Knowing your personality?

Yeah we have all seen millions of those silly tests that tell you what era you belong in, what food you would be, what animal you would be depending on the questions you answer. But have you actually sat down and taken a proper personality test. If you haven’t I would encourage you to do so.



Why is knowing your personality helpful?

Knowing yourself is the first step to being able to improve ourselves. Knowing what makes us tick and what will enable us to move from point A to point B will help us have greater understanding and possibly be kinder to ourselves. Maybe I’m just saying this because I am very much a thinker and enjoy seeing motives for different actions. But I really do think it is extremely useful.

Personality is at the center of how we interact with each other on a daily basis, whether you are at work or at home. It provides a framework for understanding why our lives look like our own, and not like our neighbors. Whether we’re choosing a job, a partner, or even a home, our personalities drive our choices and shape the paths that our lives take.

Our personality traits can also influence the way we view and handle money. Each personality type is prone to some positive tendencies when it comes to spending, investing and saving. Each type shares some tendencies that raise red flags as well. A little introspection concerning these things can help build a more stable financial life.

My Experience

It was crazy when  I took my personality test and read the description, I felt like they were describing my life to a T. It even mentioned how I prefer long distance relationships because my imagination is not limited. This phrase summed up my thoughts and interactions with people,

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.  Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It was like somebody knew how I was inside and out. I really thought I was the only weirdo who always asked people about their dreams, and what they would want to do if they had no limiting beliefs, but it’s good to know there are many out there with my same personality traits. If you haven’t taken your personality traits test google MBTI, Socionics Personality Test or anything similar. Then you can download an awesome app called Incognido that you can search for other people who have similar or different personality types. Incognido is 100% free to create an account, browse and search for other personality types.


Why you need a Mentor


I have had so many wonderful mentors in my life that have guided and directed me in different aspects of my life. But as I have left my childhood, I am now in search of mentors in my areas of interest and career.  If you talk to any successful person they are bound to have had someone guide them on their journey, or they were following in somebody else’s footsteps. The benefits of a mentor are countless, but today I would like to highlight a few reasons why you should have your own mentor, especially if you are looking towards achieving something that they have already accomplished.

1. Insight and Vision: Having a mentor will help you develop a clearer vision of where you want to go and how to get there. A mentor will also help you stretch your vision and give you new perspectives on things.

2. Experience: Because they have been on this journey already they can give you guidance and direction. They have a wealth of experience that can help you avoid falling into the holes that they fell in.

3. Contacts: Mentors generally know and have lots of points of contacts of people in the industry. They already have their go to people and are established. Therefore by just getting their points of contacts that can save you a lot of time, effort and resources.

4. Team: Being an entrepreneur can be a lonesome journey. Therefore a mentor is like a business partner that you need to help you bounce ideas off. This is extremely useful if you are head of your organization or CEO with no one else to talk to.

Mentors are there so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. They already have the roadmap to success so all you need to do is get your hands on the roadmap!!! There are also many programs out there willing to help you find mentors. Strongbrook Mentoring Community have an awesome network of mentors that can help you. You can also download their free app at It pretty much is the “netflix” for personal development. You can find content on wealth, health, business, personal growth, real estate and more. To download the app you need an invitation code which can only be found on their website.
There is also the opportunity to create a wealth roadmap using traditional assets, such as real estate, for every level of investor and income earner. This roadmap is a plan developed for each individual that you control, to reach your own personal wealth goals..

Have you had your own experience with mentors? Have you mentored others? What have you benefited from mentoring or being mentored? Comment below your thoughts and impressions.

Be amazing


Kindness is Key



This is a beautiful quote, I love that Kindness is referred to as Wisdom. Because wisdom is much deeper than just knowledge itself. Once we get past the knowing stage and actually pass through to actually attain understanding we will begin to see that no matter how much wisdom and knowledge you may have, being kind to yourself and others around you will trump it all. Wisdom gives you the understanding that Kindness will help you into heart of all those around you. Wisdom will allow you to see that kindness will break down negative and stubborn barriers. Kindness is wisdom in its purest form.

