Home with no TV?

What you don’t have a TV? What else do you do? It’s interesting to me that so many people can’t imagine a life without a TV. If you go into most living room areas where it supposedly meant to be “family time”, everything is organized so that the TV is the central focus of the living room. (family time is now tv time) Before you get on me I am not an extremist not allowing technology in my home and I am not judging you for having a TV in your home. I am also not against having a TV because we do have our own vices we have a laptop and a smartphone that can take just as much or more of our time, but just going without a TV means one less thing we have to worry about. I am merely writing this article so we can be conscious of how much our children are exposed to screens instead of interacting with real humans aka family, nature and discovering things on their own.

act for themselves and not to be acted upon –  2nd Nephi 2.26

Approximately 99% of households own at least 1 Tv. Average TV per household is 2.24 which then if you add laptops and computers and also cellphones even ipads etc…can you see how quickly consumed our children can be attached to screen time whatever form it may be.  In the same survey 54% of 4- 6 year old kids said they would rather watch TV then play with their fathers!!!

But aside from my kids benefit the real reason is I will get sucked into it. Yeah I already don’t have much self-control when it comes to my phone and laptop so what makes me think having a TV is going to make it any easier. So not having a TV is mainly because I need to practice using my time productively, finding things like reading, going outside, doing my blog. TV is just one less distraction I have in my house. But for those of you out there are pretty good at self control and can manage your children’s television time and can use your time productively big props to you guys out there! Keep it UP!

Pros of NOT having a TV:

  • She wakes up and wants to play with us (also a con on saturday morning)
  • I don’t have to fight her to do something else
  • She doesn’t whine to watch TV (just to play on my phone)
  • I can spend more time with her during the day
  • We spend more time outside
  • We do more hands on activities
  • We take time to see friends and attend playgroups
  • She keeps herself busy with toys and looks at books for entertainment
  • She is always investigating the house for new things to play with
  • She is able to focus on a task for longer periods of time

Cons of NOT having a TV:

  • Miss out on some educational shows they can learn from
  • I don’t have an easily accessible babysitter to keep her occupied
  • My house is generally more messy because she gets into more things
  • It’s harder to show her new things like different animals around the world
  • I get less chill time

With this said there if I do get desperate and need some sanity Signing Time on YouTube is my emergency plan Z. By all means we are not perfect and we need lots of improvement with using our phones and laptop during family time. Our daughter is pretty good at reminding us by coming and shutting the laptop so we can pay attention to her. haha So let’s all evaluate our situations what is distracting us from doing the things that are most important is it phones, computers or televisions, and manage our time a little better. How do you manage screen time and television in the house? Let me know some of your creative ideas!

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