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Blogging is such an awesome way to get your thoughts out there. Whether people read your stuff or not, just writing is so therapeutic and gives your own way to express yourself. While some people like to sing, play music, paint, read a book, I enjoy writing, talking and sharing my thoughts with people. My head is full of way too many thoughts I need to just get it out on paper so my head doesn’t burst, therefore blogging provides a perfect medium. Seeing my husband is usually busy with work and school blogging is what I have turned to.

Lots of people before me have done the same, and turned to blogging as a form of helping them express and be themselves. We all need to start somewhere, and the beginning is the perfect place. Whether you are still contemplating on doing a blog in your mind or fear is holding you back just get over it. I would just recommend you to get started!!! You can write a few posts and not share it with anyone. It can be just for you for however long until you have the courage to share it with one person then more and more as you gain more confidence.


  1. Overcome fear of people– Why are we letting other people determine our lives? Why are we allowing them to determine our destiny? We need to take control and responsibility for ourselves.
  2. Start Writing– Write for yourself. Be real, be true be you! Whether you use WordPress or blogger or any other format just get writing.
  3. Share your stuff– Share with your friends? Share it with those you care about? Then share it with whomever you desire… There is someone out there that is bound to be grateful for what you have shared. Sharing is caring right!!!
  4. Monetize – Eventually if you stick through with it, you can eventually get paid. There are so many ways to make extra money with blogging some bloggers make up to 6 figures. Megan from caffinatedmomspeakshas written some great ways to make money while blogging. Check her blog out, she is an awesome example of overcoming trials in her life to get where she is.

So what stage are you at? Where do you want to get to? Let us know some of your thoughts and ideas on blogging and blogs. Comment or share if you found this useful!


Frizzy Hair Problems

My husband asks me one day why don’t I ever brush my hair. So I answered his question by taking this picture. This is why curly hair girls do not brush their hair!!!!!! So that ruined my husband’s daydream of ever running his fingers through my hair!!! Sorry!!! You either get full of sexy volume luscious curls that your fingers will get stuck in or flat straight hair you can run your fingers through right…  For many of you with the curly hair condition, its something that we just got to embrace. For years I have just straightened and straightened the life out of my hair, but lately I’ve been trying to just keep it natural. I am still trying to figure out what’s the best way to look after my curls  so I have done some research of some natural ways to do better justice for my curls.

frizzyhair1. DON’T COMB!! I think this is obvious don’t brush your hair while dry! This is the number one rule otherwise you are going to look tragic like the picture above!!!! Brushing it messes up your hair cuticle and stretches the hair causing breakage!!! Just dry your hair with a towel and while its wet finger comb it or brush it then. Then stick in some conditioner or anti frizz stuff

2. Take it easy with Straighteners. When I was younger my hair was super dooper curly all natural but as soon as I got into my preteens and I realized straighteners were out there I went crazy… so those natural girls have slowly gone away and left me with a crazy wonky curls. So it’s nice every now and then to give the straightener a break and let your hair breath ladies!!

3. Tame with a touch of conditioner. For a quick fix conditioners are a great way to keep your hair hydrated. Applying some to the tips always helps them from drying and breaking easily. If you also look for protein-infused conditioners that will also help you manage frizz and create shine!

4. Overnight Natural Oils treatment: For more permanent healthy hair there are awesome natural oils that can help your hair regain its youthfulness. Organic Coconut , olive oil and even argan oil used as overnight treatment at least once every 2 weeks will do wonders for your hair. Argan oil has wonderful benefits for hydrating skin and hair as it contains loads of vitamin E and antioxidants to ensure healthy, soft and shiny hair.


Try some today!

Do you have fizzy hair problems? Would love to hear what you do to keep it healthy and soft and full of life!!!

