DIY: Easy No Sew Nursing Cover

DIY Nursing Cover

Turn your old maxi skirt into a fun Nursing Cover. Who could have thought this would be my life saver. As my little munchkin is approaching her 7month mark she is getting a lot more mobile, interested in the world around her which makes feeding time a little bit trickier. I needed something that would protect me from exposing myself to the world!

I have been following some fun mommy blogs and came across some mothers using these awesome infinity scarves which double as nursing covers!!! I love the 360 degree coverage!!! Check these out if you aren’t into the whole DIY thing!

But if you want to go further and actually make your own DIY nursing cover here are the steps.

1. Find Old maxi skirt that you don’t want anymore or even use one that you would prefer a nursing cover.

2. Cut the top band of it


3. You are done… Pull it over your head and give it a whirl. Use it as a Scarf use it as a car seat cover use it as a shopping cart cover!!!! Whatever you want use your imagination!!!



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