10 Ways to Help the Environment

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I know this is bad but I have to admit to not being so careful about looking after our environment! I mean I do the basics things like recycle and donating to thrift stores but I know there is more that I can do! Yes there is a big list of things that we need to improve but this is just as important. Imagine not being able to go for walks because of the air quality is bad! For me that would be horrific!!! We all should be more conscious about our earth for so many reasons one being we still have many more generations to follow. And I also feel we have a connection with nature and it looks after us in so many ways the least we can do is look after her in return. So today I have compiled a list of some easy ways that I can be better at looking after the environment.

  1. Print Documents Double Sided – sounds too easy
  2. Plant more trees – or join groups that are planting locally
  3. Take a shorter shower – treat baths as a luxury instead of a nightly routine
  4. Leave the Car and walk or bike. Maybe carpool or use public transport for fun!
  5. Wash your car with a bucket instead using the hose.
  6.  Give it away instead of throw away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  7. Start a compost- not as easy but once you get started you won’t go back. (Still on my list to do’s!
  8. USE a reusable shopping bag instead of getting plastic.
  9. RECYCLE – obviously plastics and paper separate from the rest
  10. REPURPOSE – This is by far my favorite and what I do the most of!
  11. Bonus – SUPPORT businesses that are environmentally conscious! Like LUMBERCASE!

Isn’t it awesome when you see businesses go out of their way to do something for the environment? I am sure you have seen many of those videos of our forests being depleted and we think what can I do? LUMBERCASE are providing the opportunity for you to help the environment with every purchase of their wooden IPhone Cases. With your purchase you will be contributing directly to planting one tree.  They have many sleek and modern designs. So check them out and support the cause!

Let’s all help the planet that we all share. One small step at a time!!! What methods do you use or want to do? Share and comment below!


Holiday Vacation in Pattaya Thailand


Travelling is one of favorite topics to write about so yay for another travel post!!!! While planning my trip to New Zealand I have been using the site AIRBNB to book the places we will be staying at. I love that their accommodations are so affordable and I feel you live more within the communities instead of just staying at a hotel being a tourist. Today we are featuring one of my top 5 places to visit. PATTAYA THAILAND. It’s one of my favorites because my high school bestie is from there, and every time I went to her house I would go straight to the kitchen and demolish her mum’s cooking. Her mum always knew to make way more when I was visiting!


Thailand is one of the most affordable places to visit for a lovely relaxing holiday. If you are already considering visiting Thailand you definitely need to check out these  Pattaya apartment rentals.  They range from $20-$55 a night! With amazing ocean views, rooftop views, Jacuzzis and all that you need for an enjoyable stay. Check them out now! I myself couldn’t help but want to plan a holiday vacation to Thailand so I have compiled a list of  5 things I know I would love to do when I visit Pattaya Thailand.


  1. Buddhist Temple– This is obviously a must if you are visiting Thailand seeing it is a predominantly Buddhist nation a visit to the temple should be priority. I feel understanding culture and heritage is all part of the experience of visiting a new place :)
  2. Elephant Village– heck this is a must in Thailand!!! No brainer!!!!!
  3. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling– Pattaya is a coastal town and so there are plenty of opportunities for beaching it and fishing and other sea adventures!
  4. Buddha Mountain(Khao Chi Chan)– I love scenic views. Anywhere that offers a good hike I will be there!!
  5. Zipline– Always need to add some adventure in there right!elephantpattaya

Have you been to Thailand? How was your experience there? Do you have some valuable tips and tricks??? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


DIY ModPodge Recipe

I have now made two crafts with this  DIY mod podge recipe. And I don’t think I will ever be needing to buy any particular modge podge for this type of project. I used this recipe but adjusted it after reading the reviews. I used this for my Lampshade project and my Bowl Project. If you are doing something different I would test it in a smaller ratio just in case it doesn’t turn out quite right. lampshadeThe magic modpodge recipe

2 Cups of Flour

1 Cup of Sugar

Between 1-3 cups of Water but keep adding until it’s perfect for your project (not too thick or too watery)

Add Tbsp of Oil


In a pot threw in the flour and sugar and turned the stove on to medium heat

I then added the water slowly  so it wouldn’t get super clumpy

I kept adding more and more water until I thought it was right thickness

Added the oil and mixed

All done!