5 ways to naturally diminish Stretch Marks

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It’s a fact of life that most women going through pregnancy gets the dreaded stretch marks during pregnancy. I seriously freaked out when I saw my first stretch mark when I was pregnant. But then I got over it and knew it was inevitable, my mum had them so I knew my fate was already determined. But for sure they are unpleasant to the eyes but now I am use to them and wear them with pride. They are my reminders of the sacrifice I am making and have made.

But no doubt there are still many of you who would prefer it gone or rather hidden and discrete.  There are many products out there obviously some better than others. There is no one magic remedy everybody has their own preference and we all have different types of skin so experiment and see what works best for you.

  1. Sugar– not good in the body but out of the body it’s perfect to exfoliate. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells leaving it refreshed and clean.
  2. Coconut Oil/ Cream or lotion– I used this during my pregnancy but I still got stretch marks but some people swear by it. I know I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been maybe that’s why, but may have reduced the amount I would have gotten if I didn’t use them. So who knows? You can’t really measure the benefit because it’s different from one person to the next. But there is no harm in giving it a go right…
  3. Essential Oils– Lavender, Frankincense and either coconut, olive or sesame oil to mix with the strong essential oils. Frankincense is extremely good for the skin.. It is also a natural toner, decreasing the appearance of pores and evening skin-tone. It also helps protect existing cells and encourage new cell growth. For this reason, it helps reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of scars.
  4. Egg Whites, Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera Plant, Potato Juice –  I mean if you get desperate you will give anything a go right… all of these have some awesome vitamins and minerals that help the skin so you can’t go wrong with any of these.
  5. Micro Skin Needling– Also known as derma rolling. This sounds pretty scary but it’s not really it’s an ancient practice that is based on the same principles as acupuncture. I personally haven’t tried this myself but it looks rather interesting. It pretty much pierces the skin so healthier newer cells can replace them. To learn more of these products take a look at the White Lotus website. They also have many products to help with anti-aging treatments based all based on alternative medicine.

What are some thing you have tried to get rid of your stretch marks? Share your tips and tricks we would love to hear. :)

pregnant belly

4 Easy ways to Preserve your precious memories

***SPONSORED by Imortafiles***minimilstWe live in a digital age where we can instantly share a precious memory with just a click of a button. But losing all those precious memories are just as simple. I know there have been many times when I never ended up printing photos of events and eventually just lost all those photographs and memories as soon as the computer died on me. So today I wanted to share a few things to help us preserve those precious memories so they are not all lost forever.

1. Journal – Whether you do it in the form of a written journal, on a word document or through a blog like me. Journaling is an awesome way to record your experiences. Being able to read them and reflect on them and share them with others is always so fun and edifying.


2. Scrapbooking/Photo Albums – If you have an ounce of creativity which we all do this is also a great idea. I personally am not overly crazy about scrapbooks because you just end up with so many of them which then takes up so much space. But it is definitely a fun thing to do with the kids. Even if you end up doing a scrapbook of each child documenting their life from baby till they are 18 and give to them as a graduation or wedding gift.


3. Online Photo Sharing Sites – You can have access to all your photos from anywhere. You can also send them as quickly as ever. They are all organized and dated so you never will get jumbled. But do print out a few precious ones for the scrapbooks or photo albums.

4. Backup Backup Backup- Can’t stress this enough. It’s so easy to lose things and if you don’t have back up you are usually screwed. Don’t make this mistake I’ve done. Imortalfiles have created an easy system to solve this problem. Head over and visit their site!


Preserve your memories, what you forget you can never retell – Louisa May Alcott

Protecting Family in this Digital Age

***SPONSORED BY Family Orbit***

I thought that this would be a perfect post to write my views on technology and the family. I wasn’t allowed a cell phone until I was 16 and even then I was sharing my dad’s cell phone. (I only got it because my school was a train ride and a bus ride away from my house.) My brother and sister weren’t allowed to get a cell phone until they were 18. (Although my brother always managed to hustle a phone off his many friends.) My parent’s did a pretty good job of “protecting” us from the dangers of cellphones and I am grateful for that but it didn’t completely stop us from getting into trouble.  With my family want to take further steps to protect my family seeing there is so much more out there now.  As much as I want to keep my kids in a tight bubble where they will not be exposed to anything bad in the outside world I can’t so all I can do is find other methods to protect them.


