Developing Positive Self Talk {INNER BEAUTY SERIES}

A little criticism can be good so we can find areas to work on, but the problem is many of us take it too far. Why do we talk so negatively to ourselves? We are supposed to be our number one cheerleader and we are the first ones to put ourselves each day.

Over the long term negative self-talk can turn into high stress levels and depression. It will also cause us to believe whatever story we are telling ourselves whether it is true or not. (Most of the times they are lies!)

My Story

Before starting my blog, I was really scared to start a blog. Scared what people will think of me, scared what people will say about me and the list goes on. This hindered me starting and sharing my blog for the longest time. I would delay and make excuses. I would tell myself that I had nothing worth sharing. I am not educated enough. I can’t proofread to save my life. I can’t ever turn it into something of worth. I can’t I can’t I can’t!!! Eventually I had to learn how to self-talk positively in this area so I could do what I hoped for. I had to get support and encouragement from my husband and close family. I started small and slowly started to build up confidence. Although my blog still has a long way to go I am happy that I abolished the self-talk in my head. I have seen so many amazing stories from my blog and how it’s influenced others to do their own. If I only touch one person I am satisfied and if that one person is my I am one satisfied woman that I have overcome the negative self-talk.


  1.  Recognize your negative self-talk – Take a little journal around and recognize the negative things you say to yourself throughout the day. The more you recognize it the more likely you are able to stop it in its tracks
  2. Create Positive Phrases – To counteract those negative thoughts when they come in. Repeat these positive phrases over and over in the morning and evening and any other time to tell yourself a new story
  3. Recognize source of negative talk – Ask yourself and think a little deeper about why you might be talking negatively. What is the real problem here? If you can dig down deep into the roots you will realize why you are talking negative. For example in my story above I was talking negatively to myself because I was afraid and fearful to what others thought of me. I was trying to protect myself even though I didn’t need it.
  4. Don’t Compare! – You are just setting yourself up for disappointment or even temporary happiness. You can’t compare your weaknesses with others strengths.
  5. Question your negative self-talk – If you say you can’t ask yourself why do you think you can’t. Is there any possible solutions? Can I take the chance to look into this further? Could I make this possible? This gives you opportunity to analyze and possibly turn the situation around instead of just ending at I can’t!

What is your negative self-talk preventing you from accomplishing? What has it stopped you accomplish? Have did you manage to overcome your negative self-talk? Leave your comments below I would love to hear from you!


My Bucket List


My momma always said I can do anything I put my mind to!


Graduate High School✓

Attend University✓

Graduate w/ Bachelors✓

Serve a Church Mission✓

Live in a Different Country✓

Masters Graduate

PHD Graduate

Certified Life Coach

Do a Ted Talk

Publish a Book

Create E-Course

Certified Yoga Instructor

Start a Business

Lecture at a University


Get Married✓

Have Kids✓

Start a Blog✓

Start a YouTube Channel✓

Buy a House✓

Read New Testament

Read Book of Mormon✓


Half Marathon

Join a Humanitarian Project

Start my own Humanitarian Project

Learn a new Language✓

Take a Homeless out for Dinner

Take Speed Reading course

Do Splits 5 ways

Have 5 Streams of Income

Enjoy a week without Technology

Watch A Broadway Musical


Live in a 3rd World Country


Statue of Liberty New York✓


Sydney Opera House✓

Coromandel New Zealand✓

Queenstown New Zealand

Backpack Europe

Colosseum in Rome

Taj mahal India

Cruise Carribean


African Safari

Great wall of China

Pyramids in Egypt

Machu picchu in Peru

Israel the Holy Land

Amazon Rainforest

Road Trip for 6months


Sky Dive

Snowboarding and Skiing✓

Bungy Jump




Ride Elephant

Ride Camel in Desert

Swim with Dolphins

Go on a Zipline✓

Ride a Gondola✓

Ride in a Helicopter

Go White Water Rafting

This is obviously not the final list as sometimes I change my mind about things! But there are also stuff that I am always adding to my Bucket List!!!  Now get started on yours!!!

Beautiful Confidence {INNER BEAUTY SERIES}

Self Confidence is a skill that requires you to have a belief in oneself. I would also like to add to this definition to me it’s also believing and trusting in a higher power for me it’s God. Self Confidence is a journey that can take us in and out of our comfort zone. Self-confidence is also knowledge and understanding that you don’t know everything, we can admit to making mistakes but are willing to learn and move forward.

Self Confidence is much like a muscle that you need to keep on working at otherwise you can slowly lose it.

WHY develop Confidence?

  • Self Confidence can enhance your reputation (jobs, colleagues, friends)
  • Attract positive people around you
  • Open up many doors of opportunity
  • Confident people bring out confidence in others

HOW to develop Confidence?