DIY Yarn Lamp Shade

Doing this Yarn lampshade has been on one of my to do lists since we moved into our house. I had initially wanted to do a doily lampshade as they went along much better with my vintage theme I have going on in my living room. But I didn’t find enough doilies to do this project and I had plenty of yarn! I have finally come around to doing it. Yay and it was a lot easier than I had expected.


I didn’t want to spend any money of course on expensive big balloons. Initially I was going to use a balloon but I really wanted something bigger and not a oval shape. So I ended up just using those inflatable balls I borrowed from my neighbor’s baby. I know I’m pretty cheap asking to borrow something I can buy for $3 at the most. But anywho they were kind enough to let me borrow this ball and so I got cracking on this project. Light fixtures are one thing I love but feel like I shouldn’t spend too any money on.


I started off by making the modge podge recipe. Yes I made that too. I didn’t buy the expensive kind so I found this recipe here. But I adjusted the recipe and made a perfect one to my liking here. The adjusted recipe was perfect for this project. I used the entire amount. I was pretty happy with the entire result of it. I don’t think it will ever get hot enough to burn the yarn as we hardly use this light. I was worried how I was going to place it on the light fixture but the yarn is easy enough to move around and cut to fit around whatever fixture you have. I started the project at about 8am and once everything was all said and done and drying out in the sun for the whole day I finished the project at about 8pm. If you want to be extra cautious you should leave it for a complete 24 hours. But I was a little bit too excited. haha


So if you want to make your own light fixture here are the things you may need Or take a look at this easy video tutorial

  1. Yarn – A full one preferable depending on how big your project is
  2. Modge Podge or Wallpaper glue or my DIY Recipe
  3. Balloon or Ball
  4. Tshirt you don’t mind getting dirty


Good luck and have fun!!! Let me know if the comments below if it worked or didn’t!!! Or let me know of some crafts projects you would like to see!!!

BSTREETSHOES.COM – Custom Design Shoes


DSC_0268 (1)

Galaxy Roshe NIKE

I love hearing stories of Creative Entrepreneurs getting out there and turning their passions into a reality. This is just the case with this company BSTREETSHOES.COM started by Blake Barash. Leaving your safety of full time employment is never easy, so when stories of entrepreneurs arise I see courage, dedication and perseverance.

Previously Blake had been working in the banking and finance industry but with the instability of the economy there was always uncertainty whether he would keep his job. Somehow in a struggling job market Blake managed to turn a weakness in the economy into a opportunity for him. With creative skills in graffiti art, ceramic making, painting and woodworking he had been developing Blake stumbled across an ad on craigslist by Toms. They were looking for an artist to paint custom designs on their canvas shoes. Recognizing this opportunity he seized it and since then has built a substantial portfolio of custom shoes.

BSTREETSHOES has hand-painted, completely custom Nike, Toms, Converse and Vans footwear for adults and children. Here are a few my favourite designs below… (hint hint to those who are feeling like santa)




If you love being unique and rocking your own style you should definitely check them out. No two pairs in the world are the same. Whether you live in the Australia or USA, if you’re wearing B Street Shoes, you’re a unique individual expressing your love for custom fashion. Also if you want to see the fun things they get up to on a daily basis hit them up on instagram.  Go out there and be amazing!!!!

What are your passions you are wanting to pursue??? Comment below would love to hear from you all!!!


Plank Life – Sponsored Post

***Sponsored Post***

Nikki planking in barcelona spain

Super Excited to be doing this sponsored post for Plank Life as it goes hand in hand with my September Slimdown. If you are like me after the pregnancy I feel my back has been worn out from carrying Miss A for 9 months! Or maybe you have been just having back pain problems? If you don’t have any back problems you may just want an all-round body workout! Planks are what you and  I both need in order to strengthen our core muscles to bring our body back into alignment.

