Three Words to describe your LIFE

The book 7 habits of Highly Effective People written by an awesome author Steven Covey. I was first introduced to this author while at university in one of my marketing classes. His theory of the Time management theory was one of the theories we were learning. When I read about his matrix it really strung a couple of chords with me, being curious at who the author behind this Time Management theory was I googled him and found out he studied at BYU and Utah university and instantly loved him and this theory haha

I went on to read more things from this author and one of his most recognized books is The 7 habits of highly effective people. Today I just wanted to touch on one point in this book. He says imagine being at a funeral, you walk up to the casket and the person you see in there is you. He says imagine what things you would like said about you. Choose three words that you would want for your life to be described?

After reading this section it really made me think deeper than normal. I had to search within myself to figure out WHO I AM..  and know WHAT MY PURPOSE is… I had to evaluate this over a couple of days to choose what would I want people to say about me. After pondering for a bit I decided on these three words…


SERVE: Service is my first word. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to serve those around me, in my teenage years went through a selfish stage so I am still trying to make a comeback.  For me I believe service is my prime reason to why I am here on earth. Whether it’s to serve my children and help them get ready to school to serving a full time mission or doing Humanitarian work in third world countries. I  know I have always received the greatest joy whenever I am serving others. So my biggest mission is to serve in anyway I can. I would love to be known as somebody always serving. Obviously the most well known people who served are those as Mother Theresa, or Ghandi but we can do it small ways in our homes and communities.

INSPIRE: I love this word because it just makes me jump. Seeing people get out of their comfort zone and doing something they never thought they could gives me my motivation. Inspiring others is a goal for me because it makes me live in such a way so that I can speak with authenticity. I also love being inspired by people, I get inspired by a people are going through illnesses but still manages to keep a smile on their face. I am inspired by a teenage mother who goes back to school and tries to build a new future for her and her child. I am inspired by people in history who suffered and travelled and fought for their freedoms. To be inspired then To Inspire!

LOVE: Love is all we need. Love is what I desire to be my motivation for all things. Our Saviour loved us he gave His life for us. Everything we do needs to be because of love. If we love God we keep his commandments. Love means I speak kindly and forgive quickly. Love means how many times my kids frustrate me I will always love. Love means being genuine, understanding and putting others ahead of ourselves.

All of these words I know will take a lifetime of work. But I hope to work and develop them each and every day. What are your words? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic.


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