  • Repetition:More you do something that more confident you get at it. Like a sport, or an instrument the more you practice the more confident you are to perform.
  • Positive Talk: We all have our own personal insecurities. But focus on the negative will not help us in any way. Turn those negatives into positives. Make affirmations for yourself so you can always refer to when you are tempted to say something negative.
  • Body Language
  • Set Goals:seeing the bigger picture helps you know where you are going and gives you purpose therefore you feel confident about yourself.
  • Positive Reflection: Reflect on the things you have accomplished this will also help you as you tackle new tasks. Reminding yourself that you have already done difficult things can help give you the boost of confidence to face the new challenges ahead.

No one will believe in you unless you do! You are unique and amazing! Be your best most amazing self because there is nobody in the world that can do you like you!

What are some things you do to help boost your confidence? Please I would love to know what you think. Comment and Share if you felt that this helped you!!

Keep spreading your light!! Because the world needs you!

Joy of Gratitude – Attribute Series

Joy doesn’t bring Gratitude, Gratitude brings Joy

Gratitude brings self confidence

Gratitude brings contentment

Gratitude decreases materialism

Gratitude improves health and reduces stress

Gratitude strengthens our emotions

Gratitude makes our memories happier

Gratitude is vital for happiness

Birthday Party Planning Tips

I think all new mothers have mixed emotions about their child’s first birthday celebrations. You either dread it or are crazy excited to be planning everything I myself have kind of spaced out on this but need to get my butt into gear seeing her birthday is only 2months away. So today I have decided to share in some of the planning with you, and help you out if you are planning your own birthday party. We have decided to keep it simple and easy, but still wanted it to be memorable for us and the other children.

1. Budget:  If you have set aside money for this event this is the best, if not just stick to something that you can afford. Don’t go broke trying to entertain other people for a moment then you have to suffer for weeks later.  Because I am cheap I have set a budget to $300 maximum. Even that is a bit generous, majority of that money is going to food and decorations. (Do I really want to blow $300 on something my baby won’t even remember? my rational side whispers… i reply yes)

2. Theme: Pick a theme that you already have lots of stuff for around the house, OR easy and free things to make.  I am not 100% sure but I have narrowed it down to doing a winter wonderland theme or a whimsical tea party theme. Colours will definitely be white, gold and either mint or coral.


by prettymyparty.com

3. Guest List:  Depending on adults ratio to kids, adults obviously eat more. Keep it within budget estimating about $5-10 p/person if you are just doing light snacks. I will be keeping it pretty simple few friends that have kids and family.  Just the family there is 30 on my husband’s side and so adding friends we may get to about 40 at the most. (I like to plan for the most but it will most likely be less)

4. Food: Again simple simple simple is key. A few variety of things, when there is just too much choice no one will know where to start. We will be doing just a simple brunch as I will be planning it from around 11-2pm in the afternoon. On the menu we will be having Sandwiches (chicken and pulled pork), salads (green and jello), fruit (kebabs), chips, cookies and lemonade. Easy peasy lemon squeezy hahah I am not planning to be spending all day in the kitchen! Oh and birthday cakes one for the birthday girl and for everybody else.


by prettymyparty.com

5. Entertainment: A few party games is definitely a must. Music of course! And to make it extra special we will be having a special guest. It’s always fun if your budget allows you to splurge out on something a little bit extra. A fun way to brighten up any party  is by hiring a professional to come out to your place. Definitely something your kid will be talking about for the next year. If this isn’t in your budget you can always make a costume yourself.


6. Gifts: To me having a party is a big gift in itself. For my one year old  we won’t be buying her anything really, unless it’s a new outfit for church or something she needs like a box of diapers. She doesn’t really know yet so this is definitely not on my priority list personally. (It’s fine if you think otherwise too) :)

This post was sponsored by MXC PARTY MASCOTS is a party rental company in Fresno, CA that offers bounce houses, all of your child’s favorite characters/ mascots, tables and chairs, and concession machines. Check us out on Facebook @ MXC PARTY MASCOTS.

Do you have some first birthday party tips that you would love to share? Comment below!!

Gardening Tips (Hacks)

***Sponsored Post by Jade Canopy***


I am not your gardener that loves to go out everyday and play in the dirt. Only if I really have to once I see they are getting out of control and I am in a good mood I will go out and do some weeding. That is my gardening extent, pulling out weeds, and on occasion flowers that I have mistaken as weeds. Don’t get me wrong once I’m outside and in the dirt it does feel very good for the soul.

