Dear Baby Spammers…

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We have all said “I’m not going to be one of those mothers that posts a picture of their child on social media every hour of the day, their first giggle, their first smile, first word their first poop, 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th month anniversary till they are a year old” But then we end up doing it anyways defying all our pre-natal determination. And our lonesome maternity leave has driven us to social media for sanity. To be fair we only have 100 different pictures  on our phone and we are only posting 3 so we are completely justified right… 

Today I just wanted to say that from now on I won’t care and get annoyed at you for spamming my news-feed with your newborn baby!  You can baby spam all you like and I won’t judge you for it why you may ask…

1. Being a new mother can be a lonely journey especially if you are confined to the four walls of your apartment building. Going to social media and getting some interaction with other mothers, family and friends can help you keep your sanity! We have all heard of postpartum depression… well social media can ease your transition to a certain degree


2. What else is there really going on in our lives when we are stuck at home with a new born. Of course that’s the only thing we have to share and post about because that’s the only thing we are doing. How many of us are going on trips, going out to dinner, shopping at the mall or doing anything else other than counting bowel movements and dreading our next nursing session. Would you rather see selfies of me still in my pajamas at 3 pm or my fresh little newborns first yawn?

3. When your husband is at work and you see your baby’s first smile of course you want to enjoy it with somebody… anybody… So the easiest way is a quick photo on Instagram and Facebook and we are all basking in that goodness together.  Is that too much to ask for…

Our children are our world. Everything revolves around them until you get to grips with being a mother. If we don’t put them in the spot light who else will. We are our babies number one supporters and biggest fans! Yes there ways to support them other than just social media, but if that be your medium then go for gold! And yes there are some things that I would prefer not to see such as vomit and anything that bypasses through the rear end, but there is a hide button I can easily click if you really have to share it. So lets all just be happy for each other and be supportive especially at the time when our hormones haven’t got it together.

p.s Oh and to the proud aunts out there who adore your nieces and nephews I guess we can include you in this too! Also If you are looking for an awesome newborn gift take a look at Earthknits selection of luxury organic knit towels and blankets. Made from organic bamboo and cotton materials they are perfect for the most sensitive skin. Made with high quality, this is a perfect thoughtful gift for the perfect baby! They also donate 10% of its annual profits to children’s charities…awesome right… You can also check them out on facebook!


Happy Baby Spamming!


DIY Easy Natural Sugar Scrub

***Sponsored by Alfons & Isadore***

We all love being pampered every now and then right… okay let’s be honest all the time!!! I have the perfect and easy solution for you to feel like a million dollars everyday. If you are like me you love being pampered but don’t like to spend crazy money on it then you should definitely give sugar scrubs a go. Sugar scrubs are such an easy way to squeeze in some luxury in your busy life. Because we all deserve it!  There are so many recipes out there so I have decided to compile a few of my favorites. Last year I made a rose petal sugar scrub for mother’s day and she loved it. But I generally like to use essential oils because they go a long way.

Most easiest Sugar scrub recipe ever!

1 Cup of Sugar (organic if preferred)

1 Cup of oil (coconut olive oil)

5 drops of Natural essential oils (lavender, orange, peppermint etc)

Mix them in an airtight container, and presto you are done!!!!!! How easy is that! You can also keep some in the bathroom and in the kitchen to use when you are washing your hands to help your hands feel so much softer.  To top it off, having soft luxurious towels by Alfons & Isadore will give you the ultimate pampered experience. Their towels are made in Switzerland from the finest quality cotton and weaved with a secret technique to produce the highest quality luxurious towels. They also provide customized orders for special occasions. Head over to their website and experience this firsthand for yourself.

If you enjoy pampering yourself what are some easy and affordable ways you have been able to do this? Share your thoughts below we would love to hear and maybe even try them out!


10 Ways to Help the Environment

            ***SPONSORED by LUMBERCASE***

I know this is bad but I have to admit to not being so careful about looking after our environment! I mean I do the basics things like recycle and donating to thrift stores but I know there is more that I can do! Yes there is a big list of things that we need to improve but this is just as important. Imagine not being able to go for walks because of the air quality is bad! For me that would be horrific!!! We all should be more conscious about our earth for so many reasons one being we still have many more generations to follow. And I also feel we have a connection with nature and it looks after us in so many ways the least we can do is look after her in return. So today I have compiled a list of some easy ways that I can be better at looking after the environment.

