DIY Easy Natural Sugar Scrub

***Sponsored by Alfons & Isadore***

We all love being pampered every now and then right… okay let’s be honest all the time!!! I have the perfect and easy solution for you to feel like a million dollars everyday. If you are like me you love being pampered but don’t like to spend crazy money on it then you should definitely give sugar scrubs a go. Sugar scrubs are such an easy way to squeeze in some luxury in your busy life. Because we all deserve it!  There are so many recipes out there so I have decided to compile a few of my favorites. Last year I made a rose petal sugar scrub for mother’s day and she loved it. But I generally like to use essential oils because they go a long way.

Most easiest Sugar scrub recipe ever!

1 Cup of Sugar (organic if preferred)

1 Cup of oil (coconut olive oil)

5 drops of Natural essential oils (lavender, orange, peppermint etc)

Mix them in an airtight container, and presto you are done!!!!!! How easy is that! You can also keep some in the bathroom and in the kitchen to use when you are washing your hands to help your hands feel so much softer.  To top it off, having soft luxurious towels by Alfons & Isadore will give you the ultimate pampered experience. Their towels are made in Switzerland from the finest quality cotton and weaved with a secret technique to produce the highest quality luxurious towels. They also provide customized orders for special occasions. Head over to their website and experience this firsthand for yourself.

If you enjoy pampering yourself what are some easy and affordable ways you have been able to do this? Share your thoughts below we would love to hear and maybe even try them out!


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