When moving to our house there was lots of work to be done! Garden beds all around the house but none of them had been maintained, peach, cherry trees, raspberry bushes and grapevines growing abundantly. But I knew spending my entire day or summer in the yard was not my thing so I am in the process of getting rid of most of the garden beds and just keeping the fruit trees. I know that’s sad because they garden makes the house pretty but I am going for the low maintenance route. I have compiled a list of somethings we are doing round the house for easy low maintenance.

1. Mow your Lawn- I know obvious This makes a world of difference.. if you want to get fancy you can do it cris cross so that there are fewer lines. The following week mow it in a different direction.

2. Take out what you don’t love. If it’s a dread to go out and look after that section of the garden get rid of it and if you don’t love it don’t waste your time playing around with it. There are many more things in your day you can fill it with that you actually love doing. Or you can plant something in that you really love.


3. Water your lawn less, if you give our lawn tonnes of water it will drink more and be a lot dependant. Teach your lawn that it can survive on less water. Save you some extra pennies on your water bill.

4. If you want to get in the gardening scene and are struggling or don’t even know where to start you can head over to  jadecanopy.com where they do all the organizing for you. Each month they send you box full of goodies that will help you get your garden started. Each box is a surprise but has a theme to it, included in these fun boxes are…

  • An instructional piece: This will include month-by-month gardening to-do lists, as well as words of wisdom form the gardening master herself, Mom.
  • A Project: You’ll enjoy our ideas and products that we’ll bring you to keep that gardening gear well-oiled, even when you fear that there is nothing to be done and you’re simply bored with the gardening process. We’ll keep you occupied!
  • Seeds and Bulbs:From organic, heirloom, hard-to-find varieties, and everything in-between – we’ll have you covered.
  • Bonus: We’ll also be featuring a bonus item in your box that will be sure to lift your spirits and motivate you to get gardening.Box-3

5. Baking Soda as a weedkiller!!! Sprinkle it between cracks in the driveway to kill those annoying small weeds and prevent more from coming through.

What are your tips and tricks? Let us know we all want things a little easier!!!

Frizzy Hair Problems

My husband asks me one day why don’t I ever brush my hair. So I answered his question by taking this picture. This is why curly hair girls do not brush their hair!!!!!! So that ruined my husband’s daydream of ever running his fingers through my hair!!! Sorry!!! You either get full of sexy volume luscious curls that your fingers will get stuck in or flat straight hair you can run your fingers through right…  For many of you with the curly hair condition, its something that we just got to embrace. For years I have just straightened and straightened the life out of my hair, but lately I’ve been trying to just keep it natural. I am still trying to figure out what’s the best way to look after my curls  so I have done some research of some natural ways to do better justice for my curls.

frizzyhair1. DON’T COMB!! I think this is obvious don’t brush your hair while dry! This is the number one rule otherwise you are going to look tragic like the picture above!!!! Brushing it messes up your hair cuticle and stretches the hair causing breakage!!! Just dry your hair with a towel and while its wet finger comb it or brush it then. Then stick in some conditioner or anti frizz stuff

2. Take it easy with Straighteners. When I was younger my hair was super dooper curly all natural but as soon as I got into my preteens and I realized straighteners were out there I went crazy… so those natural girls have slowly gone away and left me with a crazy wonky curls. So it’s nice every now and then to give the straightener a break and let your hair breath ladies!!

3. Tame with a touch of conditioner. For a quick fix conditioners are a great way to keep your hair hydrated. Applying some to the tips always helps them from drying and breaking easily. If you also look for protein-infused conditioners that will also help you manage frizz and create shine!

4. Overnight Natural Oils treatment: For more permanent healthy hair there are awesome natural oils that can help your hair regain its youthfulness. Organic Coconut , olive oil and even argan oil used as overnight treatment at least once every 2 weeks will do wonders for your hair. Argan oil has wonderful benefits for hydrating skin and hair as it contains loads of vitamin E and antioxidants to ensure healthy, soft and shiny hair.


Try some today!

Do you have fizzy hair problems? Would love to hear what you do to keep it healthy and soft and full of life!!!

4 Easy ways to Preserve your precious memories

***SPONSORED by Imortafiles***minimilstWe live in a digital age where we can instantly share a precious memory with just a click of a button. But losing all those precious memories are just as simple. I know there have been many times when I never ended up printing photos of events and eventually just lost all those photographs and memories as soon as the computer died on me. So today I wanted to share a few things to help us preserve those precious memories so they are not all lost forever.

1. Journal – Whether you do it in the form of a written journal, on a word document or through a blog like me. Journaling is an awesome way to record your experiences. Being able to read them and reflect on them and share them with others is always so fun and edifying.