HumanKind – Be kind to other Humans!



Beautiful Organizing Tips

Do you love organizing? There is a difference with picking up and tidying up and actually organizing… I love it when I can open up a drawer and know that it’s not a whole bunch of things stuffed in there so we don’t have to see it regularly. When everything is organized and in its perfect place I feel like my whole world is in harmony. So today I have some fun ways to organize your home to ensure there is less clutter and only the things that you really need.

1 DIY Shelves: Using old belts and block of wood!!! Love this vintage classy idea. Super cute and clean and easy to make.


2. Shadow Foam – Awesome way to keep a tidy drawer with everything in its place. You will never have to go rummaging around looking for something because you will know instantly if it’s gone. To get your own shadow foam visit

FullSizeRender IMG_8036

3. Simple Paper Clips… You can spray paint them to make all sorts of fun colours to match your office space or bedroom.


4. Old Trunks double as storage space and cute tables


5. Chair as an end table.. Even better if you paint it to match the colour scheme of your bedroom. When you get bored with it you can switch it up and use it for actually sitting.


6. If you are a sewing ammature or glue gun expert like me this is definitely a fun crafts project. You can use this for almost anything small you want. If you want this can also be hidden behind a door or closet.


What are your ways that you like to decorate and secretly organize at the same time? How do you manage to keep an organized mess?

5 favorite christmas traditions


Yes you read right.. I am already talking about CHRISTMAS!!! My favourite time of the year woop woop!!! It’s never to early to be prepared right… Nothing is more fun than just doing a simple activity with the family time and time again. Holiday season is a time for family and loved ones to bond,reconnect and build memories. I have compiled a list of my favourites as of 2015


1.. The tree! One of my favourite traditions as a little kid was to put up our fake christmas tree and decorate it as a family with Mariah Carey all I want for christmas and Snoopy’s 1st christmas blasting in the background. My time round we have chosen to cut down or pick a real christmas tree with the kiddies.  But there are some that don’t want the hassle of going out in the cold and prefer a real christmas tree. Hilltop Farms offer you a range of Fresh Balsam and Fraser fir Christmas trees ranging from Tabletop (3-4 ft) right up to 8 ft. You can choose a date for you tree to be shipped and Hilltop Farms will deliver your tree to your door. Take advantage of their 10% off before November 1St. If you get a tree delivered your tradition can be the decorating part!

2. Christmas Eve – Making cookies together as a family and having hot chocolate while you watch a christmas movie. My husband’s family would also open a gift which would always be christmas pyjamas to sleep in that night.

3. Presents. My mum loved preparing gifts for the extended family, seeing we didn’t do the whole santa’s gifts we just gave gifts to each other. Christmas eve we would deliver them to people’s houses we would take turns running it to the door. As we got older we got lazy and just waited till they came over sometimes that meant we had lots of late christmas gifts. This year we are going to focus on a less is more mentality and also giving experiences whether it be a restaurant gift card or a gift card to get a luxurious massage,  instead of physical things that are usually forgotten about 2 days later.

4. Christmas Story – Reading the christmas story together is something I wish we did this more often. Whether on the night before or on the actual morning taking sometime to focus on the WHY we have christmas can help us all keep a Christ centered christmas.

5. Anything Service oriented – look for something where everybody can feel the spirit of christmas. We all know most joy comes from brightening the day for somebody else. You can invite somebody who is lonely to join you in christmas celebrations, or volunteer at a homeless shelter or elderly home. One year I took my ambitious little sisters to sing and dance and play their recorder while I played the piano at an elderly home. I secretly hoped that most of them were hearing impaired!


6. Lights – Temple lights are what I have always loved to see. We also love just driving through neighbourhoods and looking at everybody’s fancy light displays.

some others are…

– cookies and milk for santa and oats and water for his reindeer

– elf on the shelf

– thankful list

– DIY christmas decorations

–  gingerbread men and houses

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?

