Our Intentional Parenting Techniques

I want my child to be….. responsible, kind, hardworking, courageous, well mannered, independant.. and the list can go on right. No we can’t choose what our child will become but as parents we do have influence in how they can develop these attributes and values. Th

Yes another post on being Intentional because I believe this life needs to be lived intentionally! And especially when it comes to raising children.  Lots of people just leave it up to nature to take its course with their children. In many cases that’s great and other cases we can’t just take the back seat we need to be conscious and aware of what are children are learning, how they are learning and how we can leverage their experiences without getting in the way. Growing up my mum always always said learning begins in the home! Not at school or church it’s in the HOME! And it begins from the moment they are born. (CRAZY… right) Do you know what you are teaching your child each day? Are you aware your child is constantly learning from you with or without your consent. If so you might as well be aware of what you are teaching them right? Being intentional means you are involved and not sitting on the bench. We all have our own things we believe it is important for our children to learn and we know or have access to ways we can teach our children in the home.

Today I just wanted to share ways we are being intentional with our daughter within our own home.


  1. Eliminating “NO” – Using positive parenting methods we have not been using the words “No” with her. We would use the distraction method majority of the time or if it wasn’t such a big deal just let her explore until she learnt for herself the consequences of something. So if she was playing with something that could fall and it wasn’t dangerous I would just let it fall so she could see the consequences. If it hit her toe she would feel the consequences. This has made her extremely aware of the consequences of things that she does. There is an exception to no or stop is when she is doing something that can kill her like running out on the street. There are so many more other vocabulary that we can avoid with our children and replacements that are better for them.
  2. Minimal Screen Time – I am extremely intentional with this. I probably allow baby to watch 30mins of Signing Time or Nursery Rhymes like every 2 days on my laptop. So in about a week she watches a screen about 3 times. This has so many benefits that I share more about in this post.
  3. Minimal Toys – After reading a book about simplifying parenting by…. I realised Baby room has so much clutter. I decided to take out majority of her toys in her room and only leave between 5-10 toys to play with. I also minimised her books so she wouldn’t have so many books everywhere. This has helped with a cleaner and less cluttered room. Every couple of months I switch out her toys.This also helps her focus on playing with one thing at a time. Instead of just going in there and throwing everything around. I grew up where there were little toys and we had to use our imagination and creativity and looking back I loved it so I want the same for her.
  4. Encourage Creativity – So big for me!!! I want my baby to figure out and learn on her own. Find her way of doing thing she doesn’t have to do things my way. Even though it comes with lots of frustration from her but the joy on her face once she gets it is priceless. This also requires a lot of patience from me and to hold myself back especially when I want to just save the day.
  5. New Experiences– My husband and I love to take baby to learn and explore new environments. Taking her to the park to feed the ducks, to the zoo to the pet store, to see animals. We want to give her plenty of opportunity for experiences. In the future we hope to be able to take our children on adventures in different countries to see different ways of living and how people live.
  6. Comfort Zone – We love helping our baby explore her limits and feel fear and learn to deal with it. We love seeing her at 14 months climb up to the highest slide in the playground and slide down by herself. We love helping her see she limits herself and she is capable of hard things if she puts her mind to it.
  7. Affirmations – I want my baby to develop positive views of herself and others. In the morning after prayer we read affirmations to help her and me to start our day with positive thoughts. I am hoping that this will be instilled into her subconscious and will influence her in other aspects of her life. IMG_4758

How are you being intentional with your children? What are you teaching your children? What do you want your children to learn and become? How do you incorporate these into everyday activties? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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