1. Talk and communicate with your children – There is no better way than helping your children then actually sitting down with them and talking with them about the dangers of technology. There is no right age when to start, you determine your child’s understanding and figure out what they need to know. Ask them about their friends and if they have cell phones, most children are exposed to dangerous ideas through friends at school so help them know how they can handle these situations. No matter how many protections you have in place your children will find a way around it if they don’t know and understand the WHY behind your efforts. Take time to sit down with them.


2. Turn technology into a friend – There are so many apps out there can help you be better parents. One of them is this awesome app by family orbit. It allows for parents to keep tabs on their children without being too invasive. You can see where your children are in real time and monitor the photos and contacts on their phone. It allows you to connect with your family group on a more personal level without having to go to social media. They even have an alert button incase of an emergency. It’s every parent’s dream for protecting their children especially when there is so much going on and you can’t be with them all the time.

Call me a paranoid mother but  I just want to do the best that I know how for my family. What are some things you are doing to help protect your children from cyberbullying, pornography and other online dangers? Don’t forget to visit family orbit and download their free app!


4 Easy Muscle Building Exercises

***SPONSORED BY top10lists.org***

My new fitness goals have moved from just losing weight to focusing on building muscle. We all should know that building muscle helps burn fat more quickly right??? If not now you do…. So my question is why do I spend more time on the treadmill rather than focusing on exercises that help me get stronger???And why do I get so caught up in the watching the scales instead watching our body transform. So as of late I have been trying different exercises to focus on building muscle. I am still a beginner at all this muscle toning workouts but I came across  Top10lists.org  and they have collected a few of my favorite moves. So thought I would share my favorite muscle-building workouts…

 With each exercise there are so many variations; as you feel you master one particular one change it up to a more difficult variation. E.g. starting with squats then day 5 changing it to squat jacks.  I also would recommend doing 10-15 reps of each exercise and repeating the circuit 3-4 times.

1. Squats:  Sumo squats, pistol squats, jumping squat, pulse squats etc 10-15 reps each

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder width, toes splayed 30 degrees, your chest up and butt back. Weight should be on your heels, not your toes.
  • Squat by pushing your butt backward, not by bending your knees forward.
  • Knees should track directly over the feet, never caving inward or outward.
  • Bring your thighs parallel to the floor while keeping your weight on your heels and your spine straight and solid.

2. Lunges: walking lunge, side lunge, curtsy lunge, 10-15 each leg

  • Plant your lead foot far enough forward that, as you lower into each lunge, your shin bone remains nearly perpendicular to the floor and the kneecap never extends over your foot.
  • Do not rock back and forth with your upper body. Instead, remain perfectly upright with good posture, using abdominal muscles to keep your spine neutral.

3. Push Ups: knees, standard, shoulder tap, leg raise, elbows etc 10-15 reps

  • Start in a plank position, holding the spine neutral, no sagging.
  • Stabilize the shoulder joints by pulling shoulder blades down toward your heels (this is fundamental to all push-and-pull exercises).
  • Place hands so that when you drop, your nipples line up with the base of your palms. Lower until your chest touches the ground.

4. Planks: standard, knee plank,  side plank, reverse plank etc Start 30 seconds and build from there

  • Start laying flat on the floor lift up onto your hands and toes and full extension of arms
  • Your body is parallel to the floor Holding your spine neutral and no sagging or butt in the air
  • Hold for 30 seconds and rest

Don’t forget stretches before and after! Have fun building muscle and losing fat at the same time!!! Check out top10lists.org for more fun exercises and other lifestyle tips you won’t want to miss on!

