Developing Positive Self Talk {INNER BEAUTY SERIES}

A little criticism can be good so we can find areas to work on, but the problem is many of us take it too far. Why do we talk so negatively to ourselves? We are supposed to be our number one cheerleader and we are the first ones to put ourselves each day.

Over the long term negative self-talk can turn into high stress levels and depression. It will also cause us to believe whatever story we are telling ourselves whether it is true or not. (Most of the times they are lies!)

My Story

Before starting my blog, I was really scared to start a blog. Scared what people will think of me, scared what people will say about me and the list goes on. This hindered me starting and sharing my blog for the longest time. I would delay and make excuses. I would tell myself that I had nothing worth sharing. I am not educated enough. I can’t proofread to save my life. I can’t ever turn it into something of worth. I can’t I can’t I can’t!!! Eventually I had to learn how to self-talk positively in this area so I could do what I hoped for. I had to get support and encouragement from my husband and close family. I started small and slowly started to build up confidence. Although my blog still has a long way to go I am happy that I abolished the self-talk in my head. I have seen so many amazing stories from my blog and how it’s influenced others to do their own. If I only touch one person I am satisfied and if that one person is my I am one satisfied woman that I have overcome the negative self-talk.


  1.  Recognize your negative self-talk РTake a little journal around and recognize the negative things you say to yourself throughout the day. The more you recognize it the more likely you are able to stop it in its tracks
  2. Create Positive Phrases – To counteract those negative thoughts when they come in. Repeat these positive phrases over and over in the morning and evening and any other time to tell yourself a new story
  3. Recognize source of negative talk – Ask yourself and think a little deeper about why you might be talking negatively. What is the real problem here? If you can dig down deep into the roots you will realize why you are talking negative. For example in my story above I was talking negatively to myself because I was afraid and fearful to what others thought of me. I was trying to protect myself even though I didn’t need it.
  4. Don’t Compare! – You are just setting yourself up for disappointment or even temporary happiness. You can’t compare your weaknesses with others strengths.
  5. Question your negative self-talk – If you say you can’t ask yourself why do you think you can’t. Is there any possible solutions? Can I take the chance to look into this further? Could I make this possible? This gives you opportunity to analyze and possibly turn the situation around instead of just ending at I can’t!

What is your negative self-talk preventing you from accomplishing? What has it stopped you accomplish? Have did you manage to overcome your negative self-talk? Leave your comments below I would love to hear from you!


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