Do you know your Purpose and Vision?



I love the verse in the Book of Mormon

We are agents unto ourselves. We are here to act and not be acted upon.

Heavenly Father has given us a purpose in this life to be a part of His work and build his Kingdom here on earth. But we all have our own parts to play in this great work. Do you know where you fit in? Do you know what part you play into His amazing plan? Have you taken the time to ask Him these questions? Have you taken the time to listen to what He is communicating to you?

Once you come to the realization of what your purpose and role is, your vision starts to unfold naturally. Creating a vision of our entire life enables us to develop motivation, drive and purpose in the everyday things we do. When you create your vision you are consciously choosing to act for yourself and not to just flow to and fro with whatever comes your way. If you don’t create your vision the reality is you will be allowing other people and circumstances to direct your life. Whether you are creating a vision for your family or business the same principals apply.

Life is too short to be doing nothing or just going with the flo. Start today on living each day with purpose!

Questions to consider

Creating your vision doesn’t just happen instantly. For me it was here a little there a little until all the little pieces started to make sense. Even today I feel that I get more pieces as I have accomplished what I have received. I personally feel that God gives us enough to work on and then will give more once we have done that. To get started on your purpose and vision here are some questions to consider…

  • What are my 5 most important values that I hold dear?
  • What legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • If you did not have any fear of people or failure what would you do?
  • What would you do if you didn’t get paid?
  • What are your natural talents?
  • What experiences do you get the most joy from?
  • Describe or draw your ideal life? 5,  10 20 years from now

Get Clear

I love visualizing my vision and each day manifesting it so that it comes true and I live it each day.  My vision helps me align my actions every day so that I am living with purpose. When you create your vision, seek for clarity. Getting clear on what you want helps you achieve those lofty visions. Just saying “I want to be an entrepreneur” can only get you so far, it may just help you start thinking about different business ideas. But saying I am an creative entrepreneur promoting other creatives such as artists, musicians  dancers to get more exposure. This vision clearly defines where you are heading. You will achieve better results with a clear vision. It is better to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your vision otherwise holding too many baskets with eggs will result in scrambled eggs.

Continuously go back to the source of all knowledge to help guide you through your journey of finding your purpose. He will direct and guide you so you know what it is you need to do to help you live a purpose driven life.

Here is an example.

Purpose: To serve and inspire

Mission: To create, share and provide tools for women who want to live a fulfilling and purpose driven life.

Vision: A world where women who live by faith, know their purpose are serving and are living life purposefully.


Is someone ruining your life?

Blaming others take time and energy away from improving yourself

You are the Problem and you are the Solution! – Yes it’s the greatest advice that nobody wants to hear especially when they are feeling at an all time low!

I have a friend that came to me with some of his problems. He said that his boss at work was ungrateful for his long hours, his colleagues didn’t appreciate the help he gave them, he said that his parents were going crazy, and girls he was dating just didn’t know what they want and weren’t committed. In every situation he explained the problem always seemed to lay somewhere else. It was never his fault and it couldn’t be his fault.

If we keep looking to find people and circumstances to blame, we will never find lasting happiness. WHY you say, it’s because we will be continuously relying on other people for our happiness. We are human and therefore have endless amount of imperfections. So of course there will always be something wrong with those around us. But unfortunately we do not have any control of other people and what they do. They only thing we have control over is ourselves what we choose to annoy us.

I want to share my own personal experience growing up. In my home we weren’t very good at saying please and thank you, I got annoyed and frustrated when I did something for my family members and I never heard a thank you as if my good deed was an expectation. While in this frustration, a light bulb moment when I realized that I myself wasn’t saying thank you either. Once I recognized this I made a conscious effort to ensure I said thank you. After a little while I noticed that this had a domino effect and my siblings were saying thank you as well.