  1. Print Documents Double Sided – sounds too easy
  2. Plant more trees – or join groups that are planting locally
  3. Take a shorter shower – treat baths as a luxury instead of a nightly routine
  4. Leave the Car and walk or bike. Maybe carpool or use public transport for fun!
  5. Wash your car with a bucket instead using the hose.
  6.  Give it away instead of throw away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  7. Start a compost- not as easy but once you get started you won’t go back. (Still on my list to do’s!
  8. USE a reusable shopping bag instead of getting plastic.
  9. RECYCLE – obviously plastics and paper separate from the rest
  10. REPURPOSE – This is by far my favorite and what I do the most of!
  11. Bonus – SUPPORT businesses that are environmentally conscious! Like LUMBERCASE!

Isn’t it awesome when you see businesses go out of their way to do something for the environment? I am sure you have seen many of those videos of our forests being depleted and we think what can I do? LUMBERCASE are providing the opportunity for you to help the environment with every purchase of their wooden IPhone Cases. With your purchase you will be contributing directly to planting one tree.  They have many sleek and modern designs. So check them out and support the cause!

Let’s all help the planet that we all share. One small step at a time!!! What methods do you use or want to do? Share and comment below!


Create your own personal Affirmations


At first Affirmations just seemed really airy fairy to me. How could just reading sentences help me each day? As I researched further into affirmations I didn’t realize how powerful they were! And that there were so many successful people using affirmations to help them in their everyday life.  In general Affirmations are sentences you read daily that will help you align your big Vision of who you are with your daily actions. I knew this is something that I was lacking and I needed.

We all know the saying that we become who we hang around with…  But an even more powerful statement is also true “You become who you SAY you are”… (I don’t know who said that but I’m positive it’s out there just google it!) In our daily talk we probably say many negative things about ourselves…. I am OCD, I am a Scatterbrain, I am messy, My thighs are fat, I can’t run, I am all over the show etc…. But little do we realize the more we say these about ourselves the more we become those people! If you really do want to change those behaviours then you need to BEGIN BY FIRST changing your language!!!


I decided I wanted to create my own affirmations, with many areas that I needed to work on I decided to focus in on a few main areas first. Mainly I wanted to work on being a better disciple of Christ a better wife and I wanted to work on getting more confidence with blogging.  After a week of repeating my affirmations, I noticed a difference in my work ethic and my relationship with my husband. Although it seems so cliche seeing this but it really does work. I have created this video to explain in a little more detail my process, and the 5 steps I used to creating my affirmations.

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to a belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. – MUHAMMAD ALI

So if you think you need some help on staying focused on your goals!! Get out a pen and paper and take some notes!!! Below are some examples of affirmations you can get inspiration from. Remember create your affirmations one of the many tools to help you uncover the best you that you can be!












Three Words to describe your LIFE

The book 7 habits of Highly Effective People written by an awesome author Steven Covey. I was first introduced to this author while at university in one of my marketing classes. His theory of the Time management theory was one of the theories we were learning. When I read about his matrix it really strung a couple of chords with me, being curious at who the author behind this Time Management theory was I googled him and found out he studied at BYU and Utah university and instantly loved him and this theory haha

I went on to read more things from this author and one of his most recognized books is The 7 habits of highly effective people. Today I just wanted to touch on one point in this book. He says imagine being at a funeral, you walk up to the casket and the person you see in there is you. He says imagine what things you would like said about you. Choose three words that you would want for your life to be described?

After reading this section it really made me think deeper than normal. I had to search within myself to figure out WHO I AM..  and know WHAT MY PURPOSE is… I had to evaluate this over a couple of days to choose what would I want people to say about me. After pondering for a bit I decided on these three words…


SERVE: Service is my first word. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to serve those around me, in my teenage years went through a selfish stage so I am still trying to make a comeback.  For me I believe service is my prime reason to why I am here on earth. Whether it’s to serve my children and help them get ready to school to serving a full time mission or doing Humanitarian work in third world countries. I  know I have always received the greatest joy whenever I am serving others. So my biggest mission is to serve in anyway I can. I would love to be known as somebody always serving. Obviously the most well known people who served are those as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi but we can do it small ways in our homes and communities.

INSPIRE: I love this word because it just makes me jump. Seeing people get out of their comfort zone and doing something they never thought they could gives me my motivation. Inspiring others is a goal for me because it makes me live in such a way so that I can speak with authenticity. I also love being inspired by people, I get inspired by a people are going through illnesses but still manages to keep a smile on their face. I am inspired by a teenage mother who goes back to school and tries to build a new future for her and her child. I am inspired by people in history who suffered and travelled and fought for their freedoms. To be inspired then To Inspire!