Vegan Smoothie Recipe (soy gluten and sugar free)


Story Time:  So growing up in a strict Christian home I never tasted a drop of alcohol. But I loved dancing and going to dance parties and finding whatever opportunities I got to dance and be stupid and crazy. Many times that meant me on the dance floor by myself before the party had even started. Usually I would always get smirks and stares by the “wall warmers”, they generally thought I was drunk or on some drugs but my friends assured them that, that was my normal and she’s just naturally “high.”  I am not as much of that crazy person anymore (sometimes) but one idea I really do love is serving healthy organic non-alcoholic smoothies at parties. Who says you can’t have just as much fun without alcohol…. Imagine a world without hangovers!!! Bionic Body Bliss have come up with some awesome smoothie recipes to keep you on top of your game and have gone to great lengths to create a Vegan , no soy, gluten and sugar berry mix for all lifestyles. They also have a community where they endeavor to live a vegan, all organic whole foods to help you keep your body at its best.


The Skinny Bimbo

  • 2 strips Lemon zest
  • 2 strips Orange zest
  • 3 oz YJ Restor
  • 2 scoops YJ ReShape
  • 2 cups Water
  • Crushed ice

Blend it all up and Enjoy!!!




7 Cute Shirt Dress and Shoe Combos!



There are not many things that can blend into hectic mornings and casual evenings as smoothly as a Shirt Dress can. That’s why we can never have too many of them. But what exactly is a shirt dress? Basically, it’s a version of a shirt – usually buttoned down – sometimes oversized – but always long enough so that it looks like a shirt, but acts like a dress.

So when it’s something this plain and simple to carry off, it’s usually the shoes that set the tone, and perhaps even the shirt’s fabric, cut and design. Your shirt dress can be cinched at the waist with a thin belt or layered with many thin belts or leave it unbelted for some shapeless sophistication.

Depending on the style you’re looking for, mix and match your Shirt Dress with these shoes and walk the talk.

1. Ballerinas – Great for a short sleeved, straight cut Shirt Dress because it gives off a laid back Saturday afternoon vibe. In fact, what can be cooler than pairing it with a loose fitted Denim shirt dress combined with a bling belt?

2. Stiletto Sandals – Going for effortless glam? Wear these with a Shirt Dress that’s not cinched at the waist to create a balanced silhouette. An oversized dress with sexy heels is the bomb!


3. Brogues- They look great with a belted shirt dress or not. Team it with a leather jacket and jewelry for sophisticated style.


4. Chunky Heels – Match the modern dress shirt with a 70s twist.


5. Ankle Boots – These are perfect for a very boho chic style. Whether it’s for casual office wear or a date on the weekend, this style will pair perfectly with a messenger bag and leather jacket.


6. Classic Pumps – Here’s something that make the shirt dress appropriate for office! Think dark colored or crisp white slightly longer Shirt Dresses. With a blazer on top and a large bag, the overall ensemble will give you an air of effortless professionalism.

7. Stilettos – These amp up the style with any outfit, and more so with a silky Shirt Dress!

Lastly, have fun with the Shirt Dress. Carry a massive bag and tie a shirt around your waist… hobo, much? Or wear a lacy contrasting colored spaghetti top inside. Roll up the sleeves and wear thin layered necklaces with your Shirt Dress. Remember, since the shirt dress is uber casual, keeping your accessories, make-up and hair classy is the key to pulling it off. Think messy bun, French plaid or slicked back ponytail and you’re good to go!


6 Tips to Building your YouTube Channel


Yes we probably spend way too much time on YouTube than we really need to.. But it’s addicting entertainment it’s hard not to just move from one video to the next and before we know it we have spent more hours than intended or maybe you were productive and learnt something new.. Anyways this post is so you can actually have a legit reason for being on YouTube. Obviously you have seen a growing trend in YouTube famous celebrities.. I wonder if they will end up doing some YouTube academy awards soon… anyways…

If you have been contemplating in your mind to start your own YouTube Channel but haven’t had the courage to do so… JUST DO IT! Today I decided to compile a list of tips for those who wish to become YouTube FAMOUS with the help of Antonia Antonella! She is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, currently living in New Zealand with a cute German accent.