We can’t change people as much as we would love to and it’s not our job! If you are going through circumstances where everything seems to be going south.  Do this exercise. Stop and reflect for a moment, ask yourself what am I doing to better this situation? Am I just expecting them to change and I me not do anything? Is there anything that we can do together? Before you jump down somebody’s throat and point the finger lets just first evaluate our actions… and then take it from there.

Ghandi couldn’t have said it any better

“Be the change you want to see in the world.

This wonderful girl is an awesome example of not letting people ruin her life!!! She bought tears to my eyes!!! Her story is awesome and we can all take something away from this!!!

Be amazing! Be the best you!!!

DIY Family PhotoBook

***SPONSORED POST by Photobook Joy***

This has been on my to do list for the longest time and am so grateful that I have finally been able to make it. I wanted to make this mainly because we have family they don’t live close by and that we don’t get to see often. I also want to encourage reading and help it be a fun activity for her, so seeing these are familiar faces in a book she will hopefully be more inclined to read it.

I also want to add pages where it talks about great grandmothers and more genealogy so that this is something that they grow up learning and understanding and appreciating.  I was just reading through the digital copy of this book with her and she is smiling and talking as we go through each page. I believe this is a must have for every baby! Whether you print it out as a book or just go through photos of family members seeing faces and names is definitely something that both you and your baby will enjoy.

Here is the copy of  my photobook that I created for Miss A (Myfamilybook) I will also be creating an extended version of this with all the aunts and uncles and great grandparents who have passed on.  Super easy I just used word and just kept it simple and plain. I didn’t want it to be distracting as I wanted the focus to be just on the image and the word. A scrapbook photo album is where you would want to get your crafty on.

photobook pic

There are so many fun websites to create your photobook if you don’t want to use word such as You can create your book and they can send it out for gifts or for yourself.  I eventually want to do this with our book so it can last for all the kiddies, and the life of books don’t last too good in toddlers hands so if you are thinking of using photos make sure you have duplicate photos. Whether you want to make a family photo book or just make a photo album capturing all your memories or even baby’s first year, making a book will always be a treasured keepsake. Beginning next year they will be shipping internationally.



How I became a Dream Coach

*** Featured Dream Coach Joanna Ruckenstein***


Joanna Ruckenstein, a woman dedicated to lifting people up, wants to share her story and insight on how she fulfilled her biggest dreams starting at 36 years old.

Joanna was born in Montreal, Canada. She grew up having everything she ever wanted. Attended good schools, always had abundant food in the fridge, went on family vacations, and had a loving family.

But growing up Joanna often felt alone; like a black sheep. She also has a big heart and tried to be a good person to people. She always just wanted everyone to like her. So she lived for other people and not for herself.

In elementary & high school, Joanna was bullied & made fun of most days and came home crying. What’s worse is that she didn’t defend herself.

Through her teenage and early 20s, she lived through several romantic relationships full of lies, and men who took most of her money & time.

At 36, Joanna finally got to a point where she decided to pack it up and leave Montreal, the city of many of her broken memories. She knew there was more to life than what she had already lived, and so she sold her home to go find more.

After extensive travelling through Europe, the middle East & Asia, Joanna decided to live in Thailand. It was there that she made beautiful connections with people who were more connected to the land and the simple things in life. These people had much less material possessions than she did, but they were somehow always happy and resilient.

Two days after her 39th Birthday, Joanna fought her first pro Muay Thai fight (Thai kickboxing) at a local stadium. That experience was the catalyst that proved there were no limits in life.

Now back in Canada, Joanna works as an inspirational dream coach. She uses different approaches such as active listening but also motivational dinners & an online 11-week program called the Party 4 One to show her clients how to live every day to the fullest, build up their self-confidence and the courage to chase their dreams.

“Life is about always taking care of yourself, living with integrity and demanding respect” is in creation because Joanna sees the world needs some help.