The owner and founder of Plank Life goes by the name of Antonio D. Evans. He is a veteran in the fitness industry. His love of body-weight, functional, and core training is what fueled his drive to start Plank Life.


Here is some of the low down of this company. “Plank Life is the official fitness brand that promotes core strength through planks. No matter what form of exercise an individual engages in, core strength is important. We believe the plank is the best exercise to help strengthen your core. Yoga lovers, corporate professionals, fitness enthusiasts, runners, athletes, and many more can benefit from a strong foundation. Our innovative and creative planks are bringing a new approach to an exercise once thought of as boring. Plank Life apparel and decals are cool, stylish, and bold. Stand with us as we help promote a stronger core.”

So if any of you guys are wanting an easy exercise you can do almost anywhere, head over to their website for some ideas. Also check out their line of apparel they have available so you can make your mark.  I know if Baby A can do it we all can do it. I will be starting off with a plank for 1min and building up to 3mins by the end of the month. Join me in this mini challenge.

To visit the Plank Life Website or connect with them on their social media pages Facebook and Twitter click on the links! Let’s get Planking!

Planning our New Zealand Trip PT 2

Part one mainly covered the basic overall things we needed to think about for the long flight to New Zealand. Seeing I am a sucker for planning I had to make sure we had all the details of our trip. This is a description of our Itinerary  for the 4 weeks we will be in New Zealand. Of course I don’t think everything is going to go as planned but we will keep you posted as we go along what worked out and what didn’t.  We are exploring both the north and the south island, but mainly the north island. I am way way excited I have not been down to the south island yet so this will definitely be for me to tick of a bucket list item.


Flight leaves 28 November the day after thanksgiving. We will be leaving straight from Las Vegas. Hopefully arriving into Auckland, New  Zealand on the 30th of December. I feel like a lose so much time in just flying. Fingers crossed we make all our connections and there are no delays. We will be meeting up with Conners grandma in New Zealand and doing the whole tourist thing together with her.

*Subject to change on a regular basis

  1. Monday – Driving to Hamilton and Raglan- Hamilton
  2. Tues – Waitomo Caves  – Hamilton
  3. Wed – Coromandel and Beaches – Coromandel
  4. Thurs – Temple and Relax – Hamilton
  5. Fri  – My Little Brothers Wedding –  Hamilton to Auckland
  6. Sat  – Recovery Relax Day – Auckland
  7. Sun  – Flying to Queenstown – Auckland to Queenstown
  8. Mon – Bunjy Jump and Boat Ride
  9. Tues – Cultural Show and Winery
  10. Wed – Travel back to Auckland
  11. Thurs – Wedding Preparations
  12. Fri – My Little Sisters Wedding – Hamilton to Auckland
  13. Sat – Recovery Relax Day
  14. Sun – Church and Visit Family and Friends
  15. Mon – Kayak to Rangitoto Island and Zipline – Auckland
  16. Tues – Hike Waitakere Ranges – West Auckland
  17. Wed – Drive up to the Bay of Islands
  18. Thurs – Sandboarding and Waitangi
  19. Fri – Paihia and Russel
  20. Sat- Kauri Forest and Boating
  21. Sun – Church in Kaikohe and Visit Family
  22. Mon – Travel down to Auckland pick up family and head to Rotorua
  23. Tues – Mud pools and sight see
  24. Wed – Whitewater rafting adventures
  25. Thurs – CHRISTMAS
  26. Fri – BOXING DAY – Travel Back to Auckland
  27. Sat –  Otara Markets and Night Markets
  28. Sun – Church and Visit with family and friends
  29. Mon – Beach Day and Pack Day
  30. Tues –  Leave

So guys what do you think of this crazy jam packed holiday? Too packed??? Let me know what you think I should change? Whether we need to spend more time with the family? Do you want to join us>> We would love for you to join us in any part of these adventures!!! The more the merrier!!! Comment below :)