2. Scrapbooking/Photo Albums – If you have an ounce of creativity which we all do this is also a great idea. I personally am not overly crazy about scrapbooks because you just end up with so many of them which then takes up so much space. But it is definitely a fun thing to do with the kids. Even if you end up doing a scrapbook of each child documenting their life from baby till they are 18 and give to them as a graduation or wedding gift.


3. Online Photo Sharing Sites – You can have access to all your photos from anywhere. You can also send them as quickly as ever. They are all organized and dated so you never will get jumbled. But do print out a few precious ones for the scrapbooks or photo albums.

4. Backup Backup Backup- Can’t stress this enough. It’s so easy to lose things and if you don’t have back up you are usually screwed. Don’t make this mistake I’ve done. Imortalfiles have created an easy system to solve this problem. Head over and visit their site!


Preserve your memories, what you forget you can never retell – Louisa May Alcott

4 Easy Muscle Building Exercises

***SPONSORED BY top10lists.org***

My new fitness goals have moved from just losing weight to focusing on building muscle. We all should know that building muscle helps burn fat more quickly right??? If not now you do…. So my question is why do I spend more time on the treadmill rather than focusing on exercises that help me get stronger???And why do I get so caught up in the watching the scales instead watching our body transform. So as of late I have been trying different exercises to focus on building muscle. I am still a beginner at all this muscle toning workouts but I came across  Top10lists.org  and they have collected a few of my favorite moves. So thought I would share my favorite muscle-building workouts…

 With each exercise there are so many variations; as you feel you master one particular one change it up to a more difficult variation. E.g. starting with squats then day 5 changing it to squat jacks.  I also would recommend doing 10-15 reps of each exercise and repeating the circuit 3-4 times.

1. Squats:  Sumo squats, pistol squats, jumping squat, pulse squats etc 10-15 reps each

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder width, toes splayed 30 degrees, your chest up and butt back. Weight should be on your heels, not your toes.
  • Squat by pushing your butt backward, not by bending your knees forward.
  • Knees should track directly over the feet, never caving inward or outward.
  • Bring your thighs parallel to the floor while keeping your weight on your heels and your spine straight and solid.

2. Lunges: walking lunge, side lunge, curtsy lunge, 10-15 each leg

  • Plant your lead foot far enough forward that, as you lower into each lunge, your shin bone remains nearly perpendicular to the floor and the kneecap never extends over your foot.
  • Do not rock back and forth with your upper body. Instead, remain perfectly upright with good posture, using abdominal muscles to keep your spine neutral.

3. Push Ups: knees, standard, shoulder tap, leg raise, elbows etc 10-15 reps

  • Start in a plank position, holding the spine neutral, no sagging.
  • Stabilize the shoulder joints by pulling shoulder blades down toward your heels (this is fundamental to all push-and-pull exercises).
  • Place hands so that when you drop, your nipples line up with the base of your palms. Lower until your chest touches the ground.

4. Planks: standard, knee plank,  side plank, reverse plank etc Start 30 seconds and build from there

  • Start laying flat on the floor lift up onto your hands and toes and full extension of arms
  • Your body is parallel to the floor Holding your spine neutral and no sagging or butt in the air
  • Hold for 30 seconds and rest

Don’t forget stretches before and after! Have fun building muscle and losing fat at the same time!!! Check out top10lists.org for more fun exercises and other lifestyle tips you won’t want to miss on!

DIY Easy Natural Sugar Scrub

***Sponsored by Alfons & Isadore***

We all love being pampered every now and then right… okay let’s be honest all the time!!! I have the perfect and easy solution for you to feel like a million dollars everyday. If you are like me you love being pampered but don’t like to spend crazy money on it then you should definitely give sugar scrubs a go. Sugar scrubs are such an easy way to squeeze in some luxury in your busy life. Because we all deserve it!  There are so many recipes out there so I have decided to compile a few of my favorites. Last year I made a rose petal sugar scrub for mother’s day and she loved it. But I generally like to use essential oils because they go a long way.

Most easiest Sugar scrub recipe ever!

1 Cup of Sugar (organic if preferred)

1 Cup of oil (coconut olive oil)

5 drops of Natural essential oils (lavender, orange, peppermint etc)

Mix them in an airtight container, and presto you are done!!!!!! How easy is that! You can also keep some in the bathroom and in the kitchen to use when you are washing your hands to help your hands feel so much softer.  To top it off, having soft luxurious towels by Alfons & Isadore will give you the ultimate pampered experience. Their towels are made in Switzerland from the finest quality cotton and weaved with a secret technique to produce the highest quality luxurious towels. They also provide customized orders for special occasions. Head over to their website and experience this firsthand for yourself.

If you enjoy pampering yourself what are some easy and affordable ways you have been able to do this? Share your thoughts below we would love to hear and maybe even try them out!


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