“Today, my life’s work is specific to travelling the world, supporting and empowering all people, and helping those who can’t afford help. Being able to travel while doing this has thrilled my heart and my spirit. This is my WHY. This is what I would continue to do even if I had 20 million dollars.”

“People need to check in with themselves, chase more joy and chase their dreams. And then give more”

If you would like to follow her in her amazing endeavours visit her on facebook or twitter to get her fun updates. Be DreamQpied- Be occupied with your dreams



Interview: Actress Nikica Markot

*** Interview with London Based Actress Nikica Markot***



1. What Inspired you to become an actress?
I have always been performing throughout school, and had a strong background in dance. My choice to turn to Acting was one that just seemed to happen. You see, I was inherently shy at school, the type of shy where talking to anybody was the most painful experience, and let’s not even get to making phone calls! However, when I was on stage and dancing, I felt like I could be anybody I wanted to be, I could be my true self and nobody could stop me. We were doing A Midsummer Nights Dream at school and everybody had to recite a monologue for an audition ~ an element new to class. I literally had sleepless nights over it, but somehow got through it and was cast as Titania. The whole experience was so exhilarating and freeing I have found that acting and theatre became so much a part of my life, that I am unable to imagine life without it!

2. What challenges have you faced? 

Acting is an enormously competitive industry, and so naturally even the luckiest of actors face enormous challenges. I am no different. To begin with, auditioning for drama school was far from a breeze for me. I audition 3 years and didn’t get a place on the straight acting courses, for some of the schools I came really close. However, it just wasn’t meant to be. So, I took a leaf out of many successful actors, and decided to make it work for me. I started looking into degree courses that incorporated acting training with other skills, and it was actually my Mum who found the course I did. The one thing I knew that was vital, was the schools reputation, and luckily I trained at one of the best; Central school of speech and drama in London. The course I did focused on training well rounded theatre practitioners that could act, write, direct and produce. This course gave me really key skills to continue in the acting industry, but again because it isn’t the traditional route it can be challenging. And acting is an industry that never stops challenging you. A huge challenge I am facing currently is moving back to the UK and re-establishing myself.Working in Korea for the past 2 years have developed my skills as an actress and director beyond my wildest dreams, but a lot of people don’t recognize the work I did out there as they have nothing to compare it to.

3. How do you overcome those challenges?

Having a strong support network is an essential tool in life, not just with acting. Without my family and friends, I can not say where my career would be right now, but I know that without them, my confidence will have been shattered. There is no way that I could go through the rejection, criticisms and set backs that I already have gone through and will do in the future without them. My mother always taught me that you have to believe, trust and love yourself no matter what. And that is something that has followed me throughout life. My teacher who cast me as Titania always used to say “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again,” which I believe is a proverb by William Edward Hickson. This is something that always picks me up after a bad audition. It has given me that ruthless determination to make it through to that audition where I do land the part.
In my personal practice, I find that the stress and pressure can get too much sometimes, and so meditation and yoga have become vital components to my daily routine. I find that it allows me before an audition, to release all of that negative energy and focus on the task in hand.

4) How do you maintain a balanced life with everything going on?

Living a balanced lifestyle is really important for me. I always start my day with a green smoothie, and as much as I love my caramel macchiatos, if I need a caffeine fix on a long day I try to reach for a green tea instead. I am a huge fan of extra virgin organic coconut oil, and use it as much as I can in smoothies and cooking. As for exercise, I practice meditation and yoga everyday. I try to work out 2 or 3 times a week too. The most important thing for me is to exercise outdoors as much as possible, as I find I feel more relaxed from nature.

5. What would be your advice to others you wish to chase after their dreams?

My advice to others who wish to chase their dreams! I would say do it. Try not to think about the consequences, and if it will make you happy just following the dream, then you should go for it. Try to live life without any regrets.

If this is something you are wanting to pursue I am sure she would love to give you some tips and tricks of the trade. Stop by her website and leave her a comment or message! Go out there and be amazing!!!

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