Cleftlip Surgery Miracles


Just last weekend we finally had baby’s surgery for her cleft lip. You can probably imagine being a first time parent how scary this was for us. She was scheduled to go in on friday morning for a 2 and a 1/2hour surgery. She had to stop eating from 6am and her surgery was at 11am. For us this was the scariest part because as soon as she wakes up she would scream nonstop at the top of her lungs for food (her record is an hour). We were wondering how on earth was she going to make it for that long. So that morning we were all pretty nervous walking on eggshells so she didn’t wake up cranky, then we gave her a bath (which automatically soothed her down) changed her and she was surprisingly calm without any food. We tried giving her some pedialyte drink but she doesn’t take bottles very well so she just spat it all out…still pretty calm my husband gave her a blessing before we drove down to Salt Lake. Bubba doesn’t like being in the car-seat and being in the car and so we were again nervous for the hour long car ride how she would take it.. surprisingly after a little fussing and spitting out the binky a few times she eventually fell asleep the entire car ride. Through out that morning Aroha was the calmest we had ever seen her. Seeing things always seem to be running late she didn’t go into surgery until around 12 she had a little bit of fussing here and there but nothing compared to her normal screaming.


Few hours just before surgery in her wonderwoman onesie.

I attribute it all the fasting and prayers that had been done by our family and friends. I know that because of the faith and love of those around us that morning turned out way more bearable than we had imagined. Even now, baby is recovering so well. She went straight to breastfeeding and eating like her normal self. She’s still chatting away as if nothing had ever changed.

I am so grateful that there is a higher being that we can rely on and give all of our worries and cares to. He knows how to succor us in time of need. Have a awesome day.

The White’s xo






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