LOVE: Love is all we need. Love is what I desire to be my motivation for all things. Our Saviour loved us he gave His life for us. Everything we do needs to be because of love. If we love God we keep his commandments. Love means I speak kindly and forgive quickly. Love means how many times my kids frustrate me I will always love. Love means being genuine, understanding and putting others ahead of ourselves.

All of these words I know will take a lifetime of work. But I hope to work and develop them each and every day. What are your words? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic.


Creators of the Pacific

***Featured Blog***


The Beautiful people of the pacific have amazing talent. Whether it’s singing, dancing, cooking, crafts or being crazy we seriously can do it all. Okay I may be a little bias…. Today we are featuring a awesome blog called Creators of the Pacific. This is a wonderful blog for all you people who are interested in getting into the world of YouTube!!! We all have to admit sometimes we get stuck watching video after video on YouTube and before you know it ummm you have  spent a couple of hours on YouTube instead of doing your assignment, or cleaning or doing something that was actually on your to do list.

Creators of the Pacific was founded by Erica Gayle Tacras. Her aims are to unite and ignite collaborations amongst content creators in the Pacific Rim.  Featured on this blog are a creative collective of YouTube video bloggers, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and filmmakers. They create content that influences and impacts the masses. Right now they are mainly all from Hawaii but I am sure they would love to get many more on board. This is a beautiful initiative that I am all for supporting!

Personally I would love to see more of our talent especially from our Polynesian people, doing their thing and getting recognition for the awesome work that they do.  Whether you have been thinking about it for a long time or have just decided this would be a great idea, grab a camera and give it a go!!! We all have something that people can learn from or even to just get entertained. Yes there will always be haters and negativity wherever you go whatever you do, it’s a thing in life we all have to deal with. But don’t let other people determine your capabilities and your potential.

Creators of the Pacific have some awesome vloggers that you should check out so you can rub shoulders with and learn from their experience. If you have been thinking about vlogging or have any questions  head over to their blog and check out their videos. Or follow them on twitter :)

xo Aim for the Stars!!!!!


Holiday Vacation in Pattaya Thailand


Travelling is one of favorite topics to write about so yay for another travel post!!!! While planning my trip to New Zealand I have been using the site AIRBNB to book the places we will be staying at. I love that their accommodations are so affordable and I feel you live more within the communities instead of just staying at a hotel being a tourist. Today we are featuring one of my top 5 places to visit. PATTAYA THAILAND. It’s one of my favorites because my high school bestie is from there, and every time I went to her house I would go straight to the kitchen and demolish her mum’s cooking. Her mum always knew to make way more when I was visiting!


Thailand is one of the most affordable places to visit for a lovely relaxing holiday. If you are already considering visiting Thailand you definitely need to check out these  Pattaya apartment rentals.  They range from $20-$55 a night! With amazing ocean views, rooftop views, Jacuzzis and all that you need for an enjoyable stay. Check them out now! I myself couldn’t help but want to plan a holiday vacation to Thailand so I have compiled a list of  5 things I know I would love to do when I visit Pattaya Thailand.


  1. Buddhist Temple– This is obviously a must if you are visiting Thailand seeing it is a predominantly Buddhist nation a visit to the temple should be priority. I feel understanding culture and heritage is all part of the experience of visiting a new place :)
  2. Elephant Village– heck this is a must in Thailand!!! No brainer!!!!!
  3. Scuba Diving or Snorkeling– Pattaya is a coastal town and so there are plenty of opportunities for beaching it and fishing and other sea adventures!
  4. Buddha Mountain(Khao Chi Chan)– I love scenic views. Anywhere that offers a good hike I will be there!!
  5. Zipline– Always need to add some adventure in there right!elephantpattaya

Have you been to Thailand? How was your experience there? Do you have some valuable tips and tricks??? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


Micha Online Accessory Store

***Sponsored Post***

Behind every business is always a story and I love sharing behind the scenes each of them! I love seeing who the mastermind is behind their storefront displays. Today our online store highlight is Micha Store. They are an online jewelry store based in Chicago. The store was founded by four friends who all shared a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. In realization to their shared dreams and passion they decided to build this online store naming the store after themselves Micha (Maria, Intan, Catherine, Hilda, Accessories) I love that they had this idea and they went out and did it together!michanecklance

They offer a wide range of accessories for the average girl who loves to accessorize. I know I love accessorizing when I want to spruce up a boring outfit. From necklaces, bracelets to earrings they offer accessories for every occasion. I am sure you will find something that will suit whatever you are looking for.

