Holiday Vacation in Pattaya Thailand


Travelling is one of favorite topics to write about so yay for another travel post!!!! While planning my trip to New Zealand I have been using the site AIRBNB to book the places we will be staying at. I love that their accommodations are so affordable and I feel you live more within the communities instead of just staying at a hotel being a tourist. Today we are featuring one of my top 5 places to visit. PATTAYA THAILAND. It’s one of my favorites because my high school bestie is from there, and every time I went to her house I would go straight to the kitchen and demolish her mum’s cooking. Her mum always knew to make way more when I was visiting!


Thailand is one of the most affordable places to visit for a lovely relaxing holiday. If you are already considering visiting Thailand you definitely need to check out these  Pattaya apartment rentals.  They range from $20-$55 a night! With amazing ocean views, rooftop views, Jacuzzis and all that you need for an enjoyable stay. Check them out now! I myself couldn’t help but want to plan a holiday vacation to Thailand so I have compiled a list of  5 things I know I would love to do when I visit Pattaya Thailand.


  1. Buddhist Temple– This is obviously a must if you are visiting Thailand seeing it is a predominantly Buddhist nation a visit to the temple should be priority. I feel understanding culture and heritage is all part of the experience of visiting a new place :)
  2. Elephant Village– heck this is a must in Thailand!!! No brainer!!!!!
  3. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling– Pattaya is a coastal town and so there are plenty of opportunities for beaching it and fishing and other sea adventures!
  4. Buddha Mountain(Khao Chi Chan)– I love scenic views. Anywhere that offers a good hike I will be there!!
  5. Zipline– Always need to add some adventure in there right!elephantpattaya

Have you been to Thailand? How was your experience there? Do you have some valuable tips and tricks??? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


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