Dear Baby Spammers…

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We have all said “I’m not going to be one of those mothers that posts a picture of their child on social media every hour of the day, their first giggle, their first smile, first word their first poop, 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th month anniversary till they are a year old” But then we end up doing it anyways defying all our pre-natal determination. And our lonesome maternity leave has driven us to social media for sanity. To be fair we only have 100 different pictures  on our phone and we are only posting 3 so we are completely justified right… 

Today I just wanted to say that from now on I won’t care and get annoyed at you for spamming my news-feed with your newborn baby!  You can baby spam all you like and I won’t judge you for it why you may ask…

1. Being a new mother can be a lonely journey especially if you are confined to the four walls of your apartment building. Going to social media and getting some interaction with other mothers, family and friends can help you keep your sanity! We have all heard of postpartum depression… well social media can ease your transition to a certain degree


2. What else is there really going on in our lives when we are stuck at home with a new born. Of course that’s the only thing we have to share and post about because that’s the only thing we are doing. How many of us are going on trips, going out to dinner, shopping at the mall or doing anything else other than counting bowel movements and dreading our next nursing session. Would you rather see selfies of me still in my pajamas at 3 pm or my fresh little newborns first yawn?

3. When your husband is at work and you see your baby’s first smile of course you want to enjoy it with somebody… anybody… So the easiest way is a quick photo on Instagram and Facebook and we are all basking in that goodness together.  Is that too much to ask for…

Our children are our world. Everything revolves around them until you get to grips with being a mother. If we don’t put them in the spot light who else will. We are our babies number one supporters and biggest fans! Yes there ways to support them other than just social media, but if that be your medium then go for gold! And yes there are some things that I would prefer not to see such as vomit and anything that bypasses through the rear end, but there is a hide button I can easily click if you really have to share it. So lets all just be happy for each other and be supportive especially at the time when our hormones haven’t got it together.

p.s Oh and to the proud aunts out there who adore your nieces and nephews I guess we can include you in this too! Also If you are looking for an awesome newborn gift take a look at Earthknits selection of luxury organic knit towels and blankets. Made from organic bamboo and cotton materials they are perfect for the most sensitive skin. Made with high quality, this is a perfect thoughtful gift for the perfect baby! They also donate 10% of its annual profits to children’s charities…awesome right… You can also check them out on facebook!


Happy Baby Spamming!


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