DIY: Glassware


So I may have a little obsession with glass objects & SPRAYPAINT!! Well you can’t blame me if there are tonnes of funky things you can do with them!! With being on a tight budget I can’t buy a lot of the super cute things I drool over in Target or other home decor places so that means I have to get a little creative…

You may wonder how I come up with projects. Well to tell you the truth I am a hoarder. I can’t and don’t throw things away because I always think I can turn it into something else. So if I am tempted to throw something away I first google “Repurposed ………(blank)…” If I don’t find anything that I like then I throw it away. Or if repurposed project is going to cost to much I just put it into storage until I can afford whatever I want to make.

These jars were gifts from our wedding… I think they were re-gifted to us because the box seemed worn out and old. We were planning on returning them to the store but didn’t find a store that sold them so we kept them and I made this little number. Not to bad for something we were going to take to the D.I.


These are old glass bottles that we found in our shed when we moved into our house. They were old medicine bottles. I thought they looked super cool so I kept them until I had some time to work some spray paint magic.

11647294_10153028669943590_23564806_n  11650926_10153028669898590_855582489_n

Some more vases that we found for free at a yard sale that people didn’t want. So we took them and transformed them to these little babies!

11652200_10153028670643590_688681845_n 11650774_10153028669958590_820980930_n

We were also given a box of mason jars from a friend with 30 or so jars. I have done lots of things with mason jars but here’s just one of the projects. This is for the bathroom obviously if you didn’t figure out what cotton balls and ear things are for. haha you will be seeing a few more projects with mason jars!

11652267_10153028669933590_191440962_n 11653482_10153028669978590_939181381_n

Stay tune for more fun home projects. I just have one rule of thumb when I do my projects it needs to be finished in a day. If it isn’t I won’t do it. Usually I am not motivated to finish projects unless I can do them in a day or else it takes me forever to do or I will half finish it. What are some of your home projects. Share comment below of more things you guys would like to see that takes less than a day haha

You are awesome! You really are!


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