few friends looking for poly boys so I’ve written this out to help a sister out!!!) Here are a few tips and tricks…

  • Feed Him – every island boy likes to eat and knows how to eat, even if it don’t taste good they will still eat!
  • Feed yourself – island boys like a girl who knows how to eat who doesn’t just take a few bites and say I’m full… One he will get mad you wasted his money so then probably clean your plate off for you. So order more than just a salad.
  • Love his Mum – most important women in their life you get on her good side you are set!
  • Bring food to his family – food speaks to the heart of the whole family, they know you care if you bring the whole family food plus you are preparing yourself for the future family events that require your contributions!
  • Stand in the kitchen – at family events be in the kitchen pretend to help cook even if you don’t know what you are doing!
  • Sit with his sisters – sisters will make your life a misery or bliss get on their good side too they come second inline to their mum and will do anything for them so be prepared!
  • Know how to mock and take mocks – our whole world revolves around mocking, you just need to learn to toughen up and take it or be crushed by all the uncles and brothers
  • Dress like a Nun – no islander families want to see you rock up in your mini skirt to a family function dress appropriately so you don’t get all their evil eyes because you have stunning legs!
  • Go to church with him – Going to church shows you are a good girl all island boys like a good girl in the long run and deep down even if they do play up big time!
  • No Public Affection – Don’t be posting kissing photos on Facebook especially if you are friends with family, no one wants to see all that stuff, with our conservative island cultures you stay on the safe side and keep it between you two.  Gossip always spreads like wildfire!

You have probably noticed majority of these tips are surrounded by food… its true you can never go wrong with this one! Share, comment or like!!!!

Photocredit: I Leelo Photography

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