Marriage Interview: Blessing Roberts


What are 3 things you value most about your marriage?

Our Faith in God

Our AVIYAH – My baby, a beautiful chapter of our Marriage

Our heart for Our church, family and friends.

What has been the biggest adjustment for you being married?

Accepting the fact that someone is not always going to view life the way I do for an example if I say or see orange in a situation or a perspective I want my husband to say and see orange too but he does not see orange he sees apple lol

We come from completely different backgrounds growing up and being able to understand that were not the same or are not always going to view life the same way was a hug adjustment for me.

Your single days of doing whatever you want, whenever you want are over lol, when you get married you have priorities and when i don’t prioritise I tend to find the struggle become real.

What was the best advice someone gave you for marriage?

I grew up in Church and my Parents are Pastors well my Mum still is, my Dad has graduated to heaven. I sat in a lot of wedding ceremonies where my Dad conducted the ceremony and would share the word of encouragement for the newly wed couple and the guest – He would always say based on the scripture.

Genesis 2:24

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

When you get married you become one with your husband or your wife therefore when you fight and argue you have got to remember you are one, and when you decide to fight and argue you have decided to hurt yourself – and it is unlikely for someone to just randomly hurt themselves.

This is what I would always hear my dad say at wedding ceremonies- being young, to be honest it was something I would just hear about but never fully understood what my it meant. Now that I am older and married when I do have disagreements or are about to argue with my husband I would re-call what my dad use to say. I have to admit that when I don’t I apply this advice I find myself being sad or hurting because of an argument or something hurtful I have said to my husband. I can say that the day I made vows before God, family and friends I did become one with my husband and when there are ups and downs it is so essential to not hurt your husband or wife because you end up hurting yourself. When I say sorry or he does you find that the hurt you had is healed.

My mum would always say, always be quick to say sorry because you don’t want the last memory of you and your husband in this life being a bad memory but a good memory to remember forever.

For me my Mum and Dad have lived as perfect illustrations of what marriage should and shouldn’t be like- their lives together have been good advice since DAY 1

What have you done to get through your tough times in marriage?

There are different types of tough times in marriage.

It could be between you and your husband or wife or a season that you and your husband are going through it could be a season of praying for something we are in need of.

If it is between me and my husband

I like to get fresh air, quietly pray in my heart for help and good thoughts, do my very best to weigh the good times over the bad and know where I have gone wrong and to apologize.- ( I don’t always follow this order, but I try)

If it is something we are both going through and are in need of

We pray and fast and just trust that God is faithful.

What has been the most enjoyable part of being married?

Family time, time with my husband on a date or just chilling, talking or having a major hyena laugh about something– or going places with our daughter or just being together on our bed trying to converse with our baby. These have been the most enjoyable times of my marriage.

Being united in doing something together have always proved to be fruitful – successful.

Team work is what I have enjoyed a lot in marriage.

Any other comments:

I’m not perfect and my husband isn’t perfect either, which is why it so vital to know God because he is Perfect and no matter what our flaws are he is always willing to perfect our imperfections, and that to me is purely perfect.

I love marriage it is beautiful in God.


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