Thumbnail_Review (1)

1. Define your Audience and know what they want – if you can cater your content to your audience you will be more likely be followed if you are giving them what they want…Also experiment with new things that other YouTube are not doing. Be original but not fake.

2. Consistency – Similar with TV shows people know that Wednesday night 7pm their favorite show is going to come on. If you are consistent you will more likely maintain a close loyal fan base that will support you along your journey. Set a time for them to expect a video posted.. once a week is generally best practice.

3. You don’t need the fanciest equipment but take it pride in your work. Personally I like videos that a better quality,  I also like edited videos with fun music have intro, it looks more professional and put together. Also have good lighting, whether you film during the day in front of a window or you get some nice lighting equipment so we can see that beautiful face. Oh and make sure you don’t have too much clutter and mess in the background please. :) Nice clean backdrop is easy on our eyes so we focus on what you are saying not your pile of clothes and last nights dinner on your bed.

4. Be yourself – Just be you, don’t try to imitate another you-tuber. We can tell if you are fake or not… Just be you you you because only you can be the best you. There is bound to want to follow you because they feel connected to you.

5. SEO YouTube Optimize it – You need to know this stuff to a certain degree, and it’s helpful if you want your videos to get more views and subscribers.

6. Thumbnail Images that catch attention. I generally click on those images that catch my eye with bold headings and titles. So try stick out from the crowd a little by adding this little touch.


Antonia has just begun her YouTube channel dedicated to beauty and makeup and pretty much her lifestyle. She has done such a great job of building her brand image. If you have more questions head over to her channel and ask I am sure she would love to help! Also check her on Twitter: tonixantonella and Instagram: antoniaxantonella.

Now what are you waiting for?? get filming!!!

5 ways to Fight Homelessness

***Sponsored Post Moolah Tube***homelessness

When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are in the service of your God

We have all walked by a homeless person and lied that we didn’t have change in our pocket. Maybe we have walked by them and felt guilty that we really didn’t have anything to give them. Or we left the $10 bill in our wallet and gave them the $1 bill…Many a time we have been plagued with the stereotypical argument that they just want to use it for drugs and alcohol therefore making us hesitant to want to give freely and with love… But have you ever sat down and spent 5 minutes to hear their story? In my endeavors to being less judgmental I have researched some ways that I can be kinder and open to the homeless and anybody else less fortunate than I.

1. Recognize the bigger picture: We are all beggars  one form or another… Whether it’s for love, for time, for food, for money or forgiveness. We are all wanting something from somebody so put ourselves in those shoes of feeling  helpless before we make a quick remark, smirk or judgement

2. Educate yourself about them – There are so many reasons why somebody is in the situation they are in. They could have run away from abusive circumstances, they may have a mental illness, somebody who has lost their job. Talk to them and actually find out what they need some may just be in need of attention and a listening ear.

3. Be Kind – A smile or a hello is a kind gesture and can go a long way instead of just ignoring them.

4. Carry something extra – In your car during winter I generally have an extra pair of socks, gloves or a sweater that I am wanting to donate. If you are out and about that could be the best thing to give. If you have a packed lunch maybe you want to put in an extra granola bar or cookies for somebody who may be in need.

5. Volunteer – your time is something so valuable. Whether you go to a homeless shelter and help out or a soup kitchen. I have looked into this many times and they get so many volunteers during the holiday season they actually prefer that you volunteer other times when they need more help.

BONUS – Support Businesses who are trying to make a difference. Moolahtube is trying to do just that, and they are looking for your support. Watch this video to see what this awesome company is trying to do.. especially if you like sharing uploading and making videos and actually getting money for it!

Click here to show Moolahtube your support and fight homelessness!


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