Micha Store believes in providing our customers with excellent service and great products with a reasonable price. Our products are geared towards the latest fashion trends all year round from winter to fall. Micha Store believes that good accessories make good style and good look; good look make a more confident you! Right now they currently ship only within the United States. Hopefully growing later down the road.  Go ahead and check them out on facebook and instagram.micha


Funky Giraffe Bandana Bib Review and GIVEAWAY!

***Product Review and GIVEAWAY!!!****

unnamed (1)

Today I am excited to be doing a review on Funky Giraffe baby bibs. These are the cutest most darling bibs on the market. I am not a crazy fan of baby prints but I love the more classic prints. Hence why I choose more the polka dot and stripe prints. They are also useful because they are gender neutral for kids down the road. The mustache print was for just incase we had a boy next.. jokes. Anyways the photo above are the bibs that I ordered. I ordered all of them in the small size and only one in the extra-large.

I have been doing baby led weaning with Miss A, which if you know is  messy eating bonanza. And if you have seen me feeding her you know I rarely if ever use a bib just because I don’t have very many and I am kind of lazy so when you have a screaming baby wanting food I just give her the food not really thinking about her clothes until after the fact of the matter. Which results in a nasty laundry pile waiting for me!!! Yikes… So you can imagine how super excited and relieved I was when  I was able to get my hands on these bibs!!!!! I could just leave them on and not worry about finding it when it came time for eating.

When placing my order, I found their website is super easy to navigate and straightforward to use. I got an email saying they received my order and another email saying my order was despatched which was perfect for me because I like to track my packages, so I know when to expect them. It arrived on time and the order was correct all the bibs were in perfect condition. No fuss or hassle!

The bibs are made of cotton on the front and polyester on the back. I love cotton seeing it’s so breathable. She isn’t drooling a tonne so I am not 100% sure on absorbency. But I am now prepared for when she starts teething we will have some bibs ready for her :) With the food she did eat nothing went through to her clothes and she used the bib the entire day. With the floral print when she got some food stains on it which was fine because it blended well with the floral haha I also love that there are adjustable clips on the back but I am guttered that I didn’t order them in the bigger size because I now have to clip them on the second clip.  So rookie mistake for me for not checking the sizing before I ordered, I just ordered what looked cute.

The only downside to this bib is that because she is self feeding she always ends up with food on her lap. But I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds all the time right… And personally I would probably buy some more practicable bibs for using around the home and will be saving these cute bibs when we are going out and about. But who says you can’t use them anywhere right…


  • Style: 10/10
  • Quality:10/10
  • Functionality: 7/10

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! To win a set of 10 bibs….head over to Funky Giraffe website and tell us which are your favourite bibs. In the comments below type which one is your favourite bib for one entry. You can win for yourself or give it as a gift! (For websites in the US or UK.)

1 Entry per person on the website but follow me on Instagram for multiple entries.

Entries Close in 48 hours!!!




5 Tips to prepare for University or College

***Sponsored Post***


College or University whatever you want to call it! This is a hectic time for those getting ready to get out in there in the Big Bad World. Also a super exciting time. Some things to consider while applying for university or college…

  1. Do it early.Whether it’s scholarships or your applications. The earlier the better so you don’t have to stress just before you start classes
  2. Don’t pack on the pounds. Now that your mum doesn’t cook for you and you think you have free reign to eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner. Please don’t make every 1st year’s mistake and eat out at Wendy’s and BK every day.
  3. Get a job before the semester starts.Usually you will have a few more hours to spare in the first year. Your classes aren’t as difficult especially if you are doing generals. Make use of your time get a job, or experience in the related field.
  4. Apply for scholarships and grants.Seriously you don’t have to be smart to get one, they have scholarships for all sorts of things, sports, community work, extracurricular, and leadership you name it. You will be surprised how many people avoid doing an essay for an hour or two but would rather work for 200 hours to pay off their college tuition. Come on people!!!
  5. Just go to class. I know I was supposed to read my textbooks every day, and if I did I am positive I would have gotten better grades. But I was a lazy student and did the bare minimum which was attend every single class. For me just turning up to the class and listening helped me process the information so much better and I didn’t have to even open up my textbook during the semester.
  6. Create a Portfolio. Through Admitopia you can create a portfolio which will enable you to position yourself ahead of the game. Some colleges are really hard to get into and there is a lot of competition. By creating this professional portfolio it’s a easy way of submitting your information to the different colleges. You can also talk to students and professionals who may give you advice on what to do for your career path.admitopia

Do you have experience that you want to share? Or questions in preparing for college! Comment below!




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