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The Beautiful people of the pacific have amazing talent. Whether it’s singing, dancing, cooking, crafts or being crazy we seriously can do it all. Okay I may be a little bias…. Today we are featuring a awesome blog called Creators of the Pacific. This is a wonderful blog for all you people who are interested in getting into the world of YouTube!!! We all have to admit sometimes we get stuck watching video after video on YouTube and before you know it ummm you have  spent a couple of hours on YouTube instead of doing your assignment, or cleaning or doing something that was actually on your to do list.

Creators of the Pacific was founded by Erica Gayle Tacras. Her aims are to unite and ignite collaborations amongst content creators in the Pacific Rim.  Featured on this blog are a creative collective of YouTube video bloggers, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and filmmakers. They create content that influences and impacts the masses. Right now they are mainly all from Hawaii but I am sure they would love to get many more on board. This is a beautiful initiative that I am all for supporting!

Personally I would love to see more of our talent especially from our Polynesian people, doing their thing and getting recognition for the awesome work that they do.  Whether you have been thinking about it for a long time or have just decided this would be a great idea, grab a camera and give it a go!!! We all have something that people can learn from or even to just get entertained. Yes there will always be haters and negativity wherever you go whatever you do, it’s a thing in life we all have to deal with. But don’t let other people determine your capabilities and your potential.

Creators of the Pacific have some awesome vloggers that you should check out so you can rub shoulders with and learn from their experience. If you have been thinking about vlogging or have any questions  head over to their blog and check out their videos. Or follow them on twitter :)

xo Aim for the Stars!!!!!


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