Muffin in a Mug in 1minute

Breakfast is not really my kind of thing. I usually skip it all together or just have peanut butter on toast. So today I decided I wanted to liven it up a little more and make it a more enjoyable experience. While on google I came across these breakfast recipes in a mug idea! BONUS they are tasty and super easy and quick to make. I think I want a muffin everyday now! haha I adjusted the recipe to my liking and end result was fantastic! image

Blueberry Muffin

4tbls Flour

1tbls Brown Sugar

1/8tsp Baking Powder

1/8 tsp Salt

1 Tbls Coconut Oil

2-/3 Tbls Milk



Sprinkle Coconut Flakes and  Brown Sugar


Enjoy!!!! Stay tune for more fun easy budget friendly recipes!!!

Our Secret to Perfecting Love

There are too many books too many advice on Love and Relationships. How to obtain it, how to strengthen it, how to find for it, or even how we lose it. But we only have one simple strategy.

My husband and I met while we were serving full time missions for our church. But our love story didn’t officially begin until we returned home and started dating other people. I lived in New Zealand working as a teacher and also attended graduate school,  while he was working and attended school in Utah. It all started with a simple message on facebook eventually led to skyping each night. Without ever having a physical relationship we decided we were going to date exclusively. You can imagine how difficult this was to tell your family and friends you are dating someone halfway across the world that you have never kissed, held hands or even hugged.

TC2013 (1038)bw

Because of the distance we had to rely wholeheartedly on God to give us our answers on whether we were to be together or not. Both being broke students we couldn’t just jump on a plane to go halfway across the world. So we prayed and fasted fervently to receive answers whether this is what God wanted for us. Eventually on several occasions we both received our spiritual confirmations. I then flew to Utah for just over a week to meet his family and to make sure he and his family was “normal” haha. Conner then flew to N.Z to meet my family and be with us for a few months. It was not all pink hearts and daisies it was rough for the both of us as we had to learn to adjust to each others families, lifestyle and culture. (Especially seeing I was the first Polynesian girl Conner had actually had a conversation with.) But during this period of transition we always had to rely on the spiritual confirmations we received from God on being together. Even once we were married for the first couple of months it was extremely rough, especially for me being away from my family and adjusting to married life. But I am so grateful that my husband and I had both set a deep spiritual foundations in which we could always fall back on. (Especially grateful for my husbands commitment, patience and humility with me during this time.)

1378180_591373764254812_842734700_nHow does a relationship with God help and strengthen our marriage you may wonder?

Because we CHOOSE to be DEPENDENT on a never-failing, all forgiving, completely loving, all-knowing, all-powerful creator. We know that He will never fail us. We ourselves are on a journey to be more like Jesus Christ therefore because Jesus was patient we try to more patient with the faults and weaknesses of others. We also hope for patience from others with our shortcomings. We love even when sometimes we feel we don’t get love in return just like Jesus was to those who persecuted Him. We look to be selfless and serve each other as our Savior was selfless and gave His life for us. We endeavor to be humble and let go of pride when we get in silly arguments. There are so many attributes we can develop to be become better wives, mothers, husbands and fathers as we look towards God and Jesus as our examples. Our marriage will become that of strengthening and building each other instead of belittling and competing with one another.  The love triangle allows us to look towards God as our example for how we should treat and love our families. We have a perfect example that we can follow to create happier and eternal marriages and families.

Below is the spiritual love triangle, it is pretty self explanatory. The closer each of us move towards God in our own personal relationships with God, the closer we would come together in our marriage.


For me this triangular model works time and time again. This model only fails when one of us are putting ourselves before God or not strengthening our relationship with God. This is why I wholeheartedly believe that marriage is a 3 way relationship with God. Marriage is from God and he has given us a way to create a happy family life. We can not and should not take him out of the equation. I pray that we will remember this as we build and strengthen our personal family relationships.

Marriage is a Gift from God to us the quality of our marriage is our Gift to God


Remember you are of Infinite worth and are amazing